Patch Notes

Season 2

  • Beta
    Upcoming 2023
  • Preparation
    2022-06-24 - Ongoing

Pre-Alpha Roadmap

As a follow up to the general roadmap to launch, here a bit more detail what has to happen before we move on from the current Pre-Alpha status to the Alpha.

Roadmap to Relaunch

A couple things took quite a bit longer than anticipated and having a roadmap of things that have to happen would have been great even without actual dates. Well, better late than never I guess.

Required background work

Playable phase

2023-02-12 Sunday

2023-01-13 Friday

2023-01-11 Wednesday

2022-09-11 Sunday

2022-08-24 Wednesday

2022-08-23 Tuesday

- all title related stats fully carry over
- separated keep and tower captures, before it was only tracked as keeps, retroactive
- new titles for tower captures
- keep, tower and relic captures are now account-realm wide
- new titles for leading tower, keep and relic captures, account-realm wide, retroactive
- pve title related kill stats are now account-realm wide
- instance completions are now account-realm wide (bonus does not carry over, only the titles)

2022-08-19 Friday

- new style queue behavior:
-- positional and reactional styles go into the primary slot
-- all other styles always go into the backup slot
-- you can override the backup slot at any time
-- follow up requirements are no longer checked before queueing a style

- new /stylequeue command
-- toggle between the behavior A and B.
-- A: positional/reactional styles go into the backup slot if there is already a style in the primary slot
-- B: positional/reactional styles always go into the primary slot, overriding the one that is already in there
-- by default behavior A is used.

- new /cancelstyle behavior
-- using an already queued styled again with cancelstyle active will only clear the slot the style was in instead of always clearing both

2022-08-14 Sunday

- realm points are now account-realm shared

2022-08-12 Friday

- defensive charge items can longer be used from the inventory, they now have to be equipped
- equipping a charge item starts its cooldown
- unequipping a charge item removes any buffs gained from it

2022-07-15 Friday

- pve level scaling has been removed