Game Server: Up - Last Update: 1 days 14 hours 56 minutes ago
Albion: 163 Midgard: 188 Hibernia: 186

Launch Information

Phoenix is a Freeshard (free to play) Server for Dark Age of Camelot. We are very open to the players and the community has helped shaped the server into what it is today. We have used patch 1.65 as the foundation and have made numerous class and game play adjustments, as well as, added Quality of Life features to make your playing experience much more enjoyable.

Latest Patch Notes

2021-01-15 Friday

- added new titles for the realm effort
-- titles and stats available via the web app
--, this requires a pin which you can generate ingame by running /webapp pin
- fixed a save issue related to quest progress

2021-01-13 Wednesday

- /tag now adds a flat rp amount to a personal rp pool instead of granting a 25% kill rp bonus for 5 kills, the rp pool is drawn from on player kills.
- added lvl 23-25 humanoid & animal mobs to EV entrances and Emain Macha

2021-01-08 Friday

- paladin
-- added an instant group heal, does not heal the paladin, highest variant 3% per group member, 60% base mana cost, 60 second cooldown.
-- added an instant group damage add, highest variant 2.5 dps per group member, overwrites chant damage add, 15 second duration, 60% base mana cost, 60 second cooldown
- mentalist
-- added nearsight in mana spec line
-- added body/spirit/energy resist debuffs in mentalism spec line
- berserker
-- added OF charge
- triple resist debuffs: all classes with 3 resist debuffs in a line will instead only have a single resist debuff that will debuff those 3 resists, spiritual: body/spirit/energy, elemental: heat/cold/matter
- full respec added to everyone to covere these, previous and some future changes, the next rounds of changes won't include a full respec
- special keep bonuses for hibernia and midgard have ended
- char planner updated

2021-01-02 Saturday

- theurgist pet damage against keep doors has been reduced
- ellyll sages had their healing delve reduced
- relic guards had their hp reduced and damage increased
- friar should once again be able to cancel the endurance pulse
- reduced spec level requirements for some eld and sm debuffs
- wizard earth spec 49 dot is no longer an ae dot
- char planner has been updated

2021-01-01 Friday

- the 2 times bounty point bonus has ended
- rainbow sprite had to leave their spot and can now be found outside the safe zone in Forest Sauvage
- alternative baseline nukes added to sorc/cab, ench/eld/menta, sm/bd/rm (in some cases due to conflicts only the last couple variants, the missing ones will be added later)
- friar fatigue consumption buff is now a group pulse
- merc only the dual wield penumbra style is now a back opener with a snare component
- paladin, champion, thane now have access to dashing defense

How to play on the Phoenix server

Step One

Create a Fresh DAoC Folder and update to Live version by running camelot.exe:
Game Client

Step Two

Download and extract all Files from the Launcher Download into your DAoC Folder:
Phoenix Launcher

Step Three

Start our Launcher, Phoenix.exe and create a new account with it

Step Four

Login to the game with our Launcher