Gawaine roll call?

Started 16 Jan 2019
by Muradin
in Tavern
Thu 25 Mar 2021 6:16 PM by Crazyleo
Rollag wrote:
Sun 17 Feb 2019 2:08 PM
Hey everyone.
The good old days on Gawaine Hib were a blast.

I was in Braveheart for the majority.


We're my jam.

Looking forward to fun times on phoenix!

Another name I remember back in the day.
Thu 1 Jul 2021 10:48 AM by Herbal
I had over the years often thought fondly of DAoC and can't think of a game that came close to the ingenuity of DAoC.

Seeing this thread and the names within has helped to bring back more fond memories and it's nice to see.

After spending a lot of time in Albion in the days of yore I think it's time to give Midgard a go (and because Hibbies stink!)

I don't have the time like I used to but it'll be nice to get back into RvR. Look forward to seeing some oldies!
Wed 7 Jul 2021 4:20 PM by omicidi
Rinorik wrote:
Fri 22 Feb 2019 6:53 AM
Hib Gawaine

Main Chars
- Rinorik (BM)
- Ressa (Bard)
- Pesmerga (Champ)

- Blackthornes
- Eternal Warriors

What’s your disco?

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