Patch Notes

Season 1

2021-08-06 Friday

- server is going down on august 31st, see forum for more details
- fixed an housing porting issue
- the Arena is now enabled for any group size between 1 and 8, cross realm groups can be build

2021-07-24 Saturday

- server is going down on august 31st, see forum for more details
- fixed an issue with pet miss chance
- 1vs1, 5vs5, 6vs6 & 8vs8 Arena is now live, cross realm groups can now be build
- realm timer is now disabled

2021-07-18 Sunday

- some pve scaling changes / fixes
-- by default your unscaled damage is now shown, /combatinfo scale to show the scaled damage
-- named mobs that are part of the new public events will now be stronger

2021-07-16 Friday

- full tanks, paladin and champion received after enemy evade/block/parry styles
- the extra melee distance when either the attacker or target is moving has been increased
- preparations for the new public event and general pve scaling feature have been enabled in the si overworld
-- healing players with a different level than your own will be affected in these zones even when not fighting against scaling mobs
-- the first scaling mob camps and or public events should appear over the weekend in the entry si zone of each realm

2021-07-09 Friday

- style direct damage and style heal effects are now affected by the base weapon speed
-- the shown delve value will be used at speed 3.5, slower weapons use a higher delve, faster weapons a lower one
-- most existing style proc dds, especially those available to 2h users, have already been adjusted accordingly
- friar changes
-- friar style direct damage procs now scale with dex instead of strength
-- friars lost their offensive spreadheal proc group buff
-- the side follow up is now the backstyle follow up
-- the side opener style now has an 11 second snare
-- the back opener now has a group heal
-- the new back follow up now has a spreadheal
-- the evade opener now has a 5 second stun
-- the evade follow up now has the pbae dd proc that was previously on the side follow up

2021-07-07 Wednesday

- full tanks now passively guard their group members within 500 locs against ranged (aka archer) attacks
-- this mechanic is implemented as a passive, always active form of dashing defense with a reduced range and only the blocking part
-- if the actual ra dashing defense is active it takes precedence and doesn't stack
- savage chance to see the offhand swing has been increased (this also increases triple / quad hits as those can only occur if it would have been a double hit)
- all specifically called out styles with specific changes mentioned in the #results discord channel will be changed throughout the day

2021-07-03 Saturday

- defensive bonus from your last style now expires sooner
-- only relevant for cases where you are stunned or run away after a detaunt
- a milder form of melee variance is back, random between 20 and 30 instead of the original random 0 - 50 (the previous static value was set to 25)
- initial level scaling implementation is now in, ideally this shouldn't affect anything
-- only enabled in a single test region
-- a short test will happen today or tomorrow with a couple players

2021-06-28 Monday

- Playing Field Event is over

2021-06-24 Thursday

- Playing Field Event has started
--Event Start: Thursday, June 24th at noon (Berlin time)
--Event End: Monday, June 28th at noon (Berlin time)

- event only changes (same as before):
-- cc duration above 10s is halved before det / resists, e. g. 1min13s becomes 10 + 63/2 = 41s on which resists and det etc. apply
-- resist buffs have no effect
-- resist debuffs have no effect other than rupting
-- there will be only one Level 49-50 bracket
-- any groupsize will be able to fill up via auto group

2021-06-17 Thursday

- conflag (vw frontal follow up) delve has been reduced 150 -> 100

2021-06-16 Wednesday

- the first phase of the style overhaul, aka the new baseline, is now live
-- during the testing period gloves that cap all stats are available in the relic towns for all classes that can use styles
-- do not sell templates that includes these gloves
-- during the testing period respecs for all classes are free
- reactive styles can now be used against target dummies
- thane damage table values for non-hammer weapons has been increased by 1 to match the hammer value
- the side arc has been reduced, the front arc has been increased accordingly
- melee range has been changed from a 3 tier system to a 2 tier system
- stealth style range bonus has been removed

2021-06-13 Sunday

- hots can no longer be applied to siege weapons
- disarm and silence added by vanish can no longer be purged

2021-06-03 Thursday

- fixed a zero swing delay weapon Shimmering Master Smed's Eye Remover
- tinder damage add should no longer work against rams or other siege weapons

2021-05-25 Tuesday

- experimental archer los change
-- archery will now also use server side line of sight instead of client side
-- this should fix the cases where archer can shoot but casters can't or vice versa

2021-05-24 Monday

- rr reset event in new frontiers has ended
- melee variance has been disabled again in preparation for the style changes

2021-05-22 Saturday

- relics now also drop at the docks when the carrier gets too close to a border keep
-- this mechanic already exists for the relic gates. The border keeps were an oversight
- the event rr cap increase now uses a number of players already at or above the next unlocked rr
-- this shouldn't really affect the time to increase the cap, the number of players required is what was usually at that rr at the time of the unlock

2021-05-18 Tuesday

- adjusted the event rr cap mechanic
- made /event rr easier to understand

2021-05-17 Monday

- rr reset event is now active in new frontiers
-- use /event rr to see the current rr cap
-- outside of new frontiers your normal rr is active
-- while in new frontiers you can ra respec for free, the event ra points are separate from your normal ra points
- fixed an issue with gravestone praying xp

2021-05-15 Saturday

- all group buffs are now cancelled when leaving a group
-- this primarily affects defensive / offensive procs as this mechanic was already used for resists
-- only spells that explicitly say group target are affected, this does not affect the qol group target behavior for certain single target buffs

2021-05-10 Monday

- the playing field event has ended
- a two times feather bonus is now active for the epic dungeons (Galladoria, Caer Sidi and Tuscaran Glacier)
- check #raids on Discord. there are more than 25 raids listed.
- pls keep the following in mind:
-- During the two times feather bonus from Monday (May 10th) to Monday (May 17th) it is strictly forbidden to do any raids in the epic dungeons (Galladoria, Caer Sidi & Tuscarian Glacier) with less than 50 players.

2021-05-08 Saturday

Any changes to brackets/premades have been removed. It will be the same setting as the last event.

2021-05-07 Friday

- fixed an issue with targeted ae casts and instancing
-- the target instance was used instead of the caster instance for getting the surrounding targets
-- doors are in instance 0 and usable as ae targets, instance 0 means they see and can be seen by everyone
- fixed some cases where too much info was shown despite /combatinfo being toggled off
- greatly reduced the miss chance for thrown weapons

2021-05-06 Thursday

- the level playing field event is now active
-- this time around there is a new final bracket for characters that reached RR5
- enemies without behavior should now update with the expected frequency
-- this primarily affects ticking effects, like dots, on them but might also affect other things
-- enemies without behavior includes the dummies, other than that it's primarily civilian / peaceful npcs
- fixed some combat log inconsistencies for DI and Flurry
- preparation for the invader/defender event (rr cap, not used for the level playing field event)
- charplan has been updated and some behavior / text bugs have been fixed

2021-04-30 Friday

- theurgist air pets now attack slightly faster, this does not affect the stun rate
- bd army archer pets have been replaced with caster pets
- charmable archer mobs in the frontier either have been or will be replaced with different mobs

2021-04-24 Saturday

- fixed an issue with player teleporting
- % based power heal will now always heal at least 1 power if the target has power
- some experimental network related optimizations, ideally not player visible

2021-04-21 Wednesday

- the buff command now supports concentration based damage shields
- concentration based damage shields now have a 5k range limit like other concentration spells
- the buff command will now attempt to downrank if lower ranks would also cap
- siege weapons can no longer be healed, previously it was only disabled for rams
- /rearrange list now only shows characters from your current realm but should correctly order them across all pages

2021-04-18 Sunday

- cc effects casted by mobs should no longer trigger rvr combat
- enchanter:
-- experimental: new spell, enchanting baseline, pet casted single target disease
-- experimental: new spell, enchanting baseline, pet casted single target root
-- new spell, enchanting baseline, pet demez
- mechanics (Necromancer, now also Enchanter):
-- pet casted spells now consume mana once the pet finished the cast instead of when they are enqueued.
-- pet casted spells now benefit from the mana cost reductions in case of resists and similar mechanics.

2021-04-14 Wednesday

- the category 1 / self buff toys have been removed
- the offensive category 2 / active toys have been removed
-- removed: pet spawn item
-- removed: pbae silence & disarm item
- purge can now be used while silenced
- mana/endu/health hot when applied to a necromancer now applies to the pet as well
- the damage taken reduction / increase ability when applied to a necromancer now applies to the pet as well

2021-04-13 Tuesday

New toys changes:
- all proc chances have been reduced by 1/3rd except for Phoenix Flask of Vandalism
- Phoenix Flask of Life Stealing
-- the hp of the vampiric essence got reduced
- Phoenix Flask of Absorption
-- the value got reduced to 150
- Phoenix Gem of Helpers
-- the hp of the winged demons got reduced
-- only caster & support classes are now able to use the item

2021-04-10 Saturday

Celestius-only changes:
- all mobs got their distance increased before they will reset
- all spawns/adds ignore the tinder damage add now
- all spawns/adds ignore confusion/amnesia now
- added 4 new trash packs to the rotation
-- all spawns have slightly more HP
-- pf & add spawn range is the same now
The Construct
-- the hp of The Construct has been reduced slightly
-- deadly shade has its hp slightly increased
-- restless demon got their hp reduced
-- restless demon add spawn is now on a timer
-- restless demon disease cast is now on a timer
-- the hp of Paul has been reduced slightly
-- the hp of Fafamafa has been reduced slightly

2021-04-08 Thursday

- style endurance cost adjusted for weapons faster than 4.0 based on player testing, usually resulting in 1 - 2 endurance less per style
- internal change to how effects (buffs, debuffs) tick / refresh / apply, ideally nothing changes for players
- infrastructure change: game and other backend services now run on .net 5, ideally nothing changes for players
- fixed an issue that could result in 1 minute data loss for the herald when the save tick happens while the herald does the hourly update

2021-04-02 Friday

- fixed a looting issue where the group leader instead of the killed mob was used as the center for distance based loot eligibility

2021-04-01 Thursday

- Celestius only changes:
-- you are now able to port solo into the zone
-- fixed an issue that allowed Theurgs and Anis to summon more pets than usual in pve instances
-- added an account vault to the zone

2021-03-31 Wednesday

- door repair message now contains your current and needed wood amount
- rogs are now personal loot when not in a battle group (see first reply to this news post for details)
- the new pve instance is now open and accessible via the instance teleporter, same quest requirements as ds / hoh

2021-03-26 Friday

- the 4v4 arena event starts at 8pm CET, at midnight CET the arena will be restarted and will then remain open until at least midnight ET.
- arena changes
-- animists can no longer summon fnf shrooms while in the preparation phase
-- the buff command can now be used in the arena safe zone when not in a match
-- reminder: the buff command is usable while in the preparation phase of an arena fight

2021-03-24 Wednesday

- fixed an issue allowing decimation trap to hit people in other instances / phases

2021-03-19 Friday

- the level playing field event is now live and has a couple event zone only changes
-- magic resist debuffs do not reduce the resists but still interrupt
-- dd + debuff spells still reduce the target resist by 10%
-- magic resist buffs do not increase the resists
-- casted cc duration above 10 seconds is halved before applying det / resists, e. g. 1min13 aka 73 seconds becomes 10 + 63 / 2 = 41 seconds before det / resists
-- if you do not move for 3 minutes you will now be disbanded from your auto group even if you're outside of the safe zone

2021-03-15 Monday

- fixed an issue where certain mob actions can change certain player spells until the next reboot
- bolts no longer gain an extra miss chance based on attackers nearby
- bolt damage has been reduced by 1/6th (internally, delve remains the same)

2021-03-07 Sunday

- fixed some issues allowing lower percentage based value procs to override higher ones
- payrent now respects the realm filter for guild houses as well
- added 2 new vanity pets to Bruno

2021-03-01 Monday

- ds / hoh leaderboard npc can now show the runs for other realms as well
- fixed a rare issue allowing multiple guilds to kind of claim the same keep
- friar:
-- end reduction range reduced from 2000 to 1500
-- heal proc chance reduced from 15% to 10%
- theurgist:
-- earth pet duration remains at 30 seconds even for higher spec levels
- warden:
-- gets greater heal
- shaman:
-- gets greater heal
- all healing spec lines:
-- gets access to the last 2 spell versions instead of only the last version, e. g. at 41 heal you have the 31/32 and 41 greater heals available
- level playing field event only changes:
-- cc duration above 10s is halved before det / resists, e. g. 1min13s becomes 10 + 63/2 = 41s on which resists and det etc. apply
-- resist buffs have no effect
-- resist debuffs have no effect other than rupting

2021-02-25 Thursday

- added 14 new vanity pets to the loot pool from Bruno

2021-02-13 Saturday

- pve instance changes
-- boss melee damage is now 4x but reduced by 1.5% per modified shield spec point, capped at 50 modified shield with 75% thereby nullifying the damage increase
-- pbae damage against bosses is now reduced by 66%
-- all single target direct damage against bosses is reduced by 25%, mana cost is reduced by 33%
-- records for ds and hoh have been reset
-- the kill quest npc, Paul, can now also be found close to Aalid, Gwyntel and Hagall
- hoh changes
-- Zorsh and Rorsh now share a HP pool
- darkspire changes
-- you can now teleport to bosses after clearing the way to them

2021-02-12 Friday

- fixed a couple minor issues that appeared in the logs, player visible / highlights:
-- when a pet owner lds while in combat with an npc and that npc dies in the right moment the npc can sometimes become stuck
-- siege weapon repair now uses the repairing player instead of the siege weapon owner to show repair related messages

2021-02-09 Tuesday

- the new /buff command is now also usable in relic towns
- there is now a 30 second timer after releasing before you can teleport out of relic towns via the war map

2021-02-08 Monday

- old thidranki is once again the level 20 - 24 battleground

2021-02-05 Friday

- new command for instant concentration buffs in the event safe zone and arena preparation phase
-- /buff target <concentration buffs (dq, sc, acu, dex, con, str, af, saf, haste, reg, pom, end)>
-- /buff <class (while grouped)> <concentration buffs (dq, sc, acu, dex, con, str, af, saf, haste, reg, pom, end)>
-- Example target: /buff target dex con saf will buff base dex, base con and spec af to your target
-- Example class, only works while grouped: /buff shaman dex con will buff base dex and base con to every shaman in your group

2021-02-03 Wednesday

- event zone changes
-- rvr zone drown mechanic is now used
-- line of sight for the big trees in the south east has been reworked and should now match the trees shown ingame

2021-02-02 Tuesday

- Casted resist debuff values have been changed:
-- the blue debuffs return to 15%
-- the yellow debuffs return to 30%
-- red debuffs become realm specific:
--- albion: heat, matter, cold, spirit, energy -> 50%, body: 40%
--- midgard: heat, matter, energy -> 50%, cold, spirit, body: 45%
--- hibernia: 50%
- spellcrafting can no longer fail if there is no chance for the item to explode
- charplanner has been updated

2021-02-01 Monday

- player can now only be affected by 1 static tempest at the same time (same as was already done for TWF ages ago)
- maximum guild dues are now 20%
- aom will end at 20% again at level 9
- hib mana baseline nuke cost reduced to suppression baseline nuke levels
- alb matter baseline nuke cost reduced to suppression baseline nuke levels
- friar side style snare reduced from 27 seconds to 19 seconds
- celtic spear side opener now has a 19 second snare
- large weapon side opener now has a 15 second snare instead of a bleed effect
- the wizard triple resist debuff is now at 26/36/45 earth
- the rm triple resist debuff is now at 25/36/45 runecarving
- the eld triple resist debuff is now at 25/36/45 void
- the menta triple resist debuff is now at 25/36/45 mentalism
- experimental: enchanter added a new group buff at 10/21/31/41 enchanting spec that gives an offensive melee proc with a 10% proc chance to return 1/2/3/4% mana to all group member in 2k range
- the ench triple resist debuff is now at 25/36/45 mana
- the hibernia eld dex and str single debuffs have been moved from void baseline to light (dex) and mana (str) baseline
- Arena only changes for evaluation:
-- style snares that are not follow up styles will now have a 10 second duration + base weapon speed, values subject to change
-- follow up style snares will now have a 13 second duration + 2x base weapon speed, values subject to change

2021-01-29 Friday

- fixed a rare race condition allowing keep takes to not entirely go through
- arena changes
-- separate arena/event realm rank (starting at rr7 for todays test)
-- separate ra point distribution with free respecs

2021-01-27 Wednesday

- added a hastener to each of the solo keeps in Emain, Odins and Hadrians

2021-01-22 Friday

- enemy pets behind closed doors in keep fights are moved to their owner
- added 2 guards and 1 hastener to the EV Keep
- added more ev keep bonus information to /task

2021-01-20 Wednesday

- aerus reskins are now available
- friar endurance consumption reduction gain per level reduced from 5% to 3% making it end at 19%
- friar hot had it's cast time reduced to 2 seconds and mana cost reduced to major heal levels
- amber simulacrum and underhill compatriot had their hp reduced to normal pet levels
- pets now refresh their combat timer while in any form of cc
- healer celerity range has been increased to 1500
- Arena only changes for evaluation:
-- all casted resist debuffs except albion body debuff have been increased to their previous level (12 -> 15, 24 -> 30, 40 -> 50)
-- aom had it's values reduced again to end at 20%
- Arena changes
-- the safe zone is now hesperos haven
-- both teams have different charmable pet models
-- matchmaking starts 60 seconds after your last match
-- matchmaking will look for other realm groups for 60 seconds then expand to include same realm groups as well
-- matchmaking has been changed to make it a lot less likely to run into rematches when enough teams participate

2021-01-18 Monday

- the ev center keep can now be captured
-- the owning realm receives a 15% keep rp bonus
-- every 3 hours (0 am, 3 am, 6 am ... UTC) an additional 15% bonus with a 3 hour duration will be given to the realm that owns the keep at that time
- the arena feature (last used in beta) has been updated a bit and will become available for a couple tests today

2021-01-15 Friday

- added new titles for the realm effort
-- titles and stats available via the web app
--, this requires a pin which you can generate ingame by running /webapp pin
- fixed a save issue related to quest progress

2021-01-13 Wednesday

- /tag now adds a flat rp amount to a personal rp pool instead of granting a 25% kill rp bonus for 5 kills, the rp pool is drawn from on player kills.
- added lvl 23-25 humanoid & animal mobs to EV entrances and Emain Macha

2021-01-08 Friday

- paladin
-- added an instant group heal, does not heal the paladin, highest variant 3% per group member, 60% base mana cost, 60 second cooldown.
-- added an instant group damage add, highest variant 2.5 dps per group member, overwrites chant damage add, 15 second duration, 60% base mana cost, 60 second cooldown
- mentalist
-- added nearsight in mana spec line
-- added body/spirit/energy resist debuffs in mentalism spec line
- berserker
-- added OF charge
- triple resist debuffs: all classes with 3 resist debuffs in a line will instead only have a single resist debuff that will debuff those 3 resists, spiritual: body/spirit/energy, elemental: heat/cold/matter
- full respec added to everyone to covere these, previous and some future changes, the next rounds of changes won't include a full respec
- special keep bonuses for hibernia and midgard have ended
- char planner updated

2021-01-02 Saturday

- theurgist pet damage against keep doors has been reduced
- ellyll sages had their healing delve reduced
- relic guards had their hp reduced and damage increased
- friar should once again be able to cancel the endurance pulse
- reduced spec level requirements for some eld and sm debuffs
- wizard earth spec 49 dot is no longer an ae dot
- char planner has been updated

2021-01-01 Friday

- the 2 times bounty point bonus has ended
- rainbow sprite had to leave their spot and can now be found outside the safe zone in Forest Sauvage
- alternative baseline nukes added to sorc/cab, ench/eld/menta, sm/bd/rm (in some cases due to conflicts only the last couple variants, the missing ones will be added later)
- friar fatigue consumption buff is now a group pulse
- merc only the dual wield penumbra style is now a back opener with a snare component
- paladin, champion, thane now have access to dashing defense

2020-12-31 Thursday

- keep rp pool rewards now show more information about the keep fight

2020-12-27 Sunday

- new command: /tag
-- use it while in a full group and while targeting a solo / small man and let them live to receive a rp bonus on future kills when they die
-- without a target it shows the accumulated kills that will grant the rp bonus
- new bonus for underpopulated realms: keep fight rp bonus, set to 50% for hibernia, 25% for midgard
-- increases the received lord kill rp
-- increases the received keep rp pool reward

2020-12-24 Thursday

- the 2 times feather bonus for epic dungeon (Galla, Tuscar, Sidi) has ended
- a 2 times bounty point bonus is now active
- Thidranki Map is now the NF Thidranki Map. A new voting between OF and NF Thid will start very soon.

