Game Server: Up - Last Update: 13 hours 12 minutes ago
Albion: 319 Midgard: 305 Hibernia: 266

Launch Information

Phoenix is a Freeshard (free to play) Server for Dark Age of Camelot. We are very open to the players and the community has helped shaped the server into what it is today. We have used patch 1.65 as the foundation and have made numerous class and game play adjustments, as well as, added Quality of Life features to make your playing experience much more enjoyable.

Latest Patch Notes

2020-5-28 Thursday

  • Halgratha adds in HoH are once again affected by the speed loss when at low hp
  • all feather item proc chances have been set to 18% to match what everyone already believed to be the case, this is a noticeable increase for quite a few items
  • the second hastener speed horses in rvr vote, now that everyone had the chance to see their effects, is now active

2020-5-27 Wednesday

  • raid / epic mobs no longer become slower at low health %
  • quest npcs now properly support turning in stacked items

2020-5-23 Saturday

  • personal mounts are in
  • you can purchase it at the banished (port location), the price can be reduced by up to 5p by doing the quests
  • to change the horse appearance go to you capital city and summon your mount, then use the /horseappearance command and the sub commands
  • use /mount and place the horse in the mount slot
  • you can mount up by using the /summon command or using your horse item
  • you can dismount by using the /dismount command or using your horse item again
  • all mounts, regardless of appearance, have speed 5 in pve zones and hastener speed in the frontier
  • speed chants have no effect on you on a horse
  • there is a 30 second (pve) and 60 second delay after using any ability until you can summon a horse
  • free rvr horse for testing
  • - available until the new horse vote (will start in about 3 - 7 days) has been completed
  • - every level 50 character can use /summon in the frontier to summon a free horse
  • - unless you bought a horse this free rvr horse cannot be customized, if you bought one your normal horse will be used

2020-5-22 Friday

  • fixed a rare issue that allowed the same quest to be accepted twice
  • personal mounts, not usable by players yet, just the mechanics for internal testing

2020-5-15 Friday

  • dot damage is now snapshotted on application and hence should no longer be affected by the caster gaining things like stat buffs, moc or rez sickness after the application
  • dot damage variance now follows normal spell damage variance rules
  • item dot procs and charges now have reduced variance and an increased minimum damage
  • the additional archery damage multiplier gain per spec point has been reduced slightly
  • the additional archery damage multiplier can no longer become a penalty at low spec levels

How to play on the Phoenix server

Step One

Create a Fresh DAoC Folder and update to Live version by running camelot.exe:
Game Client

Step Two

Download and extract all Files from the Launcher Download into your DAoC Folder:
Phoenix Launcher

Step Three

Start our Launcher, Phoenix.exe and create a new account with it

Step Four

Login to the game with our Launcher