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Phoenix is a Dark Age of Camelot Freeshard (free to play). We used patch level 1.65 as the foundation and started our own journey from there. Numerous quality of life features, class changes and new content has already been added to modernize the experience while still retaining the spirit of simpler times.

Latest Patch Notes

2021-08-06 Friday

- server is going down on august 31st, see forum for more details
- fixed an housing porting issue
- the Arena is now enabled for any group size between 1 and 8, cross realm groups can be build

2021-07-24 Saturday

- server is going down on august 31st, see forum for more details
- fixed an issue with pet miss chance
- 1vs1, 5vs5, 6vs6 & 8vs8 Arena is now live, cross realm groups can now be build
- realm timer is now disabled

2021-07-18 Sunday

- some pve scaling changes / fixes
-- by default your unscaled damage is now shown, /combatinfo scale to show the scaled damage
-- named mobs that are part of the new public events will now be stronger

2021-07-16 Friday

- full tanks, paladin and champion received after enemy evade/block/parry styles
- the extra melee distance when either the attacker or target is moving has been increased
- preparations for the new public event and general pve scaling feature have been enabled in the si overworld
-- healing players with a different level than your own will be affected in these zones even when not fighting against scaling mobs
-- the first scaling mob camps and or public events should appear over the weekend in the entry si zone of each realm

2021-07-09 Friday

- style direct damage and style heal effects are now affected by the base weapon speed
-- the shown delve value will be used at speed 3.5, slower weapons use a higher delve, faster weapons a lower one
-- most existing style proc dds, especially those available to 2h users, have already been adjusted accordingly
- friar changes
-- friar style direct damage procs now scale with dex instead of strength
-- friars lost their offensive spreadheal proc group buff
-- the side follow up is now the backstyle follow up
-- the side opener style now has an 11 second snare
-- the back opener now has a group heal
-- the new back follow up now has a spreadheal
-- the evade opener now has a 5 second stun
-- the evade follow up now has the pbae dd proc that was previously on the side follow up

How to play on the Phoenix server

Step One

Create a Fresh DAoC Folder and update to Live version by running camelot.exe:
Game Client

Step Two

Download and extract all Files from the Launcher Download into your DAoC Folder:
Phoenix Launcher

Step Three

Start our Launcher, Phoenix.exe and create a new account with it

Step Four

Login to the game with our Launcher