2020-12-23 Wednesday

- roll recording results can now be paged, /random list now takes an optional page argument
- Delve of all resist debuffs reduced by 20% (50 -> 40, 30 -> 24, 15 -> 12)
- Lifedrain spells no longer gain 10% of their lifedrain return % as extra damage
- BD, SM, Necro, Reaver lifedrain spec nukes had their delve raised to offset this damage loss
- Cabalist body lifedrain spec nuke had its delve raised to end at 200, this is a buff and to offset the extra damage removal
- The concept of dual effect spells for resist purposes and their associated extra resist chance has been removed
- Shaman gets access to nearsight heal at 20 and 40 mending spec
- Bard received a single target root in music spec
- Delve of Thane energy resist debuff has been increased: 6 -> 10, 12 -> 20, 18 -> 30, 24 -> 40
- Divine Intervention had its values restored to its original value (from 750, 1125, 1500, 1875, 2250 to 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000)
- Vehement Renewal had its values restored to its original value (from 375, 650, 950, 1300, 1700 to 500, 875, 1250, 1750, 2250)

2020-12-20 Sunday

- fixed an issue with repossessions that allowed other realm items to be obtainable if multiple repossessions were active at the same time

2020-12-17 Thursday

- all towers in the frontier except those on ellan vannin had their model changed slightly
- the line of sight calculation should be more accurate in those new towers thereby removing "safe" zones
- healing against guard damage no longer counts towards task / keep fight participation

2020-12-16 Wednesday

- the 3 times feather bonus on SH Bosses, Legion and realm Dragons has ended
- a 2 times feather bonus for epic dungeon (Galla, Tuscar, Sidi) is now active
-- If you want to lead a raid by yourself, please check the #raid channel on the Phoenix discord before starting it. Make sure that your raid doesnt interfere with a posted raid there. The respawn on the epic dungeon bosses is 5h. After a reboot all mobs are respawned too.

2020-12-15 Tuesday

- the static 25% underpopulation bonus to kill xp / bp / rp for Hibernia has ended

2020-12-11 Friday

- a 3 times feather bonus on SH Bosses, Legion and realm Dragons is now active
- added Volatile Draining Tincture to the <Bits & Pieces> merchant
- added Draught of Speed (14% Haste) to the <Bits & Pieces> merchant

2020-12-08 Tuesday

- added a static 25% underpopulation bonus to kill xp / bp / rp for Hibernia for 7 days

2020-12-04 Friday

- relic changes are in, see planned changes for more information
- in keep fights full tanks provide a gtae interrupt protection for group members in close proximity to them
- the /groundassist command has been disabled

2020-11- 29 Sunday

- event changes: the last bracket is now 49-50.

2020-11-15 Sunday

- new titles for the 3 rvr bosses
- new solo kill title at 10000 kills
- gc deposit now supports money text (e. g. 3p200g) in addition to copper
- gc withdraw now supports money text (e. g. 3p200g) in addition to copper

2020-11-12 Thursday

- internal change on how pets are handled
-- this should not have player visible effects
- realm dragon remains for all realms are now guaranteed drops
- the 2 hib SI bosses, Beomarbhan and Dremcis Fuiloltair, are now individual mobs that group instead of one summoning the other

2020-11-10 Tuesday

- Daewain is now hopping in Connacht
- The size of the following remains has been changed: Bilal, Nkosi, Morty, Cronker, Taman, Mathair, Scar-nose, Zrit, Stripe, Bristle, Stinky, Cubby, Geirshnae, Tuka, Coirmirceoir, Bertha, Tusker & Bignose . If you want to have the new size, you have to pick up and put down the remains once.
- Flawless Bracer of Dire Omen now has 5 charges str/con debuff on it
- Monstrous Proboscis now has 11.3 dmg-add proc on it
- Skyggemot Bracer now has 5 charges haste on it (only on items that dropped after todays change). Players with already existing items can contact me on discord and I will exchange the old for a new item.
- Champion of the Grove can now be found at a new loc in Cruachan Gorge

2020-11-03 Tuesday

- archer classes got an extra full respec

2020-11-02 Monday

- Crit shot damage multiplier has been reduced from 2 to 1.75
- Ranger bow damage has been decreased by 9%
- Scout bow damage has been decreased by 4.5%
- Scout shield style Stop had its duration reduced by 30%
- AoM and PD values have been raised and now end at 30% instead of 20% secondary resists
- Champion only extra debuff effectiveness has been reduced against buffs from items from 2 to 1.5

2020-11-01 Sunday

- Reduced the HP of Champion of the Grove, Beastmaster of Midgard and Lady of Albion

2020-10-26 Monday

- fixed bd healer and buffer pet getting stuck trying to cast
- new raid quests
-- kill legion + grand summoner
-- kill dragon + epic dungeon final boss
-- kill both enemy realm rvr epic mobs

2020-10-24 Saturday

- active pulse spells no longer consume mana while incapacitated
- double crit shot should no longer be possible
- guild house repossessions are now also realm restricted
- picking up house gardening items will now fail in case of a full inventory
- chatgroup password now works without making the chatgroup explicitly private
- lots of internal work to further reduce allocations, this time regarding messages. Please report issues with
-- target info messages (you target xy. you examine xy ....)
-- attack messages with you as the attacker
-- chat and battlegroup messages

2020-10-20 Tuesday

- fixed an issue where changing the emblem of a guild could cause the server wide save to fail
-- emblems are now checked and removed on login / when an item is equipped and it no longer matches the guild

2020-10-11 Sunday

- Snow Golems in OG now also have some loot to drop
- Averrius in Gna Faste is now talking to players
- Droprate of a couple of Albion, Hibernia and Midgard Mobs has been reduced
- A wolf pet has been added to the possible pets of the druid
- Smoldering Crimson Bow now has 10 charges Dex/Qui Buff. Already existing bows will not get changed.
- Olcasgean Warped Branch now has 5 charges Cold-Lifedrain. Already existing bows will not get changed.
- Morvalt Streber Scalps dont drop anymore. Existing Scalps still can be handed in to Topi.
- Belt of the Cladhammer now has 10 charges 11.3 dmg-add. Already existing items will not get changed.

2020-10-10 Saturday

- physical attacks now have variance
- critical damage has variance again
- fixed juggernaut not updating the size on gain / fade for nearby players
- fixed a couple client crash causes

2020-10-03 Saturday

- lots of internal, ideally non player visible changes
-- potential for issues around abilities and speccing / respeccing
- mid si moderna teleporter with faction has been fixed allowing hagall -> moderna and moderna -> hagall options

2020-09-28 Monday

- everyone received a free realm spec
- tireless 1 is no longer a realm ability and is now gained at level 5
- long wind 1 is no longer a realm ability and is now gained at level 10
- first round of the announced keep changes is in
-- the base rp (just the reward for killing the lord) for taking foreign keeps has been reduced
-- the base rp (just the reward for killing the lord) for retaking home keeps has been increased
-- the winner and loser side of a keep fight now gets 50% of the rp pool (usually, circumstances can make it fall back to the old behavior)
-- the amount of rps that goes into the rp pool for keep fights has been increased
-- there is now a ram cap of 2 per door

2020-09-25 Friday

- the PvP event has ended.
- a 2 times bounty point bonus is now active during the weekend.
- the feather cap in RvR has been doubled.

2020-09-24 Thursday

Event Changes:
- you now get quadruple rps in the Level 50 zone until 5L5
- in the event zone, no matter which release button (home/bind/city) you click, you will always release into the CK

2020-09-20 Sunday

Event Changes:
- To get more players into the higher tiers, the kills to level up in lower levels got reduced. You now need 250 kills to hit lvl 40. To reach lvl 50 from there you will need another 457 kills. So from lvl 1 you will need 707 kills for lvl 50, which is a ~10% kill reduction in total.
-Disabled oil again.

2020-09-19 Saturday

Event Changes:
- Afk players will get kicked out of groups and ported into the safe zone. When returning from afk, players will be autogrouped again.
- Disabled oil.
- The <Home> button is disabled now. If you want to leave the zone, you have to /whisper home to the teleporter. If you leave the zone, your toon wont be able to join the event again.
- Number of kills to hit lvl 50 was reduced from 1275 to about 800.

2020-09-17 Thursday

- level ups on hybrid classes should no longer mess up the bars
- event changes
-- toggling on /autogroup as a group leader of a premade now makes the group an auto fill group
-- adjustments to required kill count per weapon rog after level 3 based on the available weapons for your class (e. g. list caster require more kills per new weapon)
-- minstrels, mentalists and sorcs can summon a charmable pet inside the safe zone via /event pet

2020-09-15 Tuesday

- pvp / event teleporter changes
-- in auto groups the leader teleports all feature is now disabled
-- in non auto groups leader ports all only works if all group members are within 1900 units of the leader
-- when in a group and not using leader teleports all it will try to teleport you to the first group member in the combat zone (based on group slot)
-- there is now a 30 second timer after release before you can teleport
- event changes
-- kill count required per rog has been increased starting at level 4 to reduce the clutter a bit
-- single person auto groups are now merged into other auto groups while in the safe zone
- some general optimizations regarding groups, if all went well you will not notice any changes but there is the potential for needing another restart

2020-09-14 Monday

- animist bomber resist streak avoidance is now based on the animist
- animist fnf turrets now die when they are in a different instance / phase than the animist
- event changes
-- opt out auto grouping feature, to opt out toggle it with /autogroup
-- with auto grouping enabled (the default) you will be assigned a group when inside the safe zone, this assignment happens in 10 second intervals
-- teleporting as a member of an auto group teleports you to your group leader if they are not in the safe zone
-- for level 1 - 10 the phases are now 1 - 3, 4 - 6, 7 - 9 then as before 10 - 14, 15 - 19 etc
-- xp for kill participation now has 2 modes, the previous mode and a new one that is based on actual kill participation, the new mode will be tested after the auto grouping test

2020-09-09 Wednesday

- the level of siege weapons for cast resists / misses is now the attacker level

2020-09-08 Tuesday

- the level 20 - 24 BG is now Molvik

2020-09-06 Sunday

- added 3 quests per dungeon for the following dungeons: Catacombs of Cardova & Stonehenge Barrows (Albion), Varulvhamn & Spindelhalla (Midgard), Treibh Caillte & Coruscating Mines (Hibernia). First quest of each starts in the camp of the Banished.

2020-09-01 Tuesday

- big login server update, see announcements for more details

2020-08-29 Saturday

- the cooldown on Volley is now 90 sec

2020-08-27 Thursday

- runic bear mask: fixed a wrong model

2020-08-18 Tuesday

- hero stag effect now persists through death
- already pulsing flute mezz is now affected by nearsight
- fixed keep door repair deducting less than the calculated wood cost
- necro pet casted spell queue is now cleared when the pet is incapacitated, fp and instant casts remain queued
- added a weird looking workaround for invisible siege damage

2020-08-14 Friday

- the 7 day underpopulation bonus to kill xp / bp / rp for midgard has ended

2020-08-11 Tuesday

- fixed an issue that made tinder work against recently released pets
- the static midgard underpop kill xp, rp and bp bonus has been increased from 25% to 50%

2020-08-10 Monday

- fixed an issue that classified battlegrounds as dungeons thereby preventing siege weapons from working

2020-08-08 Saturday

- added new command to see the open tradeorder amounts: /tradorder pending
- siege weapons can no longer be placed outside of outdoor rvr zones

2020-08-07 Friday

- fixed an issue that made animist bomber not use the animist crit rate
- all crafting speed bonuses are now multiplicative
- added a new static 25% underpopulation bonus to kill xp / bp / rp
-- it will be active for 7 days in midgard
-- a realm will become eligible for this bonus if it is the least populated realm in all time zones over a 30 day average

2020-08-03 Monday

- your character no longer has to be in the housing zone to use the app market explorer
- fixed a couple market explorer filter
- using an at most or exactly filter with a value of 0 now excludes all items with that stat
- fixed the shown dragon kill stat

2020-08-02 Sunday

- fixed a couple typos, among them the siege oil: couldron -> cauldron
- the app title selection now includes stats
- fixed an issue with the gender and realm rank title

2020-08-01 Saturday

- fixed an issue making the Kissed by Fire title always available
- fixed an issue showing your own realm rank under anyone using the realm rank title
- market explorer available in the web app
-- general search
-- specialized collection task item search
-- specialized consumable search
-- no purchasing yet

2020-07-31 Friday

- you can no longer drop siege weapons on the ground and have to use the item instead
-- dropping a siege weapon left an unusable but visible siege weapon and was not subject to other limitations
- initial web app:
-- to login you need your username, password and a pin
-- generate the pin via the new ingame command /webapp pin
-- only initial feature: title selection
- titles have been reworked
-- selected title has been cleared
-- titles are now selected via the web app:
-- you can now select any earned title including previous tiers of that title
-- the ingame /title window now only allows you to clear your title

2020-07-26 Sunday

- fixed an issue allowing verdant pbae to go through walls / doors
- fixed an issue allowing ae bomber to be cast on doors

2020-07-21 Tuesday

- fixed several commands that try to guess an online player by the entered name not properly handling the case when the entered name is not unique
- added missing membership checks for certain battlegroup commands
-- it is no longer possible to change the leader to someone not in the battlegroup making the battlegroup effectively leaderless
-- it is no longer possible to make someone not in the battlegroup a moderator
- added missing membership checks for certain chatgroup commands
-- it is no longer possible to change the leader to someone not in the chatgroup

2020-07-16 Thursday

- the gvg rules have been updated
- toggling gvg on now shows a popup to every groupmember reminding them to read the rules

2020-07-11 Saturday

- the 2 times feather bonus for epic dungeons has ended

2020-07-08 Wednesday

- removed feathers from low-hp summoned mobs in epic dungeons

2020-07-07 Tuesday

- a 2 times feather bonus is active for epic dungeons

2020-07-03 Friday

- darkspire and hoh now have a smith
- the level event will start later today

2020-06-29 Monday

- pvp zone region chat is now disabled
- pvp zone now requires level 45 to enter

2020-06-25 Thursday

- Solo Teleporter have been removed (June 24th)
- Portals in the PvP Zone have been disabled

2020-06-20 Saturday

- new ds/hoh titles for 100, 250 and 500 completions
- ds / hoh completions show the time taken at the end of the run
- announced instance completion xp bonus change is in
- bleed damage for players/pets is now capped at 50 instead of 200
-- the instance completion xp bonus now requires 1 more completion per bonus % every 100% bonus
-- e. g. the first 100 completions give 1% each, afterwards every 2 completions award 1% until 200% is reached then it's 3 completions per % etc.

2020-06-19 Friday

- General / Mechanics:
-- buff value %, like Mastery of the Arcane, no longer affect buffs from items
-- pets no longer complete their casts when the target goes out of line of sight or out of range
-- bleeds now stack, for pets / players up to a value of 200
-- bleeds no longer instantly tick on reapplication
-- bleeds no longer break cc
-- envenom dot reapplications no longer restart the tick delay
- Assassins
-- PA scaling has been fixed, more base damage, less increase per cs point, expect less damage above 60ish modified cs and more damage below it
-- Successful stealth opener (PA, BS, BS2) now delay their damage by up to 100ms to hit after poison applications
-- Debuff poisons had their con debuff portion reduced by 15%
- Bonedancer:
-- Reuse delay of the instant lifedrain has been increased from 4 seconds to 6 seconds
-- Increased smite spell range to 1500
-- The heal proc is now a spreadheal instead of group heal
- Healer:
-- Removed Wild Power
-- Removed Mastery of Magery
- Minstrel:
-- Pulse charm removal no longer removes negative effects from the former pet
- Paladin:
-- Endurance chant no longer consumes mana
-- Endurance chant can now run concurrently with another chant
- Warden:
-- Added the level 20 and level 40 nearsight heal to the regrowth spec line

2020-06-17 Wednesday

- added the level 20 acuity buff to the draught of lesser combined forces, existing draughts will also have it

2020-06-16 Tuesday

- This update includes crafting changes, please run the PhoenixFixer in your daoc installation and click Fix Crafting Recipes
- Spellcrafting QoL recipe changes
-- the categories now show the stat they change
-- the recipes now show by how much a stat is changed
- Alchemy
-- renamed lesser draught of combined forces to draught of lesser combined forces
-- added new low level buff elixirs
- buff potion changes
-- the existing buff potions had their level requirement raised to 30
-- the newly introduced buff elixirs have a level requirement of 10
-- the draught of lesser combined forces has a level requirement of 10
- new gemcutting mechanic
-- you can now raise existing stats of rog accessories as announced in planned changes
-- raising a stat or resist requires a perfect gem, dust and ash
-- add Phoenix Dust and a perfect gem of the stat you want to raise to the modify trade window to see the cost
- solo teleport can now be used without having to have died in a solo zone

2020-06-15 Monday

- This update includes crafting changes, please run the PhoenixFixer in your daoc installation and click Fix Crafting Recipes
- new alchemy recipes
-- lesser draught of combined forces (1050)
-- strong draught of shard skin (1070)
- new spellcrafting recipes
-- brilliant sigil/rune/spell stone (999, all focus +50)
- gemcutting has been reworked
-- level 50+ rog accessories now salvages into Phoenix Dust
-- level 50 rog accessories will provide between 5 and 10 dust, level 51 rog accessories between 5 and 15 dust
-- the old materials (remnants) now salvage into Phoenix Dust and are no longer obtainable
-- the gemcutting blank recipes now take Phoenix Dust instead of the remnants

2020-06-10 Wednesday

Solo PvP Zone: the number of players per last man standing match is reduced to 5

2020-06-03 Wednesday

- added 3 quests per dungeon for the following dungeons: Tepok's Mine & Keltoi Fogou (Albion), Cursed Tomb & Vendo Caverns (Midgard), Spraggon Den & Koalinth Tribal Caverns (Hibernia). First quest of each starts in the camp of the Banished.

2020-06-02 Tuesday

- spell focus now only works when it is on a staff

2020-05-31 Sunday

- added 3 quests per realm for the low level dungeons: Tomb of Mithra (Albion), Nisse's Lair (Midgard) and Muire Tomb (Hibernia). First quest starts in the camp of the Banished.

2020-05-28 Thursday

- Halgratha adds in HoH are once again affected by the speed loss when at low hp
- all feather item proc chances have been set to 18% to match what everyone already believed to be the case, this is a noticeable increase for quite a few items
- the second hastener speed horses in rvr vote, now that everyone had the chance to see their effects, is now active

2020-05-27 Wednesday

- raid / epic mobs no longer become slower at low health %
- quest npcs now properly support turning in stacked items

2020-05-23 Saturday

personal mounts are in
- you can purchase it at the banished (port location), the price can be reduced by up to 5p by doing the quests
- to change the horse appearance go to you capital city and summon your mount, then use the /horseappearance command and the sub commands
- use /mount and place the horse in the mount slot
- you can mount up by using the /summon command or using your horse item
- you can dismount by using the /dismount command or using your horse item again
- all mounts, regardless of appearance, have speed 5 in pve zones and hastener speed in the frontier
- speed chants have no effect on you on a horse
- there is a 30 second (pve) and 60 second delay after using any ability until you can summon a horse
- free rvr horse for testing
-- available until the new horse vote (will start in about 3 - 7 days) has been completed
-- every level 50 character can use /summon in the frontier to summon a free horse
-- unless you bought a horse this free rvr horse cannot be customized, if you bought one your normal horse will be used

2020-05-22 Friday

- fixed a rare issue that allowed the same quest to be accepted twice
- personal mounts, not usable by players yet, just the mechanics for internal testing

2020-05-15 Friday

- dot damage is now snapshotted on application and hence should no longer be affected by the caster gaining things like stat buffs, moc or rez sickness after the application
- dot damage variance now follows normal spell damage variance rules
- item dot procs and charges now have reduced variance and an increased minimum damage
- the additional archery damage multiplier gain per spec point has been reduced slightly
- the additional archery damage multiplier can no longer become a penalty at low spec levels

2020-05-13 Wednesday

- Inglor, Dalirial, Nailyse & Wild Hunter (turn in NPCs for xp items in the BGs) are now to be found in Ligen, Svasud and Sauvage too

2020-05-10 Sunday

- bomber spells that cause an ae spell can no longer be casted on keep doors
- confusion no longer kills animist main pets
- siege weapons no longer unstealth players
- using an item while silenced now fails before unstealthing or setting the cooldown
- the stealther detection range increase now only counts stealthed friendly players and no longer applies while in a keep / tower area

2020-05-09 Saturday

- pvp zone last man standing now announces the remaining players
- stealther with friendly players around can be detected from further away
- the new archer/ranged spec based bonus multiplier has been slightly reduced
- dots no longer tick when the caster and target are in different regions

2020-05-08 Friday

pvp zone
- the solo part is now last man standing matches
- the number of players per last man standing match will be 10 to start with
- a new last man standing match starts whenever there are enough registrations
- clicking [fight] on the teleporter while solo will register you for last man standing
- last man standing has a time limit and a range limit
- the zone once again gives task participation, the normal kill rewards remain reduced

2020-05-07 Thursday

- pvp zone group cap is 5 for today

2020-05-06 Wednesday

- pvp zone group cap is 4 for today
- archer / ranged damage now has an additional multiplier based on spec, does not apply to volley
- penetrating arrow 2 now also penetrates self casted bt at 50% damage
- nocking critical shot no longer has an increased chance to unstealth the archer

2020-05-05 Tuesday

- pvp zone group cap is 3 for today
- pvp zone activity no longer counts towards the participation task
- pvp zone kill rewards have been reduced

