Game Server: Up - Last Update: 2 days 21 hours 59 minutes ago
Albion: 105 Midgard: 140 Hibernia: 122

Phoenix is a Dark Age of Camelot Freeshard (free to play). We used patch level 1.65 as the foundation and started our own journey from there. Numerous quality of life features, class changes and new content has already been added to modernize the experience while still retaining the spirit of simpler times.

Upcoming Events

Level Playing Field
From Thursday, May 6th, 10 AM UTC until Monday, May 10th, 10 AM UTC

Epic Dungeon Double Feathers
From Monday, May 10th, 10 AM UTC until Monday, May 17th, 10 AM UTC

Defender / Invader RP Reset Event
From Monday, May 17th, 10 AM UTC until Monday, May 24th, 10 AM UTC

Latest Patch Notes

2021-05-06 Thursday

- the level playing field event is now active
-- this time around there is a new final bracket for characters that reached RR5
- enemies without behavior should now update with the expected frequency
-- this primarily affects ticking effects, like dots, on them but might also affect other things
-- enemies without behavior includes the dummies, other than that it's primarily civilian / peaceful npcs
- fixed some combat log inconsistencies for DI and Flurry
- preparation for the invader/defender event (rr cap, not used for the level playing field event)
- charplan has been updated and some behavior / text bugs have been fixed

2021-04-30 Friday

- theurgist air pets now attack slightly faster, this does not affect the stun rate
- bd army archer pets have been replaced with caster pets
- charmable archer mobs in the frontier either have been or will be replaced with different mobs

2021-04-24 Saturday

- fixed an issue with player teleporting
- % based power heal will now always heal at least 1 power if the target has power
- some experimental network related optimizations, ideally not player visible

2021-04-21 Wednesday

- the buff command now supports concentration based damage shields
- concentration based damage shields now have a 5k range limit like other concentration spells
- the buff command will now attempt to downrank if lower ranks would also cap
- siege weapons can no longer be healed, previously it was only disabled for rams
- /rearrange list now only shows characters from your current realm but should correctly order them across all pages

2021-04-18 Sunday

- cc effects casted by mobs should no longer trigger rvr combat
- enchanter:
-- experimental: new spell, enchanting baseline, pet casted single target disease
-- experimental: new spell, enchanting baseline, pet casted single target root
-- new spell, enchanting baseline, pet demez
- mechanics (Necromancer, now also Enchanter):
-- pet casted spells now consume mana once the pet finished the cast instead of when they are enqueued.
-- pet casted spells now benefit from the mana cost reductions in case of resists and similar mechanics.

How to play on the Phoenix server

Step One

Create a Fresh DAoC Folder and update to Live version by running camelot.exe:
Game Client

Step Two

Download and extract all Files from the Launcher Download into your DAoC Folder:
Phoenix Launcher

Step Three

Start our Launcher, Phoenix.exe and create a new account with it

Step Four

Login to the game with our Launcher