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Started 7 Jan 2019
by Pedro
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Mon 13 Apr 2020 6:28 AM by soborg
nossk wrote:
Mon 13 Apr 2020 6:15 AM
It says
"v 1.126b Loading
Hit escape to exit the game"

And so far i've seen TOA and laby's backgrounds, idk if it's normal ?

Gotta run phoenixfixer.exe from your DAoC folder, see instructions here:
Tue 21 Apr 2020 3:05 AM by Cartesii
Hello !

i played the beta some time ago and want to play now. But when i try to connect i see different servers/regions? I thought its only 1 server ? Which should i chose now?)

Can i install an ui like derida and do you guys have such stuff here too?
Tue 21 Apr 2020 4:16 PM by chryso
Still only one server. Those are just log on proxies because some cheater who got banned ran a DDOS attack against the logon server and people couldn't get in.
If you look in the Support Center section there is a thread with links to UIs that work here.
Thu 23 Apr 2020 1:36 PM by Cartesii
Why my quickbars are bugging everytime on my friar when i lvl up? I have to put all stuff like spec af /haste again on it, bec. its overriding like hell with other spells?!
Thu 23 Apr 2020 2:03 PM by romulus
Cartesii wrote:
Thu 23 Apr 2020 1:36 PM
Why my quickbars are bugging everytime on my friar when i lvl up? I have to put all stuff like spec af /haste again on it, bec. its overriding like hell with other spells?!
Hi and welcome to Phoenix!
This is actually a known (and frustrating!) issue that concentration-based casters have in this version of DAoC. Basically, every time you learn a new spell-line, it messes up some spells on your quickbar. This effect stops happening as soon as you have learned all your spell-lines (around level 20 or so), but it does happen again if you respec and unlearn any of your spell-lines. So, yes, it is annoying but it is temporary!
Good luck and have fun on Phoenix!
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Fri 1 Jan 2021 2:17 AM by JamesFullard
This post will be about Albion and Midgard so I could post it in either Alb or Mid forums so I just came here. Mods if this is the wrong place for this please relocate it.

I just recently left live and came here, very glad that I did. I am getting the old school feel from this server (to an extent) and this is a good thing for me. I was only on live for maybe 3 weeks, just dinking around when a friend who plays here brought me to Phoenix. Up until those few weeks I had only played DAoC on Mordred pvp server, never playing on an RvR server so this RvR thing will be a learning experience for me. I am still undecided which realm I want to call my home (I don't like to realm hop). I kinda don't want to have but maybe 2 or 3 characters that I play. I have other stuff that I do online so I want to focus on a few toons only. So far this is what I have done ...

Midgard: I leveled me a Spiritmaster to 50. Fun class and wouldn't mind bombing zergs with it. My other character is either a Bonedancer or a Shaman (not sure yet). I'm thinking a BD in 8v8 might be a good class to ease into RvR with plus was one of my fav characters on Mordred. The Shaman is just something I have never really played serious before (along with the SM) so wanted to check that class out too.

Albion: Currently I leveled a Necro to 50 for farming purposes. I have two characters other than the Necro that I am trying out. The Sorcerer and the Cleric. I've only played a Sorc to 44 in the 44 BG on Live and Heal classes is what I have done in most of my past MMOs.

I'm still deciding which realm to choose as home but I have questions for both realms ...
All of these question - if a website exists that answers this please link it for me (I'm struggling here lol)
1) What are key "go to" items for alb and mid casters for 50 templates? Does Phoenix have a place online that lists specific must have template items that I can look at? Same question for the Shaman. On live I played Mordred so when template time came I just went to the Mordred forums, found a template I liked and bought it in housing or farmed key pieces. That isn't how its done here I see.
2) Where are the best locations on Alb and Mid to farm feathers?
3) Do we have quests that reward bounty points as rewards or is BPs strictly farmed in NF?
4) What other Phoenix things do I need to know that are not on live that I may not know?
5) on Alb, where is the best place for a solo Necro to farm high end RoG's that are good for templates?

I still have to decide which realm I am going to stay on, but for the time being I am forced to ask these questions for both realms.
Any websites that can be linked I would be thankful.
Sun 24 Oct 2021 3:41 AM by tigris67
How long does it typically take to be able to login once you've created your account via the launcher?

I'm excited to jump in, but I've received the confirmation email, clicked the link, and am even able to access the forums with the username and password created. I'm receiving "Invalid Username or Password" though when using that same login info with the phoenix launcher. (Been 2 hours since I created my account)

Edit: Ahh... the server is closed .

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