2020-05-04 Monday

- new /timer command to show your remaining realm timer
- the pvp zone is now open, teleporter should have a pvp option
- /underpop now lists the population count of the pvp zone
- changes to the pvp zone since the test yesterday
-- instant drowning mechanic added to all of toa
-- relic bonuses do not apply
-- casted charm works in the safe zone

2020-05-03 Sunday

- the realm timer now only covers rvr zones (nf, bgs, df, summoners hall)
-- you can now always log in to other realms and are just prevented from entering the rvr zones
-- bg messages from an rvr zone are only shown when also in an rvr zone

2020-05-02 Saturday

- spell focus can no longer be added to anything but staffs, see announcements in the forum for more details
- lifedrain spells can now deal damage against siege weapons
- added missing stronghold captain title (5000 keeps taken)
- added missing stronghold general title (10000 keeps taken)

2020-04-30 Thursday

- when using a keep / tower hastener you are no longer unstealthed automatically
- necromancer shade effect should now fade and show the remaining time when going out of the tether range
- the owner of casted pets will now also see when their pet is hit by critcal hits
- the druid 32 nature pet should no longer stop to cast a bubble
- gtae vote has ended, 1568 in favor of a change vs 380: gtaoe spells can now only hit targets that have line of sight to the ground target
- placed static tempest effects near keep structures will only hit players that have line of sight to the effect, this is the same behavior that TWF and NM already have

2020-04-28 Tuesday

- fixed yesterdays necro tether range change, the range is now the intended 1500 fade 2000 hard cut off range
- crafting ingredients are now only valid when fully charged (affects primarily alchemy)
- the 2 minute charge use timer can no longer be reset by relogging
- Archaic Granite Short Sword now drops from Moran the mighty, Agidad now has a normal mob loot list
- almost all pets had their aggro range slightly increased

2020-04-27 Monday

- zrrazk in necht now has the correct faction assigned and can teleport players to krrzck (if they have the krrzck-faction friendly)
- the druid 32 nature pet can now proc the bladeturn on successful melee attacks
- volley can now also hit stealthed players
- guild names now allow &
- the craftqueue command now reports when it fails due to being used too recently (this caused the silent failure when starting to craft right after using the buy sub command)
- the necro tether range has been reduced
- fixed some typos
- there is now a vote active regarding gtae

2020-04-25 Saturday

- new command /accountbalance, see description for the sub commands

2020-04-24 Friday

- consignment merchant sales now directly deposit into your account balance (or guild bank in case of guild houses)
- smoldering crimson bow: switched skills from +recurve bow (not effecting players) to +all archery
- summoned merchant & vault should no longer be charmable

2020-04-23 Thursday

- some trophys adjusted to appropriate size
- added some gray/green neutral mobs at each entrance of EV

2020-04-22 Wednesday

- snarls remains no longer drop from lupine snarler
- ring of the longbowman: switched skills from +longbow (not effecting players) to +all archery
- added blood spire necklace to the caer sidi merchant
- added a new spot of molochian tempters to the room before the drinkers (DF Hib)
- the remains of Spat, Hrrgyf, Kalnraw & Irusan now have different sizes. You have to replace the remains to see the new size.
- poc: spectral paladin, reanimated champion & reanimated guardian now have the correct resists (undead = weak to spirit)
- dragonslayer axe mainhand is now available as a reskin for the mainhand
- cleaver reskin is now available for mainhand and offhand
- green skin tamed saber tooth & black feet lion are now animals and no longer humanoids
- dragons now only do their pbae teleport while above 10%
- dragons do their single target teleport slightly more often

2020-04-20 Monday

- the recharge all option should no longer mess with the qbars
- releasing a pulse charmed pet as mentalist no longer cancels the pulse
- the housing rent lock box can now store rent for up to 6 weeks (up from 4 weeks)
- the housing rent lock boxes have been filled up from the funds in the consignment merchants
- the funds in the consignment merchant are no longer used for rent payments

2020-04-19 Sunday

- fixed a couple typos
- recharger now have a recharge all option
- bard amnesia range is now 2000 (up from 1875)
- fixed an issue where explicitly releasing a minstrel or menta pet could sometimes lead to unexpected mob behavior
- announced charm pulse / minstrel changes are in (see planned changes for more details):
-- charm pulse can now run concurrently with another pulse spell
-- minstrel charm spells now have a 6 second recast timer
-- explicitly releasing a pet (e. g. via the pet window release button) now also cancels the pulse charm

2020-04-17 Friday

- removed the dock / maze run realm tasks
- added domination realm tasks to hw / og / emain / breifine / jamtland / pennine
- reduced the range of bard instant amnesia to 1850 (bolt range) as announced in planned changes

2020-04-15 Wednesday

- fixed a couple text issues
- fixed some memory leaks in the way spells are handled, please report any new weirdness

2020-04-13 Monday

- the Defense of Demon's Breach Event has ended

2020-04-11 Saturday

- breach event changes:
-- engaging one mob engages the entire wave regardless of distance
-- mobs never disengage
-- the overrun mechanic is back, each mob close to the statue (512 locs in earlier testing, now 128 locs) causes it to loose 1 health per second, at 0 health you are considered overrun, new waves reset the health to 100

2020-04-10 Friday

- demons breach level event is now active
-- to get to the event zone talk to a teleporter npc and use the [event] option
-- when in the event zone use /groupfinder lfg
-- group requirements / restrictions are relaxed compared to the earlier tests, might change throughout the event
-- premade groups of any size are disabled at the start, this may or may not change throughout the event

2020-04-06 Monday

- crit ras no longer increase the critical bonus %
- crit ras now scale like mastery of blocking, ending at 25% at level 9
- existing characters have received a free RA respec

2020-04-05 Sunday

- wild minion chance reduced and crit damage increased, same scaling as aom
- bolt crit damage is now also fixed and affected by wild power
- fix: charm (minstrel, mentalist) is no longer categorized as a song and a such no longer gains up to 100% extra duration based on weapon quality

2020-04-04 Saturday

- removed the exchange token merchants
- fixed an issue that minstrel flute mezz could sometimes ignore sos on the target
- implemented the announced group buff change
-- non concentration damage add, pom, absorb, haste, damage shield with a duration above 5 minutes are affected
-- when casting such a spell with yourself as the target all your group members (including non fnf pets) within 1000 locs will also receive this buff
- implemented the announced critical chance / critical value change (exact values still subject to change)
-- without RAs critical damage is now 30% against players and 55% against npcs
-- Mastery of Pain and Wild Power and Falcon Eye now give a reduced crit chance but also increase the critical damage percent, 20% at level 9, same scaling as aom
-- Healing crit value starts at 87.5%, Wild Healing also has a reduced crit chance and also increases the crit value, 20% at level 9, same scaling as aom
-- wild minion is unchanged for now
-- dual threat increases chance and value by 2, 3, 5, 7, 10%

2020-03-30 Monday

- the 2 times feather bonus for epic dungeons has ended
- a 2 times bonus on Bounty Points is now in
- the visible effect of the haste-proc on weapons has been changed, so that it doesnt look like the same as purge anymore

2020-03-25 Wednesday

- fixed the formula for the displayed weapon skill in the char screen (no damage changes, just the displayed number)
- tinder no longer works against released but recently charmed mobs
- fixed a couple typos
- fixed hp cap increase not working (based on instance completions in instances only)
- melee damage taken by pets from epic / raid mobs is now always 3x, not only in instances

2020-03-23 Monday

- pvp event in killaloe has ended
- 2 times feather bonus for epic dungeons is in now for one week, see announcement on the forum for further infos.

2020-03-20 Friday

- the pvp event has started. use any teleporter to port to the zone. for more infos check the announcement section on the forum. event will end on monday morning EU time.

2020-03-17 Tuesday

- added the Maze Docktask
- added the EV Docktask
- all new tasks as described on the forum (planned changes section) are now in

2020-03-17 Tuesday

- Keep task got removed
- Domination task is now in (for more infos check the planned changes section on the forum)
- Three new personal tasks got added (kill players solo in solozone, kill players in smallmen in smallmenzone, kill players during a keep/tower siege)
- life transfer no longer works on siege weapons

2020-03-04 Wednesday

- no account sharing rule will be enforced now
- xp boost has ended
-- guild xp is back to 5%
-- potion of wisdom (claw vendor xp potion) xp is back to 10%
- a keep is now shown as under siege (flames on /rw) if the inner door is attacked

2020-02-26 Wednesday

- guild xp increased from 5% to 25% until the 3rd of march
- potion of wisdom (claw vendor xp potion) xp increased from 10% to 50% until the 3rd of march
- vanity pets now disappear when entering stealth
- boats should no longer uncover stealther

2020-02-15 Saturday

- vanity pets are only visible to your own realm mates
- fixed a couple npc texts
- fixed some npc text placeholders not getting replaced

2020-02-11 Tuesday

- fixed moc to properly reduce the damage done by animist wisp spells
- fixed charm not applying the charm flag on refresh causing normal mob damage against players / pets instead of the intended reduced amount
- initial gambling support, the required npcs will be placed in the relic towns after some further internal testing
- added a gender respec, only obtainable via gambling, once turned in to your trainer it will swap your gender and grant you an appearance respec
- added vanity pets, only obtainable via gambling, they are non targetable, not showing their name and cannot be hit by ae
- /gambling command, most interactions require an gambling npc as the target

2020-01-26 Sunday

- added an anti poc entrance camping mechanic
- keep task target is now more random
- animist fnf range reduction near keeps has been replaced with a height only restriction
-- further reductions of this height might happen if placing from the ground onto walls or vice versa is possible
-- a range restriction might come back if shroom placement near the inner oil is possible from the wall
- sm intercept rate has been reduced to match testing
- sm intercept no longer reduces the intercepted damage to 1/3 to match testing
- sm level 32 pet melee absorb has been increased (27 to 34)
- fixed defender of the undergrowth (large shield) speed (2.0 to 5.0)

2020-01-25 Saturday

- new housing qol commands:
-- /housing empty (page) -> lists empty lots and their prices
-- /housing zones -> lists zone names and the covered house lot numbers
-- /housing zones -> shows the zone name of the house number

2019-12-30 Monday

- the 2 times feather bonus has ended

2019-12-28 Saturday

- added the announced new scout shield style at spec 45

2019-12-23 Monday

- a new 2 times feather bonus is now active for:
-- Epic Dungeons
-- Realm Dragons
-- Legion
-- Summoners Hall
-- Si Dungeons
-- Si Overworld
-- Classic Overworld

2019-12-16 Monday

- a new 2x feather bonus is active for epic dungeons

2019-12-13 Friday

- PvP event in ToA is now open. Solo zone is Green Glades. Smallmen Zone (groupcap of 5) is Stygia & Land of Atum.
- added 4 Hasteners to the Solo zone (Green Glades)

2019-12-12 Thursday

- some preparation work to support the upcoming event, should not affect anything outside the event zone

2019-12-10 Tuesday

- the /listmerchant command has been disabled, all houses with a consignment merchant always appear in the market search
- fixed an issue where the collection task turn in text would not replace the player name or class placeholders
- fixed an issue where some damage shield or damage add dps values were rounded down
- fixed an issue that made the feather bonus not apply to krondon

2019-12-09 Monday

- dragon and legion feather bonuses have ended
- a new 3x feather bonus is active in the classic overworld (excluding dragons) and si overworld and si dungeons (excluding epic dungeons)

2019-12-06 Friday

- technical upgrade of the gameserver and all backend services to .net core 3.1
- included some more weapon models to be eligible for weapon effects
- fixed some craftable throwing weapons to result in 20 instead of only 1 per craft
- fixed some aurora spawns that did not drop their collection task item

2019-12-02 Monday

- the epic dungeons feather bonus has ended
- a new feather bonus is now active for the realm dragons (3x) and summoners hall (2x) and legion (3x)
- bow and crossbow rogs now salvage to wood

2019-11-30 Saturday

- added some effects for shields, crafted spears and some other reskins
- fixed granit giant resists
- fixed some positive weapon procs, they were applying the buff to the target instead of the attacker
- padding is now properly restricted to the listed slots, removal / 0 is still unrestricted
- fixed some rare error that could make everything disappear for a couple seconds after a level up

2019-11-28 Thursday

- fixed infiltrator dual shadows bleed damage
- displayed weapon dps should no longer decrease until the item reached 90% condition
- displayed armor af should no longer decrease until the item reached 90% condition
- removed some invalid rog models
- repairing an item should no longer cause the bonus messages
- detaunts should now correctly appear as negative taunts as the client apparently doesn't know about detaunts

2019-11-26 Tuesday

- Graugachs in Emain will now drop Glowing Red Eyes too
- removed archer mobs from bgs
- added a new tinder merchant
- cc effects cast by or on neutral mobs should no longer flag either party for rvr combat
- instance leaderboard has been reset due to the instance / setup changes
- potentially fixed an issue with weird extra bonuses appearing on items

2019-11-25 Monday

- groups for the pve instances (dark spire and halls of helgardh) now only allow at most 2 characters per class
- a 2x feather bonus is now active in the si epic dungeons (sidi, galla, tuscar) for this week
- some halls of helgardh encounter have changed
-- mother of ice received a new spell
-- mother of ice adds cast more frequently and have more hp
-- the rorsch / zorsch now both have the same set of a spells: a mark and a nuke
-- in pve instances only heal debuffs on the group members (except disease) also affect spread heal
-- halgratha culling will no longer affect players with a heal debuff
-- ogoga health has been reduced
-- ogoga now has a single target root spell

2019-11-24 Sunday

- rvr kill messages now say the area name instead of zone name (if any)
- fixed hero stag: on expiration only the max health is reduced
- /gvg list no longer removes groups that are currently close to keeps / towers
- new experimental /fairfight command for solos and small man up to 5 players, similar to the already existing /gvg command
-- /fairfight toggle - toggle being listed as looking for fair fights
-- /fairfight list - shows a list of people flagged as looking for fair fights
-- solos only see other solos, groups see their group size +- 1
-- you cannot toggle / list and you are not shown in the list if you were in a too large group within the last 10 minutes or any group at all in case of solo

2019-11-22 Friday

- the pvp event is now open
- the social xp bonus is now 3x (depending on the class 3%, 9%, 18% or 27%)
- the tinder damage add value is now multiplied by the number of group members in xp range (still 25% solo, 200% in a full group), still doesn't work against pets or epic mobs
- some fairy mobs had their mob type changed from animal to magical

2019-11-21 Thursday

- fixed a rare issue when a damage add fades
- some more prep work for the pvp event

2019-11-18 Monday

- the token turn in task has been made more user friendly
-- your trainer will only accept exactly as many tokens as are required for the next completion
-- when turning in tokens you will see either "You have turned in 3x and need 5x for the next turn in." or if you don't have enough "You need 5x for the next turn in."
- fixed a couple miscellaneous issues that appeared in the error logs
- some prep work for the upcoming pvp event

2019-11-15 Friday

- siege weapons in level 50 rvr zones now require level 41 to control them

2019-11-11 Monday

- some hoh bosses have been changed
-- halgratha now has more hp
-- halgratha ice demon adds now have more hp
-- halgratha melee damage has been increased
-- maschunga now has more hp
-- maschunga adds now have more hp
-- szregoo now has more hp
-- szregoo melee damage has been increased
-- ogoga vile charge no longer interrupts when the debuff is applied
-- ogoga now has more hp
-- ogoga melee damage has been greatly increased

2019-11-11 Monday

- the task completion token turn in task now shows up in the /task or /task personal command
- mob type bonus is still randomized daily but now there are always 2 types with 200% bonus, 150%, 100 and 50% bonus and 3 types without any bonus
- the announced spells for certain mobs in dense spawn areas (albion beach, moderna) will be added throughout the day

2019-11-09 Saturday

- fixed an issue preventing full groups from receiving kill credit
- increased task / collection task turn in xp
- collection task turn ins grant a small amount of money again
- npc damage has been raised as announced
- the announced daily randomized mob type xp bonus is now in place

2019-11-08 Friday

- bounty points are now shared across all your characters per realm per account, like money
- professions are now shared across all your characters per realm per account
- armor vulnerability has been decreased from 10 to 5%
- player hp have been raised
- the social xp bonus has been reworked
-- the unique class constraint has been removed
-- classes have different bonuses, melees provide in general a higher bonus than caster

2019-11-08 Friday

- collection tasks no longer have the 10 per task 10 per level turn in limitations
- collection task drop rate has been adjusted
- new task (personal and realm wide variant): kill mobs in the classic overworld
- new task (personal and realm wide variant): kill mobs in the si overworld
- rvr and pve tasks now provide you a task completion token, this item is tradeable
- new personal task: turn in task completion tokens
- xp reward for rvr and pve task completion has been increased at lower levels and reduced at higher levels
- gold reward for pve tasks has been reduced due to the new tasks and is no longer subject to rng

2019-11-06 Wednesday

- non offensive procs (haste, mhb, other self buffs etc.) can no longer break sos

2019-11-03 Sunday

- keep take task starts automatically again
- fixed a couple issues with styles
-- queued styles no longer provide their to hit bonus if their requirements aren't met
-- asp no longer provides its attack range bonus to the backup style
-- unsuccessful style executions no longer provide their defensive bonus
- fixed an issue that made more than 1 "all archery" on rogs impossible

2019-10-29 Tuesday

- Keep take tasks no longer start automatically, instead they now only start when a tower is taken by a realm that doesn't own the keep that the tower belongs to
- adjusted the task participation counting for damage against guards / npcs (not the announced change but just number tweaking for now)

2019-10-24 Thursday

- necro facilitate painworking now has a special queue slot on the pet making it impossible to be overwritten by a hot or other spells
- the constitution debuff portion of spec debuffs (e.g. str/con, wskill/con) no longer stacks, the higher of the two is used

2019-10-16 Wednesday

- realm switch timer voting has ended. the new switch timer is 4 hours now.

2019-10-15 Tuesday

- fixed cc reduction buffs (e. g. sorc mez shield) and ability bonuses (e. g. det, stoicism) to be multiplicative instead of additive
-- before: duration * (1 - primary resist) * (1 - (reduction buffs + ability bonuses)), after: duration * (1 - primary resist) * (1 - reduction buffs) * (1 - ability bonuses)

2019-10-13 Sunday

- fixed an issue with tinder damage add sometimes not working
- fixed an issue with unequipping some items sometimes not removing the bonuses (were still affected by the bonus cap)

2019-10-09 Wednesday

- necromancer now have a short grace period after teleporting where the pet won't check the tether distance
- item condition decay rate for weapons is now affected by weapon speed (slower weapons have more decay per swing, faster weapons less decay per swing)
- offhand weapons have a reduced condition decay rate
- armor condition decay rate is reduced by armor absorb (leather 90%, studded 81%, chain 73%, plate 66% of current value)

2019-10-04 Friday

- reduced accessory condition decay for spells, now the same as getting hit or hitting something in melee
- further reduced chance to trigger weapon/accessory decay for instant spells
- fixed rogs to be filterable again in the market explorer
- implemented the market explorer proc search
- fixed an issue that any consignment permission (add, remove, withdraw) allows withdrawals
- smith npcs now give the option to repair all items (this would repair items that are equipped and those in the bags)

2019-10-03 Thursday

- fixed an issue with reposession that under some circumstances consignment merchant items would not be reposessed and could be used by the next owner instead
- charm spells no longer causes condition loss
- speed spells no longer cause condition loss
- Realm Switch Timer vote is now active. Do /vote for more infos

2019-10-01 Tuesday

- Major technical change on how we store item bonuses / spells
-- Poisons applied to weapons should now persist through restarts
-- Restart times should be faster
-- GC Pause Durations should be slightly shorter
-- Potential for some weird issues, we will monitor it closely and even if no visible issues arise we will do a restart soonish after the update
- Repair System Changes
-- Repair cost is now only based on item level (repairing 1% condition for a level 51 item costs some multiple of how many coins a level 51 mob drops on average)
-- Item condition no longer reduces the damage weapons deal until they are below 90% condition
-- Item condition no longer reduces the AF provided by armor until they are below 90% condition
-- Player crafter can no longer repair equipable items, a blacksmith NPC must be used
-- Blacksmith repair no longer reduces item durability
-- Added accessory condition decay
-- Items stop providing bonuses (resist, stat, skill etc.) once they are below 90% condition

2019-09-24 Tuesday

- fixed what caused the deadlock on monday morning

2019-09-22 Sunday

- power and lifedrain spells should be usable against keep doors and siege weapons, they however won't return any health / mana
- moc no longer affects the duration of charm spells (menta)
- setpricebyname should no longer cause the client to crash when affecting many (40+) items
- using facilitate painworking again while it is already active (via concentration) should now properly reset the number of spells
- fixed a couple typos in item use messages

2019-09-11 Wednesday

- siege weapons can no longer be affected by cc spells
- home relics can no longer be picked up while the relevant relic wall door is closed

2019-09-05 Thursday

- teleport chain changes: taking a tower no longer breaks the entire teleport chain but only the teleport to the keep the tower belongs to, taking a keep breaks the chain
- added pvp event titles

2019-08-25 Sunday

- keep lords no longer have bows
- static keep guard archer now randomly shoot at people in range and los

2019-08-22 Thursday

- new command to facilitate trading your platin to another realm without direct player interaction: /tradeorder
- changed how rvr kill stats are loaded on startup, this will allow the announced event titles to be implemented in the next update
- reduced participation credit for damage against doors

