Paladin Twitsting with AutoHotKey

Started 26 Feb 2019
by juhalanz
in Albion
Mon 11 Mar 2019 8:22 AM by Drakuz
if that hasnt scratched your skull - i just wont care beyond this point. some people cant be helped.

maybe you even think you talk without delays, here ill simulate this for you.


there you go, no delay^

put that in your Microsoft Sam and see what he tells you
now send that all in 64-bit parallel and not 1 digit at a time series/linear then you will get the point. ofcourse ill bet a plat that just went completely over your head =)
Mon 11 Mar 2019 8:41 AM by Drakuz
an example from 2009 post.

guy is trying to loop an obvious paladin chant.
he has 50ms delays between each chant, and a 10sec delay at the end.


delay = not repeat.
its just a freaking pause.
repeat, is a repeat. repeat is a loop.

and this is THE PRIME EXAMPLE of what is ILLEGAL.

so now im going to call your bluffs,
show me one reference of someone explaining your mythological version of a delay.
post, or i call BS
well.. wont matter ill call BS on anyone who has a problem with a AUSE: aka NOTHING, same effect as LAG.
its the repeat that makes it work.... that makes it... well repeat duh
Mon 11 Mar 2019 2:45 PM by darthenron
Drakuz wrote:
Mon 11 Mar 2019 8:52 AM
~eagerly awaiting,
yours truly,
hugs and kisses,

Did you just respond to this post 6+ times ?

Also, the AHK script that I mention has no looping or delayed setup. I'm at work, so I don't have the exact script to copy over, but I think its something like...

Send, {F1}
Send, {F2}
Send, {F3}
Send, {F4}

As you said yourself, it is "bashing" the 4 keys based on 1 key pressed
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Thu 14 Mar 2019 9:25 PM by Drakuz
it would be more efficient to use a /qbind to those keys, instead of having a 3rd party program to do the qbind for you
the only reason to not do this, would be to circumvent something...
suchas binding more keys to one key.

so by using AHK to perform an already-built-in-game function, you are implying that isn't the only thing you are doing with it.
Thu 11 Feb 2021 4:07 AM by Vkejai
Would you be able to qbind your chants and then record a macro off your mouse for example , pressing the qbind keys , setting delay to 0 ? Curious.
Thu 11 Feb 2021 7:02 AM by Sepplord
Vkejai wrote:
Thu 11 Feb 2021 4:07 AM
Would you be able to qbind your chants and then record a macro off your mouse for example , pressing the qbind keys , setting delay to 0 ? Curious.
Able, yes
Allowed, no

You are just proxying the illegal action that way...the end result is still "one input" --> "multiple delayed inputs ingame"

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