Kobold sniper hunter....best spec combo for damage?

Started 30 Nov 2020
by gotwqqd
in Midgard
Mon 21 Jun 2021 6:04 PM by iscrow
johneyde wrote:
Sat 26 Dec 2020 2:17 PM
Siouxsie wrote:
Sat 26 Dec 2020 11:38 AM
Melee hunter is kind of a waste now, with assassins being stupidly overpowered on this server.
I have played all kinds of specs, from 50 spear, 27 bow... to 50 bow, 27 spear... have tried sword spec + norse,
have tried dwarf + spear.. kobold seems best for the dex boost.

I think sniper spec is the best bet though, because let's face it.. hunter is not a solo character. You won't win vs
most classes anyway so really the only way you can get rps is adding.

Yeah there is no 2H Bonus for Spear, but i dont understand why assasins are allowed and kill you sometimes in like 10-15 seconds?
And why are our pet shit as fuck? And why we only get 5.0 bows and not 5.5?
Questions over questions

but back to topic i would go like this with rr5:

45 bow , 50 bm , 35 stealth, 15 spear

dex 4/5 , archery 4/3 , ip 3 , purge 2

I just do some tests at 4L6 with the cap gloves and Tuscar bow

On the one hand:

Archery 50
BC 43 (red speed)
Stealth 40 (i dont realy care for melee, im dead anyway and with 40 sometimes I can see them coming before they get me. It save me several times)

ADex 5
FE 5 (some luris die on 2-4 shots)
MoA 2
Purgue 2 (to purge on walls or so)

Dex 305 with yellow buf

Damage with crit fire: 494

On the other hand:

Archery 45
BC 50 (red dex/quick)
Stealth 35 (not rr5 just test so)

RA: same

Dex 320 with red buf

Damage with crit fire: 476

Will stay with first one, maybe it change damage at rr5. Dunno.
Mon 21 Jun 2021 8:10 PM by inoeth
cookie cutter hunter spec for rr5 is

44 spear
35 stealth
42 bc
31 bow
8 sword

with that you are able to kill most classes
with growing rr lower stealth and up bow

ah forgot: dwarf is the race to choose!
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Tue 22 Jun 2021 8:15 PM by Siouxsie
Sniper hunter is not viable on Phoenix. Believe me, I've tried.
The damage still sucks at 50 bow 50 beast.. Falcon's eye is badly broken too.
I've tried it all. Melee hunter you at least have a chance vs who you're fighting
(unless it's an assassin in which case you're pretty much f*cked)
Fri 9 Jul 2021 11:59 AM by Dakkhon
Melee Hunter is where its at. You have a much better chance against sins imo as well.2H sword or Spear. The damage is pretty good and yes your pet can make all the difference if used right. You still have to know your targets and play smart. I have tried so many diff variations on my hunters. I have 2 lol. Crit shot here is borked so your damage is crap and regular shot is ok but you have to really get that Dex up imo. FE is pure shyte and MoA is meh. Now that you cant really hit anyone in a group because they have just 1 tank well thats another nerf to sniper imo. Now you really have to choose your target even more carefully and you still may not ever hit anyone. But.....I love my archers and I will stick by all the dev nerfs due to crying about archers. It's my mission to piss these groups bitching about these archer groups which I have yet to see but maybe I should start making them and not solo. At this point I say either everyone roll hib archers and or group up for real and just start 1 shotting healers and casters with a group of 8 archers lol. Its like a regular group in RVR....except you have only one chance to kill your target and hope they dont spot you. One mezz and your done though. Unless you roll with a zerg....then....get my point lol? Good hunting all.
Mon 12 Jul 2021 2:13 PM by Rov
I'm running 40 archery, 40 beastcraft, 39 spear, 35 stealth at rr5 and i am very happy with it.

Just gonna drop 1 stealth at rr6 and put it into archery i guess.

Would be great with the 44 spear style + weaponskill increase, but i dont want to sacrifice too much in bow damage for now.

RR8 ill probably go 35 archery, 44 spear, 32 stealth, 42 bc and try that out to be a lil more tanky, kinda like the rapid fire for quick rupts.
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