2019-08-19 Monday

- savages can now also multi hit with one handed hammers, swords and axes as long as they have a h3h weapon in their offhand
- poisons are once again restricted to assassins only
- a new launcher will be rolled out later today

2019-08-17 Saturday

- pets that are out of combat and following their owner now use the higher of their own or the owner speed (was always owner speed before)
- fixed an issue preventing some people from logging in

2019-08-13 Tuesday

- fixed an issue with mobs that don't randomly move around when teleporting back to spawn becoming invisible (mostly affected certain epic mobs)
- with wskill debuff working correctly now, the debuffed wskill % has been reduced for the enervating poison. For the level 47 one it should now have the same effect against all weapon users as the original 118 str debuff had against str weapon users. The end result is that it is still about twice as effective as it was before the last update.
- added more reskins (oceanus set)

2019-08-10 Saturday

- more reskins
- new special "None" reskin for items: resets the model to the original model of that item, e. g. sidi/tg/galla chests that have been transformed to gov will become sidi/tg/galla chests again
- adjusted weapon skill debuffs after testing on live, they have a much greater effect on damage done now. Another round of testing is needed which will likely cause another increase, for now the implementation is on the lower end still
- trying to cast another spell while already casting with /noqueue active will no longer show the message on how to disable noqueue
- fixed the respawn timer of Agidad (it is now 30 mins)

2019-08-07 Wednesday

- solo area teleport is in, you can teleport to any of them (Folley Lake, Trellebourg, Moydruim Castle) once you died there and also from one solo area to another
- clooky and the loghery men moved from moydruim castle to the coast
- small man area teleport is in, you can teleport to any of them (the 3 mazes) once you died there and also from one small man area to another. Max group size to use the teleport is 4.
- to keep our oceans clean and reduce the big patch of mobs there, mobs that return to their spawn will now teleport after walking for 30 seconds
- animist bomber now go in a straight line to their target and ignore pathing entirely, this is to avoid some issues near slopes
- pets should no longer lose their buffs when they were teleported while riding a boat

2019-08-04 Sunday

- charge items with cast time now only start their cooldown when the spell successfully finished, however, starting them now prevents any further charge usage for 5 seconds
- merchants in keeps now only sell to players of the owning realm
- porting to snowdonia via the realm war map no longer teleports you to the old snowdonia location on OF (which results in instantly getting teleported to the str relic town)
- a client bug causes tinder to disappear when leveling up, they should now quickly reappear afterwards
- added /payrent command
- implemented housing reposession, only covers consignment and vault contents, there is only a single reposession npc, right clicking it gives you as many of your reposessed items as you have space for
- added more reskins

2019-08-03 Saturday

- all your characters in the same realm now share their gold, there will be another restart 2 hours after the update to verify that gold changes are properly saved
- gvg cleanfight reward is now 1000 rp for both groups, reminder: please read the announcement in the planned changes section before usage, misuse has consequences
- fixed an issue when trading with characters below level 10
- added more reskins

2019-08-02 Friday

- fixed an issue with the keep task on failure basically never selecting the secondary target realm choice
- added a lot of reskins

2019-08-01 Thursday

- You need to be level 7 to use /region, /trade, /lfg, /advice
- Characters below level 10 can no longer trade gold with other players
- Characters below level 10 can no longer participate in trades with other players that contain items that vendor for more than 1 gold
- Pet intercept takes the extra pet damage in instances

2019-07-30 Tuesday

- fixed the deadlock / cause for the freezes that happened a couple times since friday
- Albion: feather merchants & reskin npcs are now to be found at the marketplace close to the account vault

2019-07-29 Monday

- the bd can now interact with their commander pet to set the weapon and taunting behavior
- fixed an issue causing vanish to be ignored by normal mobs and guards in many circumstances
- added a missing los check between pet and caster for harmful pet casted spells (most necro spells, verdant pbaoe)
- fixed the new gvg cleanfight command, a group disbanding with pending clean fight claims before said claims expired was preventing further usage of this command server wide
- after summoning / buying a boat each player now has to wait 10 seconds to summon another one

2019-07-27 Saturday

- once more a lot of work went into reducing the allocations to reduce the gc pause frequency / duration. Primary area was networking, highly increased ld rates would be an indicator that something went wrong.
- fixed lots of issues with focus snares, highlights:
-- duration is now calculated per target per tick instead of reusing the initial duration on the primary target
-- each target now has a spell resist check each tick
-- each tick now acts more like a normal spell and among other things interrupts
- new /gvg cleanfight command, please see the planned changes forum before using it as misuse will have consequences
- fixed behavior of crits for spread heals (1 check affecting the pool and per target cap instead of 1 check per target affecting only the value for that target)
- twf and nm now require los each tick to damage players and pets when in keep / tower areas as announced in planned changes

2019-07-24 Wednesday

- added test dummies close to the entrance of Svasud Faste
- added account vaults to relic towns
- lots of more work on reducing the gc pause duration / frequency, this is a somewhat large change and has the potential to have introduced issues with visible equipment not properly updating or gardens in the housing zone, please report new issues relating to that if there are any
- added account vaults to the SI main cities

2019-07-22 Monday

- fixed a couple minor spelling mistakes
- lots more work went into reducing the frequency and/or duration of the gc pause (still ongoing, don't expect sudden breakthroughs, it should just steadily get better)
- new group vs group /gvg command part 1, restricted to full groups, see planned changes
-- use /gvg toggle to enable / disable gvg mode
-- use /gvg list to see a list of all groups with this mode toggled on and the zone they are in

2019-07-19 Friday

- fixed short bows being unable to proc
- bd sub pets now also teleport to their owner while on a boat
- pets can no longer attack anything while their owner is on a boat
- pets can no longer be attacked by anything while their owner is on a boat
- titles for the new instance
- while on a boat charm pulse can no longer be resisted

2019-07-16 Tuesday

- if you have a pet, the pet window will now be force reopened after dismounting to fix the out of sync pet window after boating
- added /petwindow reload, open and close commands to manually do what the force reopen would do after boating
- power transfer now takes spec bonus into account
- thane energy debuff proc now takes stormcalling spec into account (should result in delve * 1.25 instead of delve * 0.75 being used)
- fixed animist pet pbae to have a range of 1500 instead of 1000 (this is not the pbae radius but the distance you can be to the pet to cast it)

2019-07-16 Tuesday

- new feather bonus in instances for bringing new players (see planned changes forum)
- fixed animist regen bomber to affect all friendly targets
- fixed 25, 32 and 40 theurgist ice pets to have different resist levels
- fixed power transfer to at most transfer what is missing
- fixed endurance drain procs to show some value
- craftspeed from items is now shown in /bonuses
- mobs use pathing again even if returning to their spawn from huge distances, added more logging to figure out why some mobs stop in the water in nf
- some attempts to fix falling off of boats also added more logging around it

2019-07-13 Saturday

- kills on EV now drop soil, snow and branches
- mobs that return to their spawn from very far away (e. g. charmed and owner died) will now move directly to their spawn point without pathing, this should prevent them from getting stuck but also means that they may or may not cause not visible messages when trying to attack them while they are on their way back
- new instance and instance related changes are live (see planned changes)
-- reminder: mobs with are affected by the /taunt emote
-- the new instance has teleport points before each boss that are usable once the trash pack has been cleared, these teleports only work when nobody in the group is in combat
-- there will still be a couple changes to the mobs in the instance over the next day or two

2019-07-12 Friday

- duration stat buffs with a 5 - 15 minute duration now stack their duration on reapplication up to 2x, this mainly affects buff potions
- summonable merchants with more than 1 charge no longer stack
- summonable vaults with more than 1 charge no longer stack

2019-07-10 Wednesday

- raid encounter can now have a tether range (may or may not be set incorrectly for some existing encounter)
- when in boats pets should now teleport to their owner when they get too far away
- within 5 seconds of being in a boat, necros won't loose their pet regardless of how far away it is
- raid encounter add spawning should no longer randomly fail
- hunter rog spears can now have dex on them
- lots of preparation for the new instance

2019-07-05 Friday

- animists: while near a keep or tower (you enter xy message) the cast range for summoning a main pet and for summoning a fnf shroom pet is reduced to 300. This does not affect the range of the actual pet, just the range of the summoning spell. For reference: In OF we had a shroom exclusion zone covering enemy keeps until the first gate was open, we had no such thing since switching to NF. Live has a similar range reduction when casting on keep structures
- fixed a rare issue (2x since launch with the occurrence today) leading to the pvp kill gold reward overflowing adding an absurd amount of mithril
- to prevent similar future issues characters are now limited to 10 mithril. Any transaction adding money and resulting in more than 10 mithril on a character will be cancelled, regardless of the source, the to be added money will be discarded / deleted. The 10 mithril are now a new hard cap server side to discard the results of overflow issues
- GC pause reduction change #3, a pretty large change that should in the best case be completely unnoticeable. Please report new(!) mob / pet behavior related issues.

2019-07-03 Wednesday

- our mob spawning system has been redone, this should fix issues where some mobs never respawn and might also fix instance mobs disappearing. As any larger change, there is a chance for some new / different issues

2019-07-02 Tuesday

- fixed an issue that in some cases a random mob was removed when another unrelated mob respawned (this is most likely the cause for some mobs disappearing from the instance)
- fixed a rare issue that could cause the spell queue to lock up requiring a relog to be able to cast again
- second round of the GC pause reduction, this time mainly regarding spells. Due to the extensiveness of this change there is a chance for some issues, please report things like a locked up spell queue or any weirdness really.

2019-07-01 Monday

- lots of work went into reducing the frequency / duration of the small hourly lags / pauses, this is still ongoing and will take quite a few more changes. This change has the potential to lead to some issues with mob respawning, if there are any they should become apparent within an hour of uptime

2019-06-30 Sunday

- Ellan Vannin teleport is now in, you can use it when you died on EV
- the invulnerability after zoning / when logging in has been removed due to abuse in keep fights
- the last name dialog now shows the price for the last name
- fixed one midgard strength relic gate, it was working like a normal door

2019-06-29 Saturday

- further increased pet speed when the owner is riding on a boat, this should make losing a pet less likely
- you can no longer enter a boat while carrying a relic
- you can no longer pick up a relic while riding a boat
- fixed an issue preventing midgard from being able to take df ownership
- necro pet now gains 3.5 instead of 2 hp per con from items and ras (112hp with 75 con from sc)
- the effects of sos, vanish, adrenaline rush, dashing defense and divine intervention now count as positive effects and can be cancelled

2019-06-29 Saturday

- further increased pet speed when the owner is riding on a boat, this should make losing a pet less likely
- you can no longer enter a boat while carrying a relic
- you can no longer pick up a relic while riding a boat
- fixed an issue preventing midgard from being able to take df ownership
- necro pet now gains 3.5 instead of 2 hp per con from items and ras (112hp with 75 con from sc)
- the effects of sos, vanish, adrenaline rush, dashing defense and divine intervention now count as positive effects and can be cancelled

2019-06-27 Thursday

- shift clicking items from and to account vaults is now supported
- npcs (teleporter, merchants) are now interactable as soon as they delve as friendly (interactable was an even friendler / more faction required state)
- constructing siege weapons now has a cast / craft time
- stealth outside the detection range / vanish should now also clear the target of already drawing ranged weapon players thereby preventing the shot
- siege weapons now have a stealth check before firing preventing ballista / palintone from shooting stealthers
- keep mounted siege weapons will now evict their owner when the keep is captured

2019-06-26 Wednesday

- fixed proc of Ancient Spined Skin from dmg shield to spec AF
- fixed health buffer delve window
- fixed a couple health buffer proc spells that had the absorption % and value reversed
- solo zone bonus should now properly rotate
- changed armsman rog weapon drop chances to favor polearms more

2019-06-25 Tuesday

The frontier has been switched over to New Frontiers, all keeps (including bg keeps) have been reset to level 1 and are now unclaimed, all NF keeps are set to their original owner

- reduced tower lord hp
- reduced tower door hp
- removed a couple keep guards
- new rotating zone bonuses for solo and small groups
- new command to list the location of those bonuses as well as more frontier related information: /frontier
- fixed a recent issue with online player name guessing (affected commands like /send /invite) where it didn't check all names for an exact match but instead returned "name not unique" as soon as it found 2 players starting with the entered name, this affected short names the most
- added neutral hastener into the ruins
- added neutral hastener to all docks

2019-06-24 Monday

- bg keeps are now capped at level 4 again, this should fix guards getting red / purple
- necros need to be within 500 locs of their pet to enter a siege weapon
- necros need to stay within 500 locs while inside a siege weapon
- support relics in nf
- nf relic walls
- drowning (in nf and bgs) is no longer fatal, diving damage ticks at 15% or less will instead move you to the surface and apply the static tempest stun effect with a flat 10 second duration
- fixed an issue where some circumstances could make the df owner wrong

2019-06-22 Saturday

- self target spells will ignore the selected target entirely (fixes an issue with endurance drain not working when selected target is >90% endurance)
- sub pets should properly update their speed, this should fix the lagging behind of one of the bd sub pets
- fixed typo in cabalist class / level based titles
- /task should show all personal tasks that have some progress on them, it was missing the personal take keep task
- door / siege weapon repair cost and messages properly scale when less than 5% have to be repaired
- fixed the mp craft message
- boats are faster (1000 -> 1750)
- pets receive boat speed
- stealth can be used on boats
- /where command should ignore casing

2019-06-21 Friday

- pet pbaoe is now also subject to the los check and hence neither necromancer nor animist pet pbaoe go through walls / doors anymore
- /roll now randoms per dice instead of a single random between dice and dice * 6 before
- fixed an issue affecting /gc remove, promote and demote when working with offline characters
- releasing now also fills up your endurance bar
- rounding of the condition % in the item delve window and mouse over should now match
- fixed an issue with duels and some actions counting as task participation
- house rent payments can now be larger than 256 of any currency
- fixed an issue where the client would sometimes keep stealther in target even if the character was no longer visible
- rams now require an attackable enemy realm door nearby and in a smaller radius
- all keep lords should automatically teleport to their spawn point when they get too far away (ie fall through the floor)

2019-06-17 Monday

- NF test week is over, OF is active again
- volley should be usable again, the last update broke it
- you can no longer deposit gold into starter guilds
- you can no longer delete characters that own a house
- styles no longer cancel when stunned
- guild omotd is now only visible to members with OC read permission

2019-06-16 Sunday

- poison can no longer be applied to ranged weapons
- initial ingame voting system
- patch notes on web site should now show these server news and stay up to date

2019-06-15 Saturday

- keep pool multiplier is now capped to 2
- fixed an issue causing pets to ignore stealth under some circumstances
- rebuilt thidranki / abermenai / caledonia los and pathing to ignore water
- diving in thidranki / abermenai / caledonia now uses the same instant drown mechanic as nf

2019-06-14 Friday

- reduced nf tower and keep guard amount
- reduced archer guard damage
- oil should ignore aim commands that some uis can send which broke them entirely
- alliance and officer chat should now use the correct and separate channels
- sos no longer breaks for already active dd and effect pulses, the first tick still breaks it however
- dd pulse resists now show the resist animation
- effect pulses can now be resisted, the check was missing entirely
- necro pet is no longer healed twice by group heals when the necro is at full health
- deathblows now cause combat / reset the combat timer for attacker

2019-06-12 Wednesday

- when casting ground targeted realm abilities (TWF, NM etc.) the caster now needs los to the ground target, alternatively someone of the same realm with the same ground target needs los to it (to support gtassist provided by stealther or similar)
- you can no longer enter boats while in combat

2019-06-11 Tuesday

- added the claw merchants to Crauchon, Beno and Bledmeer
- added some neutral mobs to the entrances of Ellan Vannin
- added a teleporter to the borderkeeps (fz side)
- nf guard respawn time has been doubled (from 3 - 6 minutes to 6 - 12 minutes)
- nf guard level has been reduced, normal guard max level is now 56 (same as keep level 6 before) at level 10 instead of 61
- added the missing mobs in HW

2019-06-10 Monday

- 1 Week NF Test is now active, see the thread in events for more information
- The keep task no longer repeats the same keep when the attacker won in another realm meaning when attacker win it always progresses
- The keep task duration is now 45 minutes
- people are no longer attackable in boats
- supply master should actually accept the branches / snow / soil
- kills in the albion side will give soil again
- kills in the midgard side will give snow again
- kills in the hibernia side will give branches again
- claimed keeps will ugprade again
- the nf version of ailinne is now part of the teleport chain and you can teleport from and to it

2019-06-08 Saturday

- Tangler now pick a random target, even those with root immunity, every 2 seconds instead of a random target without root immunity every 50ms. If the picked random target has root immunity the tangler will do nothing for 2 seconds
- When logging out / LDing near enemy keeps there is now a 10 minute grace period allowing you to login without being ported away

2019-06-02 Sunday

- volley only hits people with an unobstructed view to the sky (4096 units in the air)
- volley uses the ground target at the time it was activated
- keeps now show flames when they are in combat and an enemy ram is present or the outer door is below 50%

2019-05-30 Thursday

- added a poison & an arrow merchant to the portal keeps
- added at level 6, 12, 18, 25 & 34 a realm targeted spec af buff to the friar enhancement spec
- work around for the door issue: the first click on a door will now force the door to be sent to the client, this means if you never targeted this particular door, you will have to click it twice, once to load it and once to actually target it, subsequent clicks on the door will instantly target it as long as you did not run out of range (about 8k units)
- rvr / keep changes as mentioned in the planned changes section are in effect, highlights:
-- keep teleport and keep status indicator via /realmwar (please ignore the relic keeps on that map, those are client side only and don't reflect the actual state)
-- new keep task
-- no caravans

2019-05-27 Monday

- physical attacks now deal damage before resolving reactive procs, that means reactive heal or lifedrain procs should always be able to heal the damage of the proc causing hit, even when at full health before being hit
- ranged siege weapons can no longer be placed too close to / inside keeps or towers, some nf keep layouts may allow placement in the courtyard
- ranged siege weapons can no longer be placed within 300 units of another ranged siege weapon
- potion of lucidity no longer stacks (items with charges should never stack as that might result in weird behavior on charge use)
- added additional guards to the pks in odins, emain and hadrians. it is not intended to be able to attack players inside any portalkeeps via volley, twf, etc. if you do so, it will be seen as an exploit and you will get punished from now on.

2019-05-26 Sunday

- increased coin reward for pve tasks (kill animals, humanoids, in dungeon, in frontier etc.) from 3x coin drop of a mob of your level to 50x. At level 50 this means an from on average 3g30 to on average 55g30

2019-05-25 Saturday

- nf keeps and towers now have climbing enabled
- npcs, especially guards, should yell for help less often and no longer spam it
- lots of passive (realm) ability delves should be fixed
- strike prediction delve should be working
- the event region now counts towards the task participation
- light tanks (bm, merc, zerk, svg) will gain the climbing ability at level 35, at least until the molvik event is over

2019-05-24 Friday

- siege weapons no longer regenerate health like mobs
- siege weapons that are currently controlled no longer deteriorate
- siege weapons that are not controlled deteriorate a lot faster

2019-05-23 Thursday

- reduced ballista / palintone / catapult / trebuchet damage and range
- craftable ranged siege weapons deal less damage than and have half the range of those statically mounted onto keeps / towers
- ranged siege weapons now need to have an unobstructed view to the sky (4096 range into the air) to be able to hit players
- only players with an unobstructed view to the sky (4096 range into the air) can be hit by ranged siege weapons
- ranged siege weapons and oil should now have a visible spell effect at the impact location
- the arming animation for most siege weapons should be better but it's still a bit wonky and will eventually reset to the default unarmed / unloaded animation
- reflex attack chance now takes weapon speed into account like other melee proc chances

2019-05-22 Wednesday

- armsman / hero / warrior now gain the siege damage resistance ability at level 5 reducing siege damage taken by 50%
- while in a ram siege damage taken is reduced by 50%
- ballista / palintone are aimed at a target and keep shooting at that target even if it moves
- trebuchet / catapult are aimed at a ground target and only change the target location when you click aim again. If you have a target selected when clicking "Aim", the position of the target will be used
- trebuchet / catapult have a greater range and radius than ballista / palintone
- nf tower doors have 50% of normal keep door hp
- reduced palintone / ballista siege damage
- reduced trebuchet / catapult siege damage
- ironwood ballista can now be crafted
- ironwood catapult can now be crafted
- archers now have the same detection range against archers and assassins as assassins have against archers
- last hunter pet is now slightly faster than sprint speed
- last hunter pet deals more damage

2019-05-18 Saturday

- starter guilds now have an emblem
- member of starter guilds now have the right to claim keeps

2019-05-14 Tuesday

- added a recharger to the porterkeeps in Emain, Odins and Hadrians
- porting directly into the epic dungeon via any porter is now enabled

2019-05-13 Monday

- added a hastener inside the entrance of df for every realm
- moved the four turn-in npcs for the df xp items next to the merchants in df
- added a healer, a recharger and a teleporter to the entrance of Galladoria, Caer Sidi and Tuscar. After the next reboot every teleporter will offer a direct port into Galladoria, Caer Sidi and Tuscar.

