Game Server: Up - Last Update: 18 hours 46 minutes ago
Albion: 110 Midgard: 103 Hibernia: 93

Launch Information

Phoenix is a Freeshard (free to play) Server for Dark Age of Camelot. We are very open to the players and the community has helped shaped the server into what it is today. We have used patch 1.65 as the foundation and have made numerous class and game play adjustments, as well as, added Quality of Life features to make your playing experience much more enjoyable.

Latest Patch Notes

2020-2-15 Saturday

  • vanity pets are only visible to your own realm mates
  • fixed a couple npc texts
  • fixed some npc text placeholders not getting replaced

2020-2-11 Tuesday

  • fixed moc to properly reduce the damage done by animist wisp spells
  • fixed charm not applying the charm flag on refresh causing normal mob damage against players / pets instead of the intended reduced amount
  • initial gambling support, the required npcs will be placed in the relic towns after some further internal testing
  • added a gender respec, only obtainable via gambling, once turned in to your trainer it will swap your gender and grant you an appearance respec
  • added vanity pets, only obtainable via gambling, they are non targetable, not showing their name and cannot be hit by ae
  • /gambling command, most interactions require an gambling npc as the target

2020-1-26 Sunday

  • added an anti poc entrance camping mechanic
  • keep task target is now more random
  • animist fnf range reduction near keeps has been replaced with a height only restriction
  • - further reductions of this height might happen if placing from the ground onto walls or vice versa is possible
  • - a range restriction might come back if shroom placement near the inner oil is possible from the wall
  • sm intercept rate has been reduced to match testing
  • sm intercept no longer reduces the intercepted damage to 1/3 to match testing
  • sm level 32 pet melee absorb has been increased (27 to 34)
  • fixed defender of the undergrowth (large shield) speed (2.0 to 5.0)

2020-1-25 Saturday

  • new housing qol commands:
  • - /housing empty (page) -> lists empty lots and their prices
  • - /housing zones -> lists zone names and the covered house lot numbers
  • - /housing zones <housenumber> -> shows the zone name of the house number

2019-12-30 Monday

  • the 2 times feather bonus has ended

How to play on the Phoenix server

Step One

Create a Fresh DAoC Folder and update to Live version by running camelot.exe:
Game Client

Step Two

Download and extract all Files from the Launcher Download into your DAoC Folder:
Phoenix Launcher

Step Three

Start our Launcher, Phoenix.exe and create a new account with it

Step Four

Login to the game with our Launcher