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Get started on Phoenix

Download and install the game

If you don't have a current installation:
Download the current client , install it, start it and update it to the latest version.
The installation directory is now your game folder.

If you already have an existing installation:
Copy camelot.exe and patch.cfg from your existing installation to a new folder and launch camelot.exe, then let it update to the most recent version.
The folder containing camelot.exe and patch.cfg is now your game folder.

Download and start the Phoenix Launcher

Download the launcher and move it to your game folder.

Start the launcher, Phoenix.exe, inside your game folder. Doing so for the first time will prompt you for admin permissions to setup logging in via the browser. Starting the launcher will also always open another browser tab with this page.

Login on this page

Click login at the top of this page and then follow the process to either login or create an account. This will then bring you back to this page.

Click play

Once you're logged in, you will have a play button at the top of this page. Clicking the play button on this page will log you into the game via the launcher. Your browser will prompt you if you want to allow the page to start the launcher.

Going forward, you no longer need to start the launcher and can instead go directly to this page and hit play. However, you can also just start the launcher and it will automatically bring you to this page.

Latest updates

Pre-Alpha Roadmap

As a follow up to the general roadmap to launch, here a bit more detail what has to happen before we move on from the current Pre-Alpha status to the Alpha.

  • Fix show stopper as they appear

    • ✅ Spells sometimes completing without anything happening.
    • ✅ Frequent LDs when teleporting within a region and/or quicky leaving large mob spots
    • ✅ Guaranteed LD due to large amounts of messages, e.g. ae farming
  • ✅ Make the bug tracker work again

    • ✅ Clear out old reports
    • ✅ Use single sign on
    • ✅ Move to new web tech stack used for internal applications
  • ✅Make the "web app" for titles work again

    • ✅ Use single sign on instead of ingame pin mechanism
    • ✅ Move to new web tech stack used for internal applications
  • Setting Decisions

    • Styles
    • ✅ Archery
    • Crafting
    • Other
  • ✅ Launcher fixes crafting

  • ✅ Launcher direct launches verify and fix the login-via-browser setup

  • Launcher detects game installation on first launch

  • ✅ Launcher has a better error message when not in the game folder

  • ✅ Reopen account creation / sign up

  • Overhaul level 1 - 6

    • Remove "public quests" added to SI starter zones
    • Special case low level melee damage
  • Implement Confirmed Launch Settings

    • ✅ Staggered Launch / Time based - Disable XP / RP Gain for Stealther
    • ✅ Staggered Launch / Time based - Disable spellcrafting bonus application
    • ✅ RP are now Account / Realm shared
    • ✅ Instance completion bonus is now Account / Realm shared
    • ✅ Crafting skill can be repurchased based on what was achieved in the last season
    • ✅ Defensive charge items that are not a consumable must now be worn to be used
    • ✅ Buffs from charge items will now be removed when the providing item is unequipped
    • ✅ Equipping a charge item will start its cooldown

Roadmap to Relaunch

A couple things took quite a bit longer than anticipated and having a roadmap of things that have to happen would have been great even without actual dates. Well, better late than never I guess.

Required background work

  • ✅ General tech update: Things like .net 7, postgresql 15 etc.
    • ✅ Gameserver
    • ✅ Forum
    • ✅ Auth server
  • ✅ Destructible NF Keeps
    • ✅ Gameserver
    • ✅ Line of Sight
    • ✅ Pathing
  • ✅ 1.127 Client Update
    • ✅ Login
    • ✅ Items / Trade
    • ✅ Housing
    • ✅ Movement
    • ✅ Character Creation
  • ✅ Forum Rework
    • ✅Design
    • ✅Markdown instead of BBCode
    • ✅Threaded replies
  • ✅ Redesign: Gameserver Networking
  • ✅ Redesign: Gameserver Gameloop
  • ✅ Single Sign On
    • ✅ Unified Account System
    • ✅ Forum / Website
    • ✅ Staff Site #1
    • ✅ Staff Site #2
    • ✅ Staff Site #3
    • ✅ Game Login via Website
    • ✅ Ingame Permissions from Auth Server
  • ✅ Launcher rewrite
    • ✅ Actually working
    • ✅ Self update
    • ✅ Single sign on via Browser
  • ✅ Staff Site #1
    • ✅ Account management
      • ✅ Basics
      • ✅ Email changes
      • ✅ Name changes
    • ✅ Character Management
      • ✅ Basics
      • ✅ Rename
    • ✅ Ban / Mute Handling

Playable phase

  • Pre-Alpha.
    No announcement, server will just become available. Purpose would be to have some very minor traffic to randomly find really game breaking things while some more required work is going on.
    • Show stopper fixing
    • Style decision
    • Setting decisions
    • Launcher automatically fixes crafting
    • Reopen account creation / sign up
    • Bug Tracker updates to work with all the architecture changes again
  • Alpha
    • Show stopper fixing
    • Pathing issues
    • Setting finalization
    • Herald
    • Self service account changes
  • Beta
    • Bug fixing
    • Setting adjustments
  • Launch

2023-02-12 Sunday

  • single sign on across all web properties and the launcher, largely based on oauth 2.1
  • login via email + one time password instead of username and passwod
  • the launcher has been redone
    • no more 2fa emails when on a new computer
    • no more passwords due to single sign on (unless you clear your cookies)
  • loads of changes to internal tools that are only relevant for staff

2023-01-13 Friday

  • added full support for client 1.127

2023-01-11 Wednesday

  • Pathfinding has been rewritten
    • support for on demand full and partial navmesh regeneration, e. g. nf keep destruction