2019-05-12 Sunday

- feather items can now be sold back to the merchant that originally sold the item. the sellback value is 50% of the price.

2019-05-11 Saturday

- Droprate for salvageloot was to high for many mobs in all realms. This was reduced in all three realms.
- Added missing trashlootlists on mobs in Hibernia, Albion and Midgard
- Preparations for molvik event

2019-05-10 Friday

- buff changes as announced in planned changes are implemented:
-- combo buff potion delve has been increased by 30%
-- spec af is now included in the combo buff potion
-- dex/quick, str/con, spec af and acuity charges had their delve reduced to the new combo buff potion value
-- the combo buff potion now includes the same haste as the strong elixir
-- spec buffer acuity buff delve has been increased slightly
-- spec af has been added to the bard nurture spec line, up to level 34
-- spec af has been added to the healer augmentation spec line, up to level 34
-- the available concentration has been increased
-- the 20 conc buff limit has been removed
-- many self and pet buffs had their delve increased to normal buff niveau (champ, ranger, hunter, necro)
- fixed an issue with using the new free respecs up to 24h played on a level when above realm rank 3

2019-05-06 Monday

- moveitem now supports consignment merchant as target
- setprice is now implemented
- setpricebyname is a new command
- disbanding in instances while dead will properly release you instead of making you a zombie
- attribute / face respecs should be working properly again
- the frontier teleporter to teleport into / out of their border keep can now be used while carrying a relic
- the mtk teleporter in albion can now be used while carrying a relic
- fixed a market explorer issue where too long item names cause nothing at all to show
- caledonia / thidranki / abermenai should now have proper pathing and los handling

2019-05-04 Saturday

- Added a new BG and new max RR for BGs:
- 20-24 - Thidranki - max 3LO
25-29 - Abermenai - max 3L5
30-34 - Caledonia - max 4L0
35-39 - Cathal Valley - max 4L5
- every BG now has two XP items
- the xp for killing other players in a BG got increased
- the command "rp off" was removed
- Free respec: realm rank & level restriction got removed. Every level, including level 50, you can respec for free until you reach 24h played that level.
- RvR Tasks: you need to be lvl 35 or higher to get a reward from the RvR task. The tasktick is now 30 mins, rp reward got doubled.

2019-05-03 Friday

- the camera glitch with the 1.125 client when joining groups of more than 2 people should be fixed, it's likely that the invisible wall issue is the same and is now also fixed but the wall was not reproducible
- Marfach, Dodens and Halls of Corrupt entrances working again. Players will get ported to the Passage of Conflicts. There you will find all the mobs from Marfach, Dodens and Halls of Corrupt. From the Passage of Conflicts, you will be able to enter the new Summoners Halls.

2019-05-01 Wednesday

- fixed an issue considering toa races invalid on char creation / race change
- fixed an issue making power % cost spells use buffed acuity values despite acuity not increasing the mana pool
- fixed an issue with volley range
- fixed an issue with ranged attacks under certain circumstances having a longer range than the maximum aggro range of our mobs

2019-04-28 Sunday

- the launcher now includes a button to fix the missing map marker in frontier zones
- housing furniture should now be shown for the 1.125 client
- missed catacombs / darkness rising zone points should now also be disabled
- darkspire should have working line of sight checks again
- the htk doors in albion should be working again

2019-04-27 Saturday

- zones have been updated to current live version, main differences are the in the dragon zones and the zones containing border keeps as well as crimthainn
- ground targets should now snap to the nearest point on the navigation mesh (usually nearest point on the ground)
- the keep rp pool multiplier gained when fighting enemy players near a keep has been decreased
- crafting is broken with our version, you can still use the 1.124 client, see the global announcement thread in the forum for more details wrt which files and info about our long term solution

2019-04-26 Friday

- support for game.dll version 1.125
- logging in with the new game.dll but otherwise the old folder should work fine except for potentially a couple menu options and would be good to test that we actually found and fixed all packets
- logging in from a new installation will now be possible but around border keeps, starter towns and dragon zones mobs / npcs will be out of place until saturday, also you are unlikely to be able to go into your own frontier

2019-04-23 Tuesday

- keep rp bonus multiplier from taking part in keep fights involving enemy players is now saved, each participation adds to the multiplier for 24h
- salvaging a siege weapon now only returns the wood
- some text fixes

2019-04-22 Monday

- fixed melee intercept messages
- sm pet takes less damage when intercepting
- removing an offline member from a guild should no longer break the social guild view

2019-04-21 Sunday

- you can no longer evade while casting
- you can no longer parry while casting
- mobs above level 50 have a chance to interrupt even if MoC is active
- DI now generates aggro on the target, not the DI caster
- resist increase messages after a resist debuff expires now use the correct channel

2019-04-19 Friday

- the pvp event is now open
- the event is now actually restricted to 40+
- bridges in the event zone ashen isles can no longer be interacted with

2019-04-18 Thursday

- fixed an extra space being at the end of group chat messages
- parry should no longer be possible while using a distance weapon
- task ticks of the first task after a reboot should be working as expected
- placing a ram requires an attackable door to be nearby
- the smith npc can now repair instruments
- only the owner realm can use a ram
- fixed shroom prevention near enemy keeps, it was doing exactly the opposite of what was intended. Intention: do not allow shrooms within a certain radius of an enemy keep until the outer door (or both in case of the double door keeps) is down. Behavior before this fix: only allow shrooms within this forbidden radius
- all realm dragons now drop 4k feathers and legion 6k feathers per player when killed by 24 people

2019-04-17 Wednesday

- pet incoming/outgoing melee damage: yesterdays pet melee changes will be reverted and reapplied sometime next week again, together with the required pet adjustments. Yesterdays mechanic fix revealed a lot more band aids than expected and as such adjusting all of them would take a lot longer which in turn would mean broken pets for longer than a day
- juggernaut now actually results in the pet doing the level appropriate damage
- spell delve for ench and cabalist caster pets has been increased

2019-04-16 Tuesday

- pet level in rvr combat is no longer the higher of pet or owner level but instead always the lower of the two, this affects outgoing and incoming spell and melee damage. This does not change pet casted necro or animist spells, there the owner level is still used.
- the previous mechanic, using the higher of pet or owner level, will stay in effect for outgoing (damage made by the pet) pve only damage
- dummies are now closer to players when it comes to most damage mechanics (pets against dummies behave as if it were against players / enemy pets)
- recently released pets hit for the same amount as they do while charmed
- pet absorb: buffs on pets now give the same amount of absorb for each point, previously it had dimishing returns with the first 50 points giving more than the next 50 etc., this should be a reduction in absorb in most cases
- pet absorb: base af now counts exactly the same as dex and con buffs for mob absorb

2019-04-15 Monday

- fixed an issue causing the moc reduction to be applied twice to harmful duration spells
- fixed an issue causing verdant pet pbaoe to apply aggro 3 times per hit target
- adjusted spell damage against targets with a different level (now linear decrease / increase instead of exponential)
- task on server start should stay where it was before

2019-04-14 Sunday

- instances ignore normal passive pet behavior: all mobs that are supposed to group together will come regardless of how they are pulled. Pulling them individually is considered exploiting
- keep door health has been increased
- the keep rp bonus has been reduced to 4% per extra keep
- the keep rp bonus is only given if a realm owns all of their own keeps
- new spell crafting recipes for +1 all melee and +1 all magic
- new gemcutting recipes to convert 2 remnants to the next higher tier

2019-04-14 Sunday

- realm target spells with radius no longer affect enemies (e.g. animist ae bladeturn)
- fnf turrets will cast on stealther in their detection range

2019-04-14 Sunday

- gem cutting recipes

2019-04-14 Sunday

- event preparations and lots of bug fixes related to pvp targeting / healing

2019-04-14 Sunday

- dark tower title
- fixed the new crafting title to actually be obtainable

2019-04-14 Sunday

- starting stats and appearance respec is now working, if you have one available you can use the customize button in your character select screen and changes made there will persist and deduct the relevant respec. If you do not change your stats a stat respec will not be deducted, if you do not change your appearance an appearance respec will not be deducted.
- race respec is now working. See /changerace for usage examples if you have a race respec available. You will be instantly logged out after changing your race, a default model will be applied and you will be credited a starting stat as well as an appearance respec which you can use right away via the customize button.
- all RA usages now also check for silence or disarm as applicable
- necro ra usage has had the range component removed and, in case of targeted ras, an additional los check (pet to target) added
- aotg dps has been reduced from 10 15 20 25 30 to 8 12 16 20 24 to put it more in line with the other absolute value ras that had their delve reduced
- cure nearsight now also cures silence
- endurance drain when used against a player now actually drains their endurance
- added a new crafter title, requires all primary professions to be at 1100+ (in case of sc / fletch / weapon crafting at cap: 1059 or 1080)
- fixed an issue preventing relic capture credit from being granted
- adjusted earthlord speed to correct value

2019-04-08 Monday

- fixes related to pulse spells on mobs (as used in the instance) appearing outside instances on respawned mobs
- more instance related fixes

2019-04-08 Monday

- instance is now open
- lots of instance related fixes

2019-04-04 Thursday

- disease should properly prevent npcs from regenerating health in all cases
- relic capture participation is now granted to all players within clipping range of the relic carrier when it is placed into the keep
- thrust/slash/crush weapons can now drop for reavers
- /bgchat now works (suggested by the client when using the speech bubble thing)
- loosing materials while crafting now plays the correct song
- necro: facilitate painworking is now limited to at most 3 spells, better pet behavior lead to 4 casts being guaranteed in case of full buffs which should not be the case
- necro: the distance to the pet in order to use RAs is now 1000 (up from 500), LOS to the pet is still required
- damage shield pve damage has been adjusted
- lots of instance related fixes
- lots of mob spell related fixes and more supported spells for mobs

2019-04-03 Wednesday

- heal proc buff (offensive, defensive) variance is no longer tied to rejuv spec of the one having the buff
- some raids mobs had a second LOS check, this is no longer the case
- pulsing pbae damage no longer causes 2 damage messages
- more instance related work
- targets can only be affected by 1 twf at the same time

2019-03-31 Sunday

- NPCs with an offhand swing chance can now actually swing with the offhand
- Static RAs (ST, TWF, Maelstrom) had their Z radius of effect reduced to 256
- Animist bomber will die when their target vanishes
- Animist bomber will die when their target stealthes outside the detection range
- Many instance related fixes and features (still closed)

2019-03-31 Sunday

- Damage Shield variance adjustment (PvP only)
- Damage Add variance adjustment
- Fixed some typos
- Lifedrain health returned over the listed value is now a random variance and no longer linked to spec
- XP / Kill Credit range has been doubled

2019-03-27 Wednesday

- mobs with certain spells, for example df drinker, should no longer warp all over the place
- the strafing in combat message is now shown to the attacker and not the target
- lifedrain heal variance based on spec
- to use RAs necromancers in shade form now need LOS to their pet and be within 500 units of their pet
- to pickup a relic necromancers in shade form now need LOS to their pet and be within 200 units of their pet

2019-03-27 Wednesday

- fix bolt block chance
- play sound on keep capture

2019-03-23 Saturday

- friars now have access to the same greater heal as clerics
- friars now have access to the same nearsight heal as clerics
- the friar self buff offensive proc is now a group buff offensive proc
- level 50 friars have been force respecced
- keep guard levels, health and respawn time have been adjusted
- keep lord damage taken has been adjusted
- if your realm owns more than 7 keeps, there is now a 5% rp bonus for every additional keep
- taking part in keep fights involving enemy players increases your keep rp pool share multiplier, this multiplier resets on server restart
- bolt miss rate has been adjusted
- power increase now has the correct cap applied in /bonuses
- helm and cloak off settings should be reflected in the character select screen
- the rvr score info was removed from the realm command and has been moved to its own commmand, /rvrscore

2019-03-20 Wednesday

- ablative buffs and chants now stack
- some administrative commands, mainly to help with lord and spawner resetting

2019-03-16 Saturday

- ignore caster LOS for static RA pulses (TWF, ST, Maelstrom), the initial placement still needs los
- fixed a weird /release bug that allowed you to release too early and did not resurrect you
- poisons now also check the player level at application and not only when it would proc
- players on your ignore list can no longer invite you to groups
- support for multiple character pages / more character slots, launcher update that supports this will follow a bit later today

2019-03-15 Friday

- fix: the charge on Skoll's Sunstone Collar is now a PBAoE instead of a targeted AoE
- Iarnvidur finally moved into her lair

2019-03-12 Tuesday

- necromancer queued spells will no longer start on stealthed targets outside the necromancer detection range
- all targeted, casted spells will now fail against targets with vanish active
- theurgist pets casting on vanished targets will stop casting entirely (as if interrupted) once their cast was cancelled due to vanish
- fixed some text references to "mana" instead of "power"
- fixed an issue allowing players to reach level 51
- active quests should no longer be in an invalid state after relog / server restart

2019-03-11 Monday

- trade channel is now realm wide
- shift clicking items into the vault is now supported
- nightshade magic dd variance is no longer tied to stealth spec
- attacks failing because of strafing in combat no longer use up ablative / cause other procs
- reflex attack should no longer affect the style queue
- npcs / pets no longer gain cast speed affecting dexterity on level up
- pets no longer remain in combat while cc'd
- fixed an issue with bd healer pets sometimes getting stuck with a cast forever
- fixed some class / race / player placeholder messages

2019-03-10 Sunday

The update had to be rolled back and will likely be retried later today (the following changes are NOT live)

- nightshade magic dd variance is no longer tied to stealth spec
- attacks failing because of strafing in combat no longer use up ablative / cause other procs
- reflex attack should no longer affect the style queue
- npcs / pets no longer gain cast speed affecting dexterity on level up
- pets no longer remain in combat while cc'd
- fixed an issue with bd healer pets sometimes getting stuck with a cast forever
- fixed some class / race / player placeholder messages

2019-03-09 Saturday

- Removed some mobs in Hadrians, Breifine, Jamtland and Odins for a better RvR experience

2019-03-07 Thursday

- Envenom dots no longer tick on reapplication
- Viper values have been increased from 5, 10, 20, 30, 40% to 10, 25, 35, 50, 75%
- New personal task: Take keeps
- New HP, Mana and Endurance instant charges available from legion

2019-03-05 Tuesday

- domination flag teleporting now needs at least level 40
- domination flag teleporting is not possible for 2 minutes after releasing
- low duration damage shields (

2019-03-02 Saturday

- fix: non passive pets cause baf again
- la / dw / cd scaling increase from .68% per dw spec point to .86%, for dw /cd it changes offhand hit chance from .68 to .86, for la it changes offhand scaling from .34 to .52, la mainhand remains at .34
- your own /random result is now also shown in the combat log like damage
- trying to use a charge item that cannot be used while in attack mode now cancels attack mode
- task rp pool share now also scales down with rr / level

2019-03-01 Friday

- added /groupsort, this command allows you to reorder your group without doing /makeleader dances or redoing the group in case of lds
- a lot more work went into the reduction of generated garbage, this is still an ongoing thing and will take quite a while before we get rid of the pauses
- fixes for aggro transfer behavior in case of passive pets
- fixed faction teleporter
- fixed an issue that allowed you to overcharge up to 6.5 points instead of 5.5, see forum for how we resolve it for existing items
- raid loot chest is now an npc, this should remove the lds caused by the chest

2019-02-24 Sunday

- New RvR Task system
- Mansions with eight vaults
- New `/salvagebag` command
- Fix housing floor one rugs
- Fix housing potential hookpoint item loss on pickup
- Fix potential BG loot going into chest without players near by knowing

2019-02-13 Wednesday

- Fixed bug preventing repair of keep doors
- Fixed bug where users could life-transfer health to keep doors

2019-02-11 Monday

- fix some horse dismount issues
- flute mezz is no longer applied to dead targets
- bd pets should no longer try to attack vanished targets
- pet resists (including bomber) should now be shown to the owner
- shrooms should no longer become pvp immune when their owner zones / releases
- rank 0 should be able to use all guild commands
- fixed a looting issue with some items
- allowed classes should always show on the item info window, regardless of item type
- some herald work
- a lot of work to further reduce the amount of generated garbage

2019-02-06 Wednesday

- using the other garbage collection setting again with the longish but rare pauses, some more work is required before the no pause variant can handle eu prime time
- mobs should no longer randomly gain weapons / equipment when respawning

2019-02-05 Tuesday

- fixed a sidi loot issue causing some trash mobs to have a boss drop list and therefore guaranteed named drop assigned
- friendly player should no longer be able to steal bonedancer pets
- animist pet pbae should only be castable on the main pet
- garbage generation in the effect system has been mostly reduced to zero, this should affect the frequency and potentially duration of the garbage collector pauses, this is a rather large change and as such might bring some issues
- more areas have seen a reduction in garbage generation
- garbage collection mode has been changed, if it works as expected it should practically remove the long pauses and not be noticeable. This change will make the normal performance worse and might have to be reverted, in testing it holds up fine with 4000 simulated clients and was not noticeable other than higher cpu usage.

2019-02-05 Tuesday

- the 3 minute pk leash is now only active when a relic is in transit

2019-01-31 Thursday

- releasing will prevent you from leaving your portal keep for 3 minutes, no effect if you're not in the enemy frontier zones
- keep lord hp has been halved
- 4x more caravans are needed to upgrade keeps
- no shroom zones will be placed later today in some areas where it's easily possible to hide shrooms in structures

2019-01-30 Wednesday

- flute mezz pulse now cancels when the target is stealthed and not in detection range
- fix juggernaut cooldown typo in delve
- spreadheal now affects the necro pet
- pets no longer try to heal dead group members
- pets no longer buff acuity to classes where it has no effect
- trying to stealth with an active pulse spell will now fail
- gc login toggle messages are now the correct way around
- defensive bd pets only react to actual attacks and not failures because of out of range / sight
- horses should behave saner and try to keep the rider on them
- some improvements to reduce garbage collector pause time, this is a potentially dangerous change, we'll know within 30 minutes of the restart

2019-01-28 Monday

- Reworked many class restricted Vests from Epic Dungeons
- Tinderboxes now also grant 25% DMG-Add versus mobs only
- Phoenix Eggs are worth 50% more XP
- Least killed mob type bonus XP enabled
- For detailed informations read the thread on the forum ("planned changes" section)
- reduced the speed on some horse route waypoints
- house indoor door texture

2019-01-27 Sunday

- Fatigue consumption buffs now apply to ranged attacks
- fixed a typo in the mcl delve
- add bg moderators (promote)
- pets and mobs should only try to cast when they have los and not stop moving trying to cast forever
- some performance optimizations around line of sight
- another round of memory leak fixes
- fix archer pets
- ichor delve fix

2019-01-25 Friday

Director Kobil moved into Darkness Falls. He is neutral to you, pimped and stays only in one room. He will drop feathers and some nice ROGs.

2019-01-25 Friday

- fixed an inventory issue that prevented some items from properly staying with their new owners after receiving them from some sources and not interacting with them at all until reboot
- fixed housing guild emblems
- fixed some door repair costs
- first major part in reducing the memory leak which is the reason for needing a reboot every so often. This change is rather involved may cause weird and unexpected issues, maybe expect a few more restarts today. This change alone likely won't reduce the memory leak by much but makes the next required changes possible which should arrive in the next few days
- Shadowgnash is now an Encounter for at least one full group and will drop feathers. He is Level 70 and has special abilities. He has an increased respawn timer. The Pooka Lord's Mantle is now available for 10k feathers from Saban in TNN. You need to kill Shadowgnash once to get the accountwide credit.
- delving phoenix eggs now tells you how many more you need to level
- keep captures now report the leader responsible for it

2019-01-20 Sunday

- animist bomber should now have a fixed speed
- fixed a freeze cause, the fix itself may or may not cause other issues, we should know within 60 minutes of the reboot
- fixed some errors that appeared in the logs
- quest indicators should update on level up
- guild tax shouldn't cause players to actually pay for rvr kills
- couriers have been reenabled for the dragons
- dd + debuff can be used against keep doors
- reduced hurika / torst add spawn amount but increased hp / damage of those spawns
- gc list only shows guilds of your own realm

2019-01-17 Thursday

Starting today we'll have regular updates for what changes between restarts again. The patch notes on the web site will be updated after the restart to reflect all changes since the 20th december.

- setwho trade should no longer make you invisible when you don't have a craft title
- raid loot chest no longer silently converts all stacking items to whatever happens to be the first stack it has
- fix disease only affecting the caster for group heals
- fix house numbers not being sorted in the market explorer

2019-01-17 Thursday

- separate pathing into its own process so that pathing crashes don't take down the entire game server
- add persistence for the raid loot chest
- various raid loot chest fixes
- various pathing fixes for errors introduced with the process separation

2019-01-11 Friday

1) If you haven't read our rules yet, please do so now! We will not accept a: I haven't seen the rules!
2) Do not create multiple accounts nor log multiple accounts at the same time.
3) Think twice when you create your characters/guild and make sure you do not overbend our naming rules. We do not accept offensive names.
4) If you find a gold bug or such which can be abused and you do not report it - keep in mind that we do have trading logs and we will remove the currency from your character/s and depending on the severity, we might take additional actions.
The same applies to any possible exploits you might discover.
5) Please treat our staff respectfully, as we do the same to you.
6) Treat your fellow players as you want to be treated yourself.
7) Please use LFG chat for finding groups.
8) Please watch your language on public channels
9) There are plenty of mobs and spots everywhere, so please don't fight over a mob

Keeping all this in mind will create a great community which we all can enjoy!

Have fun!

2019-01-04 Friday

Welcome to the Phoenix Stress Test!

Characters will remain, but all progress you made/gained this weekend will be wiped (items, gold etc.) When you login at launch day, your characters will be exactly where you logged it out, but level 1 and with empty pockets. Guilds and Alliances created will remain, creating one in the stress test would save you 50g to make the guild and potentially 200g to assign an emblem, further it would allow you to collect merit points right away on launch. Houses / lots will not remain, lots will be 300g right now but on launch they'll start at 94p and get reduced by 1.2p per hour.

Freezes, general connection issues and much more fun stuff is to be expected early on, depending on player count. Server restarts take about 1 minute or less usually. Depending on what kind of problems we encounter we might potentially disable mob pathing or even LOS, both would require a restart.

There is at least 1 freeze bug still in there, it happened once or twice in the last 3 months but just wasn't reproducible with the low hundreds we had at that time, we hope to encounter it early on.

2018-12-21 Friday

- fix bow preparation animation for some weird speeds
- more sos break fixes
- reflex attack delve
- pk guard behavior vs passive pets
- animist turret friendly targeting priority, some fnf behavior fixes
- additional random number generation system (prd, good explanation is on the dota 2 wiki)
- the new rng system is now used for some combat rolls but can be toggled to the previous system which still is and will continue to be used for most things
- lifedrain style procs are now also resistable like dd style procs already were
- teleporter now do a realm check for whispers too
- removal of some invalid rog models
- some internal commands to deal with the missing houses

2018-12-17 Monday

- guild window updates are now limited (this was causing the "too many messages" message, every rr up notified everyone in guild multiple times, getting free rr13 meant lots of notifications)
- dashing defense no longer has an extra bonus to parry and block
- wrath of champions now has falloff
- bd debuffer pets and caster pets now use the normal caster mob behavior
- reduced most active damage RA delves
- miss, parry, block should cause the attacker to cancel speed / sos
- animation for guarded attacks should be shown
- pets should use the higher of their level or owner level for many calculations (resist, miss etc.), it's a rather involved change and as such practically guaranteed that this will mess something up in some places, please report those cases
- aotg delve is back to its original value
- ranged attacks no longer trigger damage shields
- divine intervention now has a range check

2018-12-16 Sunday

- Player gold value has been reduced
- rog item generation should now be fairer in groups, when deciding to drop for your group it will now use a specific participant instead of per unique participating class it: if you have more members of the same class in your group you are more likely to see items for that class
- a lot fewer caster rog staffs should be generated
- all rog armor and weapons (level gear) for all classes can now have strength on it, this is to help with the encumbrance. This does not affect rog accessories (rings, cloak etc.).
- autoloot distribution is now exact round robin per loot category (before it was round robin over all loot), there are about 15 different loot categories (examples: rog accessories, rog weapon, rog armor, trash loot, named loot, seals, collection task items etc.)
- strength relic keeps no longer accept magic relics
- guard lords no longer have 4x the intended hp
- sos breaking has been adjusted for a couple more spells / ras based on testing
- reflex attacks no longer cause more reflex attack responses
- svg multi target styles no longer consider their current npc target as a valid extra target
- svg multi target styles can now cause double/triple/quad hits in the extra targets
- svg multi target style hits are now resolved after the attack is done
- reflex attack hits are now resolved after the attack is done
- max health calculation for some things was changed internally but shouldn't affect the resulting max health, ideally this shouldn't be noticeable but is a candidate source for bugs

2018-12-13 Thursday

- only fnf turrets / theurgist pets now count to the pet limit
- keep level and door health is now saved / reloaded on restarts
- initial implementation of the relics in normal keeps system
- vindsaul now launches caravans too (was apparently never enabled)
- adjusted keep guard levels
- adjusted relic guard levels
- increased keep lord health / damage
- pulse charm works with rr14 / 74 instruments
- sos no longer breaks on endurance / mana heals or regen spells

2018-12-13 Thursday

- reflex attack no longer resets style
- /moveitem totarget now accepts account and house vaults
- fnf turrets no longer cause weird pet window updates when no controlled pet exists
- decimation trap reacts faster to people in the vicinity

2018-12-08 Saturday

- fixed an issue with engage + ranged attacks allowing 20 attacks per second
- gc buff shouldn't send a worn off message when no buff was active
- properly load banners for keeps
- item procs/charges: allow players to use spells up to 5 level higher than them by default
- item procs/charges: do not set the spell level to the required level for the item
- slightly reduced inherent AF (50 -> 45)
- halved savage def pen penalty
- unified level based def penetration (ie pve vs higher mobs) and normal def penetration
- animist bomber should move out on cast and not act like chambers
- pulse spells should now be at the bottom of the concentration list
- decimation trap is now also essence damage
- realm abilities can no longer crit
- fixed juggernaut
- merchants can act as normal mobs and hit back / attack when aggro (factions)
- handle ablatives before sending damage notifications to pet owners
- epic dungeon heal procs had their delve reduced (130 -> 100), chest remains as it is

2018-12-05 Wednesday

- load deathblows properly for titles
- release clump fix #2
- moc now also affects pulse mezz duration
- another fix for the player jitter when running in a straight line

2018-12-04 Tuesday

- melee damage reduction to match tests on pendragon via increase of inherent af and npc absorb
- amnesia should now correctly clear the current cast as well as the spell queue, restarting a spell instantly should now be possible
- /gc buff works again
- fixed an issue with the new relic guards preventing the server from starting up

2018-12-03 Monday

- lots of fixes for passive ra delves (window only)
- recently introduced spec based caster power cost reduction is now a spec independent power reduction, the value is like it was before with a spec of 25
- block bonus against ranged attacks now depends on shield size and base block spec
- fnf turrets ignore mezzed targets (current spells will still go off against mezzed targets)
- procs on crossbows can now fire
- static tempest stun duration is now 2 seconds (down from 3)
- style dd procs are not supposed to be able to crit
- relic keep door repair message shows the actually repaired % now
- relic keep door repair costs has been reduced to 1/3rd
- haste, health regen and power regen can now coexist (like endurance regen or speed)
- a pet getting attacked no longer prevents anyone from engaging the pet owner
- pet owner is now set into combat and speed is broken when the pet is attacked
- attacker count should now be stable for damage / defensive purposes
- blacksmith npcs can now act as quest item receiver
- damage taken caps to current health for participation tracking purposes
- people that suicide via falling damage still give rp
- people that die to realm guards still give rp

2018-12-01 Saturday

- small adjustment to player position updates, players should not jitter around when running in a straight line
- vanish now makes you actually undetectable for a couple seconds and not only stealthes you
- some moc and uninterruptable spell interaction fixes
- weight of stats has been slightly increased for direct damage melee style procs
- list casters now have an additional power cost reduction based on their base spec in the used spell line
- necromancers that don't have a target should now automatically target attackers of their pet
- there is now a block bonus against ranged attacks

2018-11-27 Tuesday

- sit reg multiplier only applies when out of combat
- tinder messages
- fix heal and moc interaction (moc only set the minimum heal to the correct value, that means heals had "variance" from intended % to 100% instead of just flat intended %)
- fix target behavior for group spells to include pets when their owner is too far away but the pet is in range
- break hastener speed on necro when it should break on the pet
- after more tests: reduce visible interrupt timer (you must wait x seconds) from 3 seconds to 2.2 seconds, rounding up when showing the message
- rupting spells now cause a 3 second hidden interrupt timer (up from 2.5)
- revert latest interrupt change from the 25th

2018-11-25 Sunday

- hidden interrupt timer when hit by spells is now 2.5 seconds (up from 2)
- pets / npcs stay rupted for slightly longer
- some pet spells had their cast time increased
- with autoloot enabled bags shouldn't appear anymore for a split second (bags will appear if all inventories are full however)
- work on special relic guards
- wrath of champions and vehement renewal still had a max level of 3, it's 5 now
- more startup optimizations, it now takes less than 5 seconds from starting to allowing player connections
- rvr kill participation now clears when full hp and out of rvr combat for at least 2 minutes (previously only full hp and out of combat)
- regen sit multiplier increases faster (5 seconds -> 3 seconds, 0.25x -> 0.5x)
- regen sit multiplier cap is now higher (5x -> 10x)
- serenity now takes the higher value of same level pom (serenity 1 = pom 1, serenity 5 = pom 5) and previous % based value (will mostly affect non list caster while leveling, at 50 the % value is higher for almost all classes)
- mezz / stun pull can now cause baf
- moarcane now scales like mastery of healing (ends at 30%)
- many active ra delves were updated (info window, not tooltip)
- rvr only spell interrupt change / fix: It's now possible to get double rupts when trying to cast again too soon

2018-11-25 Sunday

- hidden interrupt timer when hit by spells is now 2.5 seconds (up from 2)
- pets / npcs stay rupted for slightly longer
- some pet spells had their cast time increased
- with autoloot enabled bags shouldn't appear anymore for a split second (bags will appear if all inventories are full however)
- work on special relic guards
- wrath of champions and vehement renewal still had a max level of 3, it's 5 now
- more startup optimizations, it now takes less than 5 seconds from starting to allowing player connections
- rvr kill participation now clears when full hp and out of rvr combat for at least 2 minutes (previously only full hp and out of combat)
- regen sit multiplier increases faster (5 seconds -> 3 seconds, 0.25x -> 0.5x)
- regen sit multiplier cap is now higher (5x -> 10x)
- serenity now takes the higher value of same level pom (serenity 1 = pom 1, serenity 5 = pom 5) and previous % based value (will mostly affect non list caster while leveling, at 50 the % value is higher for almost all classes)
- mezz / stun pull can now cause baf

2018-11-23 Friday

- lots of performance improvements
- dynamic network batch window changes (in local tests this raised the playable player cap from 3500 to at least 5000 (max test clients))
- reflex attack fixes
- animist main pet and stealther interaction
- npcs that fail to find any path at all will ignore pathing for 2 seconds and then try again (fixes mobs stuck in objects and removes some abuse potential), might have to be disabled for pets in rvr though
- mobs that follow waypoints will update their speed when roots or similar expire (ie caravans are no longer permanently rooted)
- vanish now removes movement impairing effects on activation
- adjusted stealth detection decrease based on speed (now divides radius by speed / default speed), still only in effect when over sprint speed
- aggro mode should now work for most pets

2018-11-23 Friday

- detection for another kind of speed hack
- decimation trap spawns at the casters feet
- animist pet + stealther interaction

2018-11-17 Saturday

- Armor & Weapons from the DF merchants now have the correct salvage values
- wild minion works for charmed pets
- fixed door repair cost
- fixed relic door repair cost
- pet damage add spells can now have a radius (bd)
- savages no longer have prevent flight
- savages now have a defense penetration penalty (it is easier to evade/parry/block/guard against a savage)
- mcl and first aid are now 3 level ras again with the OF cost (3, 6, 9) and restore 25, 60 and 100%
- wizards now have nearsight in the earth spec line
- wizards now have heat, cold and matter resist debuffs in the earth spec line
- due to client limitations (1 spell per line per level) some earth spec spells have shifted around a bit and the up to 4 dps damage shield is now in the fire baseline

2018-11-16 Friday

PvP-Zone is now open. Use any teleporter to port to the "event"-zone. Please keep in mind that our rules are also valid for this zone.

2018-11-15 Thursday

- static ticks (twf, st etc.) no longer cancel sos
- weird bd sub pet behavior fix
- crit chance is now shown on critical hit
- left axe mainhand damage starts at a higher % (62.5% -> 77.3%), offhand damage at a lower % (62.5 -> 52.5%), damage gain per spec point has been changed. Net total this change is a theoretical 2% damage increase
- CD / DW offhand hit chance has been slightly adjusted to match the la change. Net total this change is a theoretical 2% damage increase via an up to 5% offhand hit chance increase at 73 spec.
- the duelist reflexes RA has been removed
- large internal changes wrt assigning feathers to mobs and counting their kills, for the next day or two named mobs don't give feathers

2018-11-13 Tuesday

- level based enchanting prefixes
- durability loss for high quality items is now lower
- bd minions summoned in combat will take the commanders attack target (if any)
- taunt breaks stealth
- rez damage immunity now actually prevents damage (previously healed you after taking the damage, this made kills after pr possible)
- divine intervention now ignores falling / environmental damage and reacts instantly when taking damage (and hp being below the treshold)
- pve only mob melee damage adjustments, still wip
- pve only challenge mode damage adjustments
- theurgist pet mana cost is no longer doubled by quick cast
- pvp pet damage adjustments (bd pets should no longer hit for just 1 damage in rvr)
- archers have access to OF longshot and volley again
- sit and sprint message now have the chat type "action"
- pet casted necro spells now use the correct spell level instead of pet level
- pet casted necro spells now gain the proper benefit from +skill from items

2018-11-11 Sunday

- major heal delve reduced by 10%
- greater heal mana cost increased by 10 - 15%
- heal ("big" baseline heal) had unintentionally reduced mana cost, this has been corrected
- spell crafting shows the chance to explode
- /quest to show completed quests
- kill/collection tasks now replace the placeholder with the proper values
- minlevel for battlegroups
- keep lords can move around in their room
- fixed merchant crossbow bolt delve
- stacks of items now show 2x instead just 2, this should mainly help with items that start with numbers
- pet and mob damage has been adjusted again, more changes are required here but this change already required some rather extensive changes to all defensive rolls / the general melee calc and to minimize major bugs it should be tested now already as player vs player damage should remain unchanged, please report it if that's not the case.

2018-11-10 Saturday

- made many more actives unresistable and changed damage type to essence
- statics (st, twf, nm etc.) do their first tick after their frequency
- group buffs (resist buffs) are removed when the buffer leaves the group
- fixed a crash bug
- pulse mezz (minstrel) no longer works on targets with sos active
- mom works on style procs

2018-11-09 Friday

- cathal valley is now open for the whole weekend
- adjusted most other offensive ra delves and damage types and made them non resistable
- proper nf vanish mechanics (silence, disarm for 30 seconds etc.)
- fixed guard block rate
- fixed dashing defense block rate
- fixed strike prediction
- ip is no longer affected by disease

2018-11-08 Thursday

- reduced pd from 30% at the end to 20% (same values / scaling as aom now)
- reduced determination cost from 34 (nnf passive) to 22 (of det cost)
- reduced divine intervention delve by 25%
- reduced vehement renewal delve by 25%
- reduced ameliorating melodies delve by 25%
- added juggernaut (pet damage in general needs some more work though)
- added decimation trap
- statics / storms (twf, st, dt, nm) persist and keep working after caster death
- archer: arrows / endurance is now deducted when the arrow is released not when it arrives
- dots can now actually crit again (with wp)
- added 6 weapon enamels to the merchant
- added Reactive Retributive Tincture (11.3 dmg-add) to the merchant

2018-11-07 Wednesday

- Fixed a bug with abs increasing RAs not removing the bonus when the effect ends
- fixed wild power
- slightly increased melee damage again (halfed the reduction from a week or two ago)
- evade is more affected by defense penetration (this is NOT the dual wield reduction but def pen that everyone has)
- guard (only blocking for others, not yourself) is less affected by defense penetration (this is NOT the dual wield reduction but def pen that everyone has)
- fixed some delve window information for the more common RAs
- targeting a stealthed stealther shouldn't interrupt some non harmful spells
- nf reflex attack

2018-11-06 Tuesday

- changed the Realm Ability base patch level from 1.65 / old frontiers to the current live New New Frontiers.
-- charge is gone as an RA, OF charge (free sprint) will for now remain as base ability for merc / bm
-- duelist's reflexes (offhand hit chance for alb / hib, second hand damge for mid) remains as passive
-- mastery of arts/arms/archery/arcane remains for now
-- tireless, long wind remain as they were since the last update
-- no RR5 abilities for now
-- serenity remains as it is
-- necromancer RAs are more caster like
- better crafting quality randomness

2018-11-05 Monday

- some more performance optimizations
- disease crits can no longer affect the healing reduction
- tireless is an ra again but has a max level of 1
- tireless stacks with all other forms of endurance regen again
- endurance regen coexists now (concentration (shaman), long (item), short (chant / song))
- the ra long wind now has a max level of 1
- instant cast spells no longer cost endurance
- songs no longer cost endurance

2018-11-04 Sunday

- baf on necro pull
- /gc note
- players should be shown in the correct seats when entering a ram
- bd focus snare fix
- fixed an issue with animist main pet interaction with stealthers

2018-11-01 Thursday

- caster rog staffs now also have procs
- fixed a bug where an rr 14 player would cause other people to disconnect
- some ras / spells now work when the caster is dead (st, twf etc.)
- pulse spells now benefit from the normal debuff / buff bonus
- kill messages are shown in druim cain
- another round of required xp adjustment (still experimental, likely to see many more changes over the next days)
- adjustment of mob damage / damage against mobs with level difference (still experimental, likely to see many more changes over the next days)
- tireless is no longer an ra
- everyone gets tireless 1 at level 5
- classes with styles get tireless 2 at level 15
- tireless only stacks with endurance regen up to end 3, end 1 + tireless 2 = end 3, end 2 + tireless 2 = end 3, end 3 + tireless 2 = end 3, end 2 + tireless 1 = end 3 etc.
- alchemy potions no longer give endurance 4 / end at end 3 (experimental)

2018-10-30 Tuesday

- fixed salvaging having dimishing returns
- fixed npc bounty point value dimishing returns
- some rog weapons for certain classes now always have a certain stat on them (archery on bows, +shield on shields for classes with shield spec)
- AF Ras are stacking with other af buffs again
- wild arcana works on pulse spells
- melee miss rate slightly increased (reduced custom bonus from weapon spec)
- small melee damage reduction (via modifier, cap is unaffected)
- fixed various spell tooltips

2018-10-30 Tuesday

- Reworked the Sidi, Tuscar & Galladoria Feather Merchants

2018-10-28 Sunday

- Task participation reward time scaling: the minimum reward is now always 1x, the maximum reward 10x
- New item: Phoenix Claw, merchants accepting those items can be found in Benowyc, Crauchon and Bledmeer, the merchants sell to all realms. See caravan thread in planned changes forum.
- Caravans and Keep Lords drop 1 Phoenix Claw
- Caravans are now worth 250 Bounty Points
- Caravans now always drop 1 tinder box
- Killing a Caravan damages the outer door of the intended keep (if the outer door is above 25%)
- Keep doors no longer automatically repair over time
- An arriving Caravan repairs the inner door, if it's at 100% it repairs the outer door. Repair amount is twice the amount a caravan death would remove.
- fix: alchemists can now add procs to poisoned weapons
- Stealther limit will be removed (among other things a Stealth Lore potion is available for Phoenix Claws)

2018-10-27 Saturday

- relic bonuses (see planned changes)
- 2 major internal changes that might cause some bugs (those familiar with the dol codebase, we finally finished the removal of the language manager and the event / notify system)
- titles should live update
- /anon should work again
- when trying to respec a single line fails due to no line with the given name being found the command will now show the available lines to respec
- fixed the level up message in battlegrounds when at the level cap
- short term realm tasks now scale their reward with time
- short term realm tasks show their expected participation rp reward in /task (your rr and the time scale is taken into account)
- added a lot of items to the Sidi Merchant

2018-10-24 Wednesday

- initial work to support 1.125 (still wip)
- pets/mobs should now properly handle regen buffs
- minor performance optimizations
- fix ram placement for specific keeps, due to weird interaction between certain ram locations and the client the ram range is increased for some doors
- social guild tab should show some more data
- range when a target is always considered in front for positional styles has been reduced to live values (64 -> 32), for all other melee attacks and anytimer / follow ups we still have the larger range to prevent the target strafing from causing not in view messages
- darkness falls is now always neutral for the remainder of the i50 phase

2018-10-24 Wednesday

- stealther limit is now done via giving out "tokens" to player based on their online time instead of preventing all stealther in a realm to restealth as long as the number is above the limit
- pets should no longer teleport onto their target while within close range, sprinting away from pets should be possible again

2018-10-22 Monday

- melee style activation range is now melee range
- being too far away form your target clears the style queue (style will be kept for 250ms after pressing a style)
- target not being in view clears the style queue (style will be kept for 250ms after pressing a style)
- target / examine message now uses the correct chat type: action
- item delve should now show the correct cooldown
- camp bonus is now actually doubled in dungeons as intended and not x 1.5
- bd healer pets should behave properly while buffing
- /switch sometimes silently failed, it should now show an error message
- hybrid changes (friar, thane, paladin), see planned changes forum
- sprint is back to the old behavior
- crit shot works again

2018-10-20 Saturday

- Enabled i50
- it is now possible to port with a relic in your inventory
- /invite will now work with partial player name
- Pets will stop on exact location
- Character and guild names validation
- If your pet attacks an enemy you will lose stealth
- Total required XP per level has been increased
- Build in a stealther limit. If your realm consists of more than 25% stealther in rvr, you are NOT able to stealth. Minstrels only count into this, if they are stealthed. This limit is not active for RvR-Dungeons.

2018-10-19 Friday

- Added a , a merchant, a merchant and a merchant to every HTK, MTK and ATK.
- Added Level 50 Training Dummies to the mainborderkeeps (outside DL, Svasud and Sauvage)

2018-10-18 Thursday

- keep task only starts when there are at least 150 level 50 players in the rvr zone
- player rp value has been adjusted
- task rp value has been adjusted
- many spells were missing their x 1.25 bonus
- fix gc due
- show resist reduction for player damage
- wild minion for bds
- savage buff should remove health when refreshing
- many internal things related to the new website and backend
- Slightly increased mob str scaling again
- Sprint remains active while standing still
- RvR Death release to border keep or portal keep
- /release borderkeep
- Relic keep alerts

2018-10-15 Monday

- Friend list has been temporarily disabled
- Character position update handling has changed
-- there might be a very minor degradation in the case of less than 16 people near each other
-- huge improvement when more than 16 people are near each other
- Stealth detection has changed
-- speed of detector is no longer substracted from range, instead the range is divided depending on speed (net result: increased detection range with speed compared to before this update)
-- minstrels no longer have any bonus stealth detection
-- archers detect minstrels from further away
-- archers detect assassins from slightly further away
-- archers detect archers from slightly further away
-- assassins detect minstrels from further away
-- detector stealth status no longer influences detection range

2018-10-14 Sunday

- all frontier keep doors, including relic keeps, should now be in the line of sight data and break los
- pbae now requires line of sight to hit a target
- fixed a couple doors that would teleport you in the wrong direction
- fixed a couple postern doors that would teleport you to weird places
- fixed positioning of border keep doors, it should be easier to interact with them now
- mobs that despawn at a specific time do not despawn when they are charmed
- market explorer truncates item names to ensure the price is visible
- /where should mostly work in capitol cities

2018-10-13 Saturday

- basic relic support
-- no bonuses, still deciding on what they will eventually be
-- doors are still not breaking line of sight
-- keeps don't yet supply a high level guard to the relic keep
- bards now keep their reg song even if they spec in nurture
- fix house transfer
- fix 20% markup when buying via the market explorer
- housing wall size fixes
- long term pve tasks now additionally provide a permanent and stacking 1% xp bonus for the zone / mob type the task was about
- long term tasks now calculate the required amount based on how long the last completion took

2018-10-12 Friday

- Savage multi hit calculation has changed, dps should not be affected
-- Old way: check for quad, on failure check for triple, on failure check for dual hit, each with a chance based on weapon spec
-- New way: check for dual hit, on success check for triple, on success check for quad. Dual hit chance is based on weapon spec (chance has been increased), triple and quad hit chances are static but now scale with the dual hit chance
- stat debuffs now always debuff their full value against mobs (previously also halved against unbuffed mobs, that's now only the case against player)
- champion stat debuffs are more effective against buffed targets
- server startup performance work
- pets should no longer try to target / hit themselves
- attack speed debuffs poison values have been halved
- added (Weak) Essence of Lethargy / Weariness

2018-10-11 Thursday

- killing enough caravans reduces the keep level (no effect at level 4 or below)
- new long term realm tasks (see planned changes forum)
- /task shows only the current short term realm task and personal tasks with participation
- /task realm to show all realm tasks
- /task personal to show all personal tasks
- a lot of effects where added to the effect merchant
- fixed a disease text issue
- fixed an interaction between pulsing spells and stealthed targets
- relickeeps now have guards

2018-10-08 Monday

- cabalist caster pet damage scales with level (no change at player level 50 / pet level 44)
- enchanter caster pet damage scales with level (no change at player level 50 / pet level 44)
- stealther detection bonus for stealther is now only given while stealthed
- (experimental) stealth detection radius is reduced by movement speed over sprint speed (speed 6 = 506, sprint speed = 246 -> speed 6 = radius reduced by 260 (basically no stealth detection))
- (experimental) crit shot requirements have been changed: you cannot crit shot a target in swing delay or a target that has been hit by crit shot in the last 15 seconds (configurable), no further conditions.

2018-10-07 Sunday

- items have been reset
- some hib keep postern doors should now be in the line of sight data, the normal doors still aren't
- special styles like asp only increase the range for that style and not the backup style
- line respec line names are now more lenient / the line only has to start with the input
- savage multi hit styles
- af buff reworked for npcs
- interrupt message for necros when pet got interrupted
- fix some ra tooltips
- keeps can be claimed while the keep is in combat
- effect npc has been cleared and will soon get new effects
- item usage no longer costs endurance
- charm tooltip should match what can be charmed
- timed buffs should properly refresh
- rebuffing with the same value (ie pulse spells) should no longer cause an activiation and deactivation message

2018-10-07 Sunday

- i50 merchants have been added
- the launcher now has the option to save your username and your password
- the invisible statues in tnn and camelot have been removed
- fixed an issue with the launcher on linux preventing it from shutting down properly

2018-10-04 Thursday

- defense penetration changes:
-- the weight of stats has been greatly increased
-- the weight of weapon spec has been increased
-- when using a style the higher of style spec and base weapon spec is used (for the styled attack only, offhand / unstyled uses base weapon spec)
- dual wield now reduces block and evade chance by 1/4 (down from 1/2)
- melee absorb of animist main pets has been increased
- all fnf dd shrooms are now shown as forest heart
- fixed / changed all ra damage adds (rain of x etc.)
- increased weight of stats for style proc damage
- reskin merchant should have a lot more skins now (still wip)
- fixed an issue with the reskin merchant where it would not accept valid items (accidentally checked against actual item slot (backpack xy) instead of intended item slot (cloak, right hand etc.))
- wild minion allows pet spell crits
- necro pet now uses owner dot crit chance
- necro shade should now be in combat when the pet is attacking or gets hit while damage shield is up

2018-10-02 Tuesday

- npcs should now do a lot less melee damage and mostly correspond to live value
-- tests from pendragon showing big differences are now accepted
-- mobs with epic mobs mechanic (high hp, level 50 for defensive rolls) are excempt and can do whatever they want
-- summoned pets are affected by this but we are just now starting to adjust them properly, with the earlier settings this can now lead to unexpected results until they are changed again
- various staff commands to better deal with bugged spawner / mobs
- rvr death messages from the frontier are now visible inside rvr dungeons
- rvr death messages from rvr dungeons are now visible in the frontier
- crit shot fix: it is no longer possible to crit shot a mezzed target
- fixes for spell/skill/item use: you should no longer reg endu while running and spamming an ability, this might also reduce target not in view messages after facing
- overridden conc buffs can now be cancelled
- necro will loose hastener speed when the pet is hit / hits
- domination: players are moved away from the flags when they transform
- reskin merchant is getting an overhaul and has been cleared
-- items can now be changed while the server is running which is currently ongoing
-- many currently available skins will remain gone (ie champion weapons)
-- many more models will be available (ie alternative shield models)
- added /release bind
- /releasing in epic dungeons now resurrects you at the entrance

2018-10-01 Monday

- phoenix tears / ash can drop from level 56+ mobs in df
- feathers have been removed from trashmobs outside of the epic dungeons and df
- feathers on trashmobs in df increase slowly with their level
- incapacitated targets (stunned, mezzed, dead) can still interrupt casting and ranged attacks
- necros should not loose mana and instead get a out of range message if their pet is too far away from their target
- there is now a radius around keeps in which animists can not place fnf shrooms unless they own the keep or the first door is open (for nott, crim, eras the radius is active until both doors are down)
- there should now be a target too far away message for ranged attacks
- some changes to speed calculation for diagnostics that hopefully don't affect anything

2018-09-30 Sunday

- fixed 2h bonus affecting style damage
- guards turn faster when using /where, this ensures the guard will point in the wrong direction and not point in the correct direction by accident
- hostile mobs should no longer behave like aggro mobs
- fixed lots of issues with the arrow selection that result in the wrong damage type being used for the next attack
- fixed arrows sometimes not being consumed by shooting
- fixed crit shot not always being used when rapid fire was active
- parry chance is reduced by multiple attackers

2018-09-28 Friday

- la penalty no longer affects style bonus damage, only base damage
- flurry damage now has a damage cap even against npc guards
- fix rapid fire endurance cost
- many active realm ability now require level 40
- tool tip fix for necro mana tap and ablatives
- beno postern door fix
- enemy archers that are drawing their bow are now valid crit shot targets
- logging / fixes for some speed issues

2018-09-27 Thursday

- changes / fixes to ranged mob behavior, mainly interrupt handling
- spells casted by you and executed by your pet now have a distance check between target and pet before starting
- spells casted by you and executed by your pet now have a los check between target and pet before starting
- necro casts now cost endurance
- fix flute mezz resist rate
- mezz no longer works against npcs

2018-09-26 Wednesday

- npcs (pets not included) will remain in combat longer, this should avoid cases where they return to spawn while a dot is still ticking
- pets should have their owner faction values: mobs that are no longer aggro due to faction should not attack pets
- kill participation is only cleared when something is out of combat and is at full health (previously it was done in both cases), this affects pve and rvr
- aug dex/con/str/qui transfer to the necro pet
- motarts works on the necro pet
- lower npcs now have a higher miss rate (does not affect pets)
- miss rate is reduced against sitting targets
- block chance now has a hard cap of 99%, even if engage is active
- with very few exceptions all npc stats have been adjusted:
-- str gain has been reduced by 25%
-- dex, qui, int gain has been halved
-- the default 1h attack speed is now 3.5, up from 3.0
-- on average mobs should attack noticeably slower and hit for slightly less per hit
- delay after item charge use (will mainly affect the non instant potions), no swinging or casting can happen for the delay duration
- raid npcs (all npcs that have the level 50 + high hp stuff) will now reset their hp to 100% when they engage
- players now have to wait the remainder of their swing delay before they can cast again
- crafting should no longer break when a staff member changes a recipe / resulting item
- aug acuity no longer gives dex to nightshades, mana pool and spell damage is still increased
- acuity from items no longer gives dex to nightshades

2018-09-25 Tuesday

- made realm ability style growth rate configurable while server is running
- lowered all realm ability style growth rates from 2.0 to 1.5
- static tempest is no longer affected by stun immunity (pending a more indepth rework of it)
- new domination task in everyones favorite zone: pennine mountains
- tasks now rotate the realm instead of choosing something random (albion then midgard then hibernia)
- the zone kill task is now only one zone
- all 3 consecutive tasks are in the same realm (when the attacker is successful in keep take tasks it still repeats with another keep in the same realm)

2018-09-24 Monday

- more battery fixes
- fixed some rare aggro issues
- stealth opener animation should now always show
- stealther should no longer go out of target after unstealthing if they were visible while in stealth mode
- stealther should reappear faster when the enter and leave and reenter the detection range
- emerald simulacrum disease and dot are now melee procs again
- sapphire simulacrum has the lifetap melee proc again
- ranged mobs should take out their melee weapon right away when aggroing the from very short distances
- only backpack items can be delved to chat
- market search page resets to page 1 when clicking next on the last page
- fix for death handling when the player was sitting
- merchant buy failure message now includes the item name
- sm pets have their procs again (will be added while the server is running)
- abomination now has a melee dd proc (will be added while the server is running)
- instant stun of theurgist air pet, amber simulacrum, druid pet, sm pet has been reworked and is no longer as deterministic, it's now entirely random which can go both ways from fight to fight

2018-09-23 Sunday

- dw/cd/la haste effect no longer affects style damage
- siege weapon merchant has been added to the border keeps and the portal keeps
- siege weapon merchant sells complete rams too
- rams are immovable once placed
- rams are mostly working but still a bit wonky
- damage against doors has been adjusted and decreases with higher keep levels, there is no separate door level
- rams always do the same damage to doors regardless of the keep level
- fixed player in death animation sometimes blinking out of existence
- fixed player death animation sometimes being the underwater death animation
- items with harmful effects can only be used when they are equipped
- relic keeps are no longer listed in /realm
- players can use doors while casting
- house healer costs only 75%
- bind stone in house is usable right after placing it
- guild dues are no longer substracted twice
- fix the swimming fix

2018-09-22 Saturday

- fixed dw/cd/la haste effect to also affect style damage
- fixed left axe penalty to affect damage (including cap) instead of the damage modifier
- hitting a sitting player no longer doubles the damage cap
- rapid fire should no longer get the damage reduction twice
- the damage cap used for the style modifier calculation now remains constant and is only based on the weapon
- battery of life fixes
- keep task now always starts with one of the keeps near or in the portal keep zones, still repeats with a random keep in the same realm when attacker win
- domination task is enabled again
- tasks rotate again (unless the attacker won in case of keep take task)

2018-09-21 Friday

- More style info (will be disabled after beta)
-- Style growth rate is shown
-- Effective style multiplier is shown: total damage = base damage * style multiplier + base damage
-- Not shown for stealth opener
- More melee damage info (will be disabled after beta):
-- damage modifier is shown on hit to attacker and attacked
-- As a player attacker a damage modifier of 3000 means you hit for cap in most circumstances
- all negative effects should be removed when a duel ends
- you should no longer take damage while zoning
- prevent flight should output a notification
- mob path following fixes
- Zone kill task changes:
-- always active
-- point system per realm like the domination task
-- rp pool share determined by the points of your realm and within the realm by your participation
- keep take task:
-- has a (configurable) 60 minute cooldown, the first will start 20 minutes after server reboot
-- if the attacker are successful another keep take task starts in the same realm
- domination task:
-- has a (configurable) 60 minute cooldown, the first will start 60 minutes after server reboot

2018-09-20 Thursday

- added 4 new XP items which drop in DF. Talk to the Demons at the entrance to get more infos. Lvls are 17-20, 42-47, 44-48 and 46-49
- reduce variance for damage adds from item charges / procs
- fixed and issue where animist debuff bomber didn't take wild arcana into account nor transferred aggro to the animist
- prevent flight should only proc from melee attacks
- mobs now correctly resume their path if they were interrupted instead of starting all over again
- static mob groups aggro together
- stealth opener cannot miss again (unless they fail to execute properly)
- relic keeps should now be assigned to the correct owner and doors should work accordingly
- keep tasks will remain in the same realm as long as the attacker win
- domination task will give bonus points if a realm holds all capture points
- claimed keeps only upgrade to level 4 automatically
- caravans are sent out to claimed keeps and can raise the keep beyond level 4

2018-09-18 Tuesday

- increase player network bubble: other players are now visible at max client view distance (about 6k, up from 5.6k) and should pop in a bit faster (data is sent slightly above this range)

2018-09-17 Monday

- rather large internal change to death handling and npc updates: good potential for freezes and reward bugs
- added tundra to the available realm ability list (berserker)
- removed true sight from the available realm ability list (was non functional already)
- removed see hidden from the available realm ability list (was non functional already)
- AM no longer has 125% effectiveness, hot is now always 150 per tick
- fixed a couple more recieve -> receive texts

2018-09-15 Saturday

- style damage overhaul (all styles except stealth opener)
- many ra icons were fixed and / or changed to the old ra icon
- af debuff now works like most other debuffs: 100% effectiveness against buffs, 50% against items
- fix concentration ra
- longshot resets the cooldown if it misses
- fixed a bug where it was possible for a dead player to finish a cast
- jamtland domination task
- arena: combat now has a configurable time limit (7 minutes to start with)
- arena: stealthed players now count as active combatants for a configurable time limit (3 minutes to start with), that means stealther can stealth in arena 1v1; when all living members of a team are stealthed after this time limit it's still a forfeit though.
- arena: sorcs with at least 32 mind cause a level 50 pet to spawn, sorcs with at least 20 mind cause a level 40 pet to spawn, minstrels cause a level 50 pet to spawn, mentalists cause a level 45 pet to spawn

2018-09-14 Friday

- >>> Arena is disabled for adjustments

2018-09-13 Thursday

- flute mezz resist chance fix (had only 1/10 of what it should have, ie about 1% against players)
- domination task changes:
-- capture effect has been removed
-- capture participation weight has been increased
-- staying in capture distance to a point with no enemies around (aka defending a point) now awards participation
-- rp pool distribution is split between the realms according to their score
-- participation determines the amount you get from your realms rp pool share (rp pool is filled by player kills)

2018-09-12 Wednesday

- Beomarbhan has been reworked to be more live-like (i.e. it will only spawn when attacking Dremcis Fuilotair and also brings some backup)
- fixed an issue that allowed you be level 51 after logging in
- task participation is now distributed to group members when the participation happens and not at the very end (to potentially new group members)
- task participation group credit now has a range check
- players are now out of combat when they die (and can hence join groups while dead)
- guards that have an aggro message now show which guard made the message (xy says)
- new realm task: domination - only breifine for now

2018-09-11 Tuesday

- fix assassin not visible after stealth opener
- fix attempt for pets freezing when following their owner at speed 6
- spell damage fix (reduction, now within +-2 damage of live / what it should be)
- earth pets now have more magic absorb
- item condition decimals should no longer show when delving to chat
- potential rez rp should clear on release
- necromancer now gets a notification when wild arcana triggers
- snare nuke snare override fix
- crafting profession icons should be fixed
- reaching x00 in a profession now tells you the correct title for the increased profession and not your primary profession
- added /tradeskill to switch your primary profession without talking to another trainer again
- autoloot off fix while in group
- mobs (and pets) stop chasing player that are stealthed and outside their detection range
- aggro pets now attack nearby stealther (half the detection range)

2018-09-09 Sunday

- player kill rp value has been adjusted
- fixed an issue where gaining a realm rank could fail an npc or player kill to complete properly
- support for keep level depending guard spawn location and guard types
- improved ranged pet behavior
- fixed an archery range check that was still using 3d distance
- fixed an issue when picking up an item with full inventory and multiple valid stacks for the item to go to
- rr5 delve text fix
- failures when rewarding a player after an npc or player dies should no longer prevent the target from properly dieing
- houses check permission before distance when trying to enter a house
- fixed an issue that allowed you to swap items with a house vault without the correct permissions
- collection task completions are now saved together with all the other stuff: it should no longer happen that you have the items but got no xp and the npc will not accept the items anymore
- envenom no longer counts as all magic in the market search
- max level market search filter is now working properly
- housing 20% fee only shows once per house
- fixed a slot / item type issue with the market search
- fixed armor factor display in merchant lists
- setwho trade players can now be searched for via the profession name
- items with charges sell for less depending on the amount of remaining charges
- cast time formula has been fixed
- another round of standing up / sitting down fixes
- several abilities were missing the level in their displayed name
- underpop rp bonus now only affects kill rp

2018-09-07 Friday

- Animist FnF Turret HP has been slightly increased again
- damage add and damage shield should now properly override
- quest progress should persist
- fix resilience of death
- archery arrow flight time has been reduced

2018-09-06 Thursday

- Animist FNF pets & controlled pets have had their cast time set to the correct 5s
- Various procs and charges have been corrected
- Mentalist heal over time cast time corrected to 3s
- Poisons can no longer encumber a heavy tank

2018-09-05 Wednesday

- volley exploit has been fixed and volley is enabled again
- fixed a base af bug that caused caster self af to be a lot less effective than it should be
- some changes to participation calculation for zone tasks
- rp gain tracking changes
- more prep work for herald / website api

2018-09-04 Tuesday

- optimizations around saving progress
- more detailed tracking of rp and xp gain
- initial work for some public facing api for the website / herald
- missing bolts no longer break root
- animist fnf turret health has been reduced
- animinst fnf turret now transfer their aggro to the main pet if it exists
- guard positions can now be configured while the server is running
- volley has been disabled until an exploit with it is fixed
- the 10 rp given to everyone near the keep task target keep are now added to the rp pool instead

2018-09-03 Monday

- zone kill task is now always about the portal keep zones (hw, emain, og)
- keep task shows the remaining combat time to defender
- keep combat timer decreases over time
- pets with heals now behave properly
- mobs / pets can use a lot more spells properly
- profession info is properly saved when joining a profession and not crafting anything before logging out
- salvage fail messages are more specific
- xp off and rp off will cause a notification on each login
- /settle for consignment withdraw
- new personal rvr task: complete realm tasks

2018-09-02 Sunday

- zone kill task now always covers 3 zones, either hw, emain and og or pennine, jamtlant and breifine
- zone kill task goal has been reduced from 2 deaths per person in the frontier to 1
- mobs should move less jerky when they have spells assigned
- mobs should not even try to cast a spell for some time after being interrupted (less jerky movement again)
- pets get out of combat sooner (after 10 seconds)
- charm spell no longer causes combat
- ranged attacks have an additional los check
- pets no longer use the owner speed when the owner is stealthed
- lots of sell prices for crafted items were adjusted
- health transfer now generates aggro
- albion keep postern doors should correctly teleport into / out of the keep now

2018-09-01 Saturday

- Keep Realm Task now uses the same participation tracking as the zone kill task for the rp pool distribution
- Some participation is now needed to be eligible for the keep realm task, taking damage or even dying counts
- Minstrels can only charm at most 3 times per second (configurable and testing might increase / decrease that)
- Minstrel charm should play an animation on success
- Guild emblems should now show correctly
- Resisted spells only cost half the mana
- Underpopulation bonus now uses the highest values of the last 3 minutes
- BD caster pets should no longer cause target not in view spam
- Zone kill task kill requirement now depends on the number of 50s in the frontier
- Personal tasks now save their progress through reboots
- Personal tasks now reset daily at 12am UTC
- RvR tasks now give XP
- Fixed a crash issue by limiting the max amount of messages / notifications sent at once

2018-09-01 Saturday

- Keep and Zone Realm tasks alternate
- Zone task is now counting actual participation for the rp pool distribution
- Most scout guards have been replaced by melee guards
- Sprinting no longer instantly disables when using it while standing
- Necromancer mez/ns/poison effects now appear in the mini window. You can cure through mini window (will still target shade but will affect pet)

2018-08-31 Friday

- Corrected BD AoE Focus Snare
- New Realm Task: Fight over a zone
- Lots of PvE Tasks
- Underpopulation bonus

2018-08-29 Wednesday

- lots of fixes to the keep task
- keeps now count kills in a larger areas
- fix wild arcana for disease
- some crash fixes, especially when killing / dotting many mobs

2018-08-28 Tuesday

- open rvr incentive part 2: rvr tasks (see forum for more details), /task to show them
- removed broken /whisper task tasks, they most likely won't come back
- removed broken crafter tasks, they most likely won't come back
- mobs that don't give an xp reward don't give faction either
- player with a full inventory should be able to pickup items if they can be added to an existing stack
- the keep reward pool no longer considers portal keeps a valid keep

2018-08-27 Monday

- initial work on falling damage
- some reskin model fixes (sb champ 2h, battler 2h)
- automated shutdown announcement for restarts
- market explorer delving fixes
- housing repo fixes
- market search fixes
- only assassin classes can use poisoned weapons
- market explorer markup is no longer included in consignment logs
- consignment log shows the last 3 days
- minstrel charming for high level mobs changed
- basic rp pool for keep takes
- collection tasks can no longer be turned in when xp gain is turned off
- potential fix for stealther not becoming visible after stealth opener
- wild arcana support for snare dd
- celerity delve fix

2018-08-26 Sunday

- melee stun immunity duration is now 6x the stun duration
- bounty point value of players has been slightly reduced
- repair button should show up again on unequipped items
- avoidance of magic now affects cc spells
- when casting npcs should now always have a first los check but never a second
- some theurgist pet behavior fixes
- inventory fixes when crafting and having multiple stacks / partial stacks
- displayed item spell requirement fixes
- padding npc (will be placed sometime today)
- crafting secondary skill gain has been reworked
- mid and hib champion weapon skins are now in
- hastener only gives speed, it's now always instant on click
- /autosplit has been disabled
- magic absorb for mobs from buffs / debuffs
- deathblows are counted properly in the stats (was showing deaths before)

2018-08-25 Saturday

- /listmerchant should work on all houses now
- one sitting / standing bug fixed, there is probably at least one more
- talking to the craft master at x99 skill now awards the skill point correctly and it no longer requires a relog to see it
- fletching no longer requires a planning tool
- reaching x99 craft skill now gives a system window message instead of popup
- gem cutting skill is now correctly saved
- all archery gem now has a cost
- craft button should show up
- stealth detection uses detector level instead of detector stealth spec

2018-08-24 Friday

- heal rp: 4% when solo, 2% when in group and healing people outside your own group, 1% when healing own group members
- fixes when combining via trade
- fixes when using a charge on an instrument or ranged weapon
- con restoration should now always correctly persist
- ranged attacks should no longer miss due to strafing
- stealthers should become visible earlier after stealth opener (pa, bs)
- fixed a couple cases where stealthed player could still have hastener speed bonus while stealthed
- network optimizations for first contact with npcs and players
- bg groupclass now shows the class instead of race of solo people
- all teleporter except those in the frontier PKs now offer all teleport destinations
- extension has been removed from all items (no more potato mode by default), merchant for that will be added at some point
- some champion weapons have been added to the reskin merchant

2018-08-23 Thursday

- Hearth spell should no longer go on cooldown when interrupted
- support for spells on mobs (experimental)
- some heal rp changes
- reworked appeal system
- behavior for account / housing vaults unified, both should now support proper stacking
- group window should update faster to display states like mezzed / diseased
- los center point adjustment
- player are worth more bounty points
- group invites expire on leader change

2018-08-22 Wednesday

- RvR Kills are now actually saved
- /stats is now working and actually counting all the things
- effect npc (like the reskin one but for effects), will be placed later today
- heal rp proof of concept, will need a couple more updates
- volley max range increase
- /level now makes you level 40

2018-08-21 Tuesday

- PvP Event warning message
- respecs below level 50 are always free
- /respec buy has been removed
- respecs for existing characters have been reset to 1 full and 2 realm (~1g stones are still sold in the capital cities)
- sitting damage bonus against players has been reduced
- guild invites are now possible across regions
- consignment logs now persist through restarts (going forward)
- volley now has a max range
- housing repossession
- many life transfer fixes

2018-08-20 Monday

- display af
- pvp event examine message
- slight los center point adjustment
- potential fix for stealther sometimes being visible
- allow application of poisons when sitting
- anon fixed
- pet stunning less predictable
- pulse charm fixes
- changing house levels returns the old deed
- housing door offsets have been adjusted (affects mid mostly)
- housing painting sizes have been adjusted
- housing vaults cannot be picked up when there are items inside
- pvp event now has support for a custom group size cap

2018-08-19 Sunday

- reactive procs now have a default min level even if no specific level is assigned
- parry no longer drops for minstrel rogs
- /assist changes to support the pvp event
- pvp event zone work
- display dps fix in market explorer
- bg guards have a maximum level when claimed
- rez spells should delve the target as dead instead of self
- items dropped inside a house should now be visible
- necros going out of tether range should have the correct hp now
- instant heal amount fix
- some invalid rogs removed
- broken hall of fame npcs no longer spawn

2018-08-18 Saturday

- some (potential) crash fixes
- nearsight can be affected by amnesia
- melee variance has been disabled for style damage testing
- more event preparation
- minor stealth detection increase (stealther vs stealther only)
- items should be affected by Mastery of the Arcane
- animist main pet fixes
- sos should give speed bonus to pets
- more non harmful spell los changes
- display resist has been changed to reflect the actually used values
- housefriend now has support for entire guild ranks
- personal house teleport now works for all of your characters

2018-08-17 Friday

- Stealth speed while rooted / snared fix
- some account vault fixes
- having an active quest no longer makes some npcs ignore interaction
- consignment money fixes
- house decoration fixes
- recently charmed mobs should not cause BAF when resisting charm
- shield of nature should now work (VW arrow parry style)
- bg raid loot chest fixes
- some preparation for the next event
- level command (won't be enabled until tomorrow)
- focus snare fixes
- some housing permission fixes
- shrooms can no longer walk
- removed feather -> bp conversion from reskin merchant
- added option to use feathers (3x bp cost) for reskins

2018-08-15 Wednesday

- spells should fail when the target goes into stealth while casting
- housing: require all hook points to be empty before upgrading a house
- fix rr5 dps delve
- do not show cast messages for instant pulse spells
- pets should always be able to keep up with their owner when following and neither is in combat
- new experimental bg loot mode for raid usage only
- crafting no longer requires tools like the smith hammer
- bleeds no longer stop after reaching 1 damage, they continue to tick with 1 damage
- crafting speed changes: 1.65 values with max crafting time cap (100 sec at 1000, 111 sec at 1100), due to bonuses on average 1/4 of 1.65
- salvaging only takes 1 second
- secondary crafts remain at 1 second
- added the Master Craftsman in every capital city. You will get a quest series for the crafting armor there. The whole set will grant +75 Str, 50% craftspeed and additional lifter 6.

2018-08-14 Tuesday

- added recipes for Hib Metalcrafting strips trinketing - roughhewn hinge
- 3 second reactive style window
- follow up style can be made to another target
- ld run fix
- bg leader selection when leader leaves
- reskin npc (will be placed a bit later today)
- dd snare spells should break other snares
- fatigue consumption debuff (poison)
- fixed missing combat log messages for spells (you cast xy)
- owner rez sickness should not affect pet damage
- portal keep guard range
- houses should remain visible
- some ra error message fixes
- guild leader can promote others to guild leader
- guild command message fixes
- housing garden validation
- refresh garden on item pickup
- some misspellings
- per realm housing garden options

2018-08-10 Friday

- cancel concentration and pulse effects on line respec
- viper fixes
- hunter / ranger speed burst fixes
- wskill debuff should affect defense penetration
- fix potential speed bug

2018-08-09 Thursday

- free ra point moved from level 20 to level 5
- /serverinfo 50 to count only level 50 chars
- sos can be used again when not in a group
- weaponskill / con debuff implemented (poisons will be changed while the server is running)
- flurry damage fix
- some performance improvements
- pet window should update when effects change

2018-08-08 Wednesday

- messages when pet is hit / healed by spells
- double keep claiming should be fixed
- max targets of spells should be respected (might not be set yet but it's supported now)
- pets should attack their target again after cc expired
- bolts have been redone (needs feedback)
- many many invalid rog models have been removed (existing items remain)
- ingame event system (weekend will see the first test of it)
- rp off
- immunities are not applied when dieing with an immunity causing effect on you
- pets should attack when in stay mode
- queued style / backup style should not be reset when cc'd
- aggro on pet owner after charm expiration / cancel increased
- the ignore command now remembers who you have ignored and displays in the ignore window
- savage haste buffs should now properly delve for the correct value
- new rvr score system enabled
- fix ra / spell cooldowns resetting after relog
- fix target not in view drawing aggro
- released recently charmed pets gain immunity like normal pets
- asp style should have the correct attack range
- bonedancer minions can no longer be summoned when it would go over the max combined pet level

2018-08-06 Monday

- Animist turrets now only have a chance to be interrupted
- acuity buffs no longer increase the mana pool
- dots no longer interrupt with every tick
- wild healing can now crit up to 100%
- damage adds deal a minimum of 1 damage

2018-08-05 Sunday

- gc buff should be usable by non guild leaders
- player in mezz and stun will remain in combat
- necros should no longe loose their hp when zoning / teleporting
- fatigue reduction tooltip fix
- damage add should no longer cause mobs to get stuck in a buff loop
- allow pet summoning to start while already having a pet
- many invalid rog models removed
- only the first dot tick causes combat
- mobs remain in combat longer before returning
- rvr kill messages should be visible in druim ligen
- damage add damage does not cause combat or interrupt (but the swing causing it still does)
- damage shield do not cause combat or interrupt (the swing leading to the damage add still causes combat and interrupts)
- Housing: all alb housing zones (including the entrance) have a market explorer now
- BGs: all BGs have a working porter now

2018-08-04 Saturday

- 4 weeks are over, df uses the single ownership system again
- housing is now open
- procs on shields now fire when blocking (and guarding)
- ranged elevation bonus now actually works
- collection task now only accept 10 items (as intended, 11 was a bug)
- healing pets should start healing at 50% health (except bd, they heal earlier)
- bd sub pets should defend their owner properly
- charges can now be applied to weapons
- limit housing vaults to at most 4
- spell piercing (ench pet)
- remove some invalid rog models
- pet stun behavior fix
- fix housing teleporter
- fix porting to housing
- allow people to leave their house
- consignment / market explorer fixes
- servernews without useless linebreaks
- falling through a wall now ports you to the nearest same realm player

2018-08-03 Friday

- /who bg
- cooldowns should persist between relogs
- concentration effects should remain on caster when zoning
- damage add reduction for rapid fire and penetrating arrow
- rent / lockbox fixes (housing not yet enabled)
- animist fnf turrets are interruptable
- some guild commands should no longer cause a red latency lamp
- minor ranged mob behavior fixes
- experimental speed breaking change (needs feedback)
- support multiple money items (fiery diamond seals)
- housing hookpoint validation (housing not yet enabled)
- various theurgist pet fixes
- /played time should be recorded correctly now (not retroactive)
- ranged attacks use 2d distance checks (elevation bonus)
- rog armor and cloak models are now randomized
- rog armor and cloak colors are now randomized (yay clowns)

Please report wrong rog models (ie leather plate helm, foot helmets etc.) ingame, a gm has to inspect the item to fix this.

2018-08-02 Thursday

- Bosses in Tur Suil, Fomor City, Krondon, Darkness Falls, Crystal Cave, Avalon City, Iarnvidiur's Lair and Trollheim have special effects now
- Myrddraxis moved into Fomor City
- Glacier Giant, Evern & Green Knight are more relaxed now and arent that aggro anymore
- Beliathan got a facelifting
- DF Mobs got special effects too
- Theurg ice pet nuke duration increased/fixed

2018-08-01 Wednesday

- mez dampening tool tip fixes
- pets / mobs should no longer debuff / buff forever
- sorc charm release fixes
- double cast of buffs / debuffs should by mobs should be fixed
- bd minions should be able to move when only the commander is affected by cc
- amnesia and confusion no longer work on raid content
- raid encounter can now yell for help
- raid encounter will BAF as intended, regardless of pull group size
- raid content will ignore challenge mode
- rune of decimation fixes
- range checks for pet target spells (target = pet, like enchanter / cab pet buffs)
- consignment merchant fixes (housing not yet enabled)
- can no longer build past the intended garden size (housing not yet enabled)
- Sever the Tether fixes
- more garden fixes (housing not yet enabled)
- more new toys for raid content
- pet incombat speed buff fixes

2018-07-29 Sunday

- Galladoria initial scripting
- Tuscarian Glacier initial scripting
- Caer Sidi initial scripting
- Doors are less hateful
- proper LD behavior mostly restored
- mobs only drop items for the correct realm
- volley fixes
- weaker conc buffs no longer overwrite stronger time buffs
- stealth is no longer broken by 0 damage spells

2018-07-26 Thursday

- sm pets now intercept
- necros now have a base spell crit chance like other list caster
- account vault items can be delved
- damage against sitting targets has been increased
- charm should not pulse while mezzed
- mobs no longer "turn" towards guarder / intercepter (and thereby failing positional styles)
- mob ghosting should be significantly reduced
- mid dragon spawns messenger again
- animist arborial spec had tangler at 22, now it's correct at 21, the 22 bomber should now be usable
- higher guild ranks should be able to remove lower guild rank members
- lfg messages have a 10 second timeout
- advice and trade messages have a 5 second timeout

2018-07-25 Wednesday

- removed int from affecting animist fnf turret damage
- many minor dragon tweaks
- pet aggro transfer to owner has been significantly reduced
- more animist verdant pbae aggro fixes
- getting cc'd no longer automatically puts the weapon away
- pulse spells correctly clear after logging out
- rez sickness persists after logout
- attacker count no longer reduces spell resist / miss chance in rvr combat (vs players and pets)
- charge fixes
- various other minor fixes

2018-07-24 Tuesday

- legion kills count as legion kills and not dragon (works for existing kills)
- item utility shown in delve
- pulse / flute mez interrupts on resist and application (pulse still stops in both cases).
- armor rog fix
- initial dragon behavior
- aggressive animist main pets no longer attack grey mobs
- pulse charm resists on already / still charmed pet should not put you in combat (should happen on consecutive resists though)
- delving items to battlegroup chat
- record /random roll results and list the first recorded result per player
- /serverinfo also shows days in the uptime

2018-07-22 Sunday

- various minor ra fixes: Volcanic Pillar, Shadow Run, Battle Yell, Concentration, Bladedance
- dun ailinne keep doors are attackable
- level 35 players (shown yellow, gray after death) always give rp
- one saving error cause fixed
- various minor spell edge case fixes
- sm snare pet procc fix
- 100% rp when dead
- rp formula / distribution changed (solo - groups of 5 gets more, groups of 6 remains the same, groups of 7 and 8 get less)

2018-07-21 Saturday

- bd max combined pet level fix
- heal / reg bomber fix
- battery of life fix
- pet stun immunity fix #2
- necro zoning fixes
- no reward for greys
- frontier wide kill messages (all realms)
- option to set 100% sell back value for specific items
- various animist pbae spec fixes, aggro specifically
- player hp is now instantly reduced to max health (applies to canceling con buffs, con debuffs etc.)
- various other minor pet and mob combat fixes
- Added Exchange Office NPC: Buy a token there & put it in your account vault for an easy money transfer to any of your toons

2018-07-20 Friday

- Spell damage fix (slight increase)
- Effects should remain after a relog (not server restart though)
- account vault fixes
- battlegroup / treasurer fixes
- keep guard archer behavior fix
- mobs now use styles
- added another animist shroom area cap check at end of the cast
- some spell duration fixes
- long shot fixes
- penetrating arrow fixes
- horses are no longer drunk
- whirling dervish fixes
- haste / celerity fixes
- FH affects pets
- pet stun respects stun immunity
- Epic Dungeons now have the correct Mob Health, Dmg & Respawn Timer
- SI Dungeons now have the correct Mob Health, Dmg & Respawn Timer
- World Bosses now have the correct Mob Health, Dmg & Respawn Timer
- FZ Dungeons now have the correct Mob Health, Dmg & Respawn Timer

2018-07-18 Wednesday

- Feather Encounter Kill Credits now persist through restarts
- Pet speed fixes
- Animist bomber variance fix
- Drawing your weapon on realm mates no longer sets them in combat
- Feather drop adjustments
- QC / MoC ignore existing interrupt timer
- Coexisting hastener speed shows disabled when a better speed is active
- Albion RR title fix

2018-07-17 Tuesday

- Alchemy: Hib recipes now should show the correct ingredients (dolomite, sapphire, etc)
- Alchemy: Removed Tears ingredients from Elixir of Might & Elixir of Deftness
- Weaponcraft (Mid): Fixed a lot of recipes, but still some are bugged. We are working on it.

2018-07-16 Monday

- Fletching: It is now possible to craft Harps
- Alchemy: A lot of recipes were changed and/or added. Many pots are now available in 10, 30 or 100 charges. Ancient stuff was removed from the recipes and replaced via Phoenix Tears. Added Unique Dyes & Weapon Lusters. All Dyes can be used for all materials now. Added Combi-Buff Potions and Combi-Regen Potions. Added 2 Reprocs: Heal value 130 and Ablative value 150.
- Concentrationbased Dmg shield works correctly now

2018-07-15 Sunday

- Cloak Bleach is now available on Dye Merchants to remove skin on RoG cloaks (Players with Catacombs models will only see this change)
- Various CC duration fixes
- Fix alliance creation
- Fix resist chant stacking
- Ignore works for lfg
- Advice is now the general realm chat
- Guards move back to spawn with max speed
- Mobs move back to spawn faster
- Higher guard aggro radius
- Reasonable guard follow distance
- Stealth opener (PA, Backstab) fix
- Items once dropped on the ground will no longer be deleted when picked up again
- No more eggs for 50s
- Air pet stun fix
- Some Interrupt fixes
- ABS RA stacking / coexisting

2018-07-14 Saturday

- Increased Respawn timers of many Feather Bossmobs and gave them some extra Power
- Caster AF fix
- Crafting secondaries fix
- Portal Keep door fix
- Eggs can no longer go into the account vault
- Quests can now have a return text
- Hot stacking / AOM fix
- Sorc RA dot stacking fix
- Fix unattackable keep doors

2018-07-13 Friday

- Pet focus pull is a lot more viable
- Spellcrafted items retain the bonuses after server reboot
- Applied alchemy procs remain on the item after server reboot
- Most pulse spells should have the correct icon now
- AF buffs should be correctly classified
- Bladeturn now shows a 3 second immunity
- Bladeturn override rules have been fixed
- Dirty tricks is no longer permanent
- battlegrounds count as fronter for the 30% xp bonus
- rog drop chance reduction
- root breaks on snare nuke
- df exits should work properly
- Social bonus now has a range check
- Solo mob kills drop token that you can turn in at your trainer for xp
- Splitting an item stack no longer causes the item to be lost after reboot
- Snare RA behavior fix

2018-07-12 Thursday

- adjusted respawn of mobs 60+
- pathing changes (a bit wonky still)
- /serverinfo
- rez sickness affects cast damage
- cast damage message should no longer be duplicated
- vw sawgrass (slash debuff after parry) should work
- rez sickness should half available concentration
- more work on keeps

2018-07-11 Wednesday

-Fletching ingredient "phoenix feathers" changed to "gryphon feathers"

2018-07-10 Tuesday

- Many concentration list fixes
- Necro facilitate painworking fixed
- BAF range increased
- Critical Strike added to rogs
- Tinderboxes / Campfire added
- Taunt effectiveness increased
- Fixed sorcs being able to have multiple pets
- We had to remove the owners of the houses. Please dont try to buy new ones. If you find a way into HZ, contact us. The HZ is disabled for a reason. Thank you for your understanding.

2018-07-09 Monday

- Fixed acuity
- Fixed some issues causing the player to crash
- Molochian Tempter in DF will stay on the ground for some time. Please do not report this as a bug.

2018-07-09 Monday

Quick note - Keep Rps have been lowered/disabled as we revamp our keep system.

-Fixed client crash bug in regards to horses
-Focus shield now working (hopefully)
-Fixed some spells being able to be casted while auto attacking
-Stealthed players no longer receive speed movement bonuses
-BD Buffer pets will no longer chain cast damage shield