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Started 2 Oct 2019
by Uthred
in Open Community Votes
Wed 2 Oct 2019 5:43 PM by Freedomcall
I think rather switching realm should be recommended than rewarding "loyalty".
I have already seen so many ppl who have no idea about other realms cuz they have never played before. They just cry over things that they would havent if they played it themselves.

But no realm timer is just a stupid idea, allowing all the grief players free ticket.
You guys all know there are ppl who enjoys trolling, and 1 stupid player out of 100 can make a mess.
Rules should be set to prevent those "bad" players and you guys should remind that everyone is not like you.
Wed 2 Oct 2019 5:56 PM by Shohdef
I'm voting for 4 hours. However, I feel that the timer should be shorter. Possibly even an hour.

On live, as I recall, there wasn't a realm timer. I feel like a 12 hour realm timer creates a possible aversion to trying out other realms. I currently play Hib right now, not because it's my favorite realm, but because I have people I enjoy talking to here on the green side. I often use Discord to my advantage to see if people are online, but Discord activity does not often reflect in-game activity. DAoC's overall playerbase is on average older than me (by at least a good decade) and most players learned about TS or Vent, but not Discord. Others straight up might look at Discord with great confusion and stray away.

So often times, if I log on and see friends, I'll probably stick around. Sometimes, I've wanted to swap to another realm to meet more friends and see what the populations of the other realms are like. But thanks to the timer, I'm locked out of experiencing this because if I log onto Alb, I'll get locked away from Hib. My friends might come on in a few hours, but I would be stick on Alb or Mid. I'm already a pretty hardcore Hib loyalist, but I don't like having options taken from me if I play once a day.

It's worth noting that spies will spy and a realm timer does nothing to circumvent it. There could be full time spies from enemy factions playing your realm all the time and you might not know it. They would just use Discord to get their message out to their guildies/realm. Second party chat services are the issue that Phoenix cannot hope to moderate, outside of the official Discord server. Anything goes and the realm timer won't tackle this issue.

Thanks for opening this discussion.
Wed 2 Oct 2019 6:10 PM by JaggedOne
I commend the devs for finally displaying some flexibility on this issue. However, 4 hours won’t fix the issue with NA time, and is still too much. Please add 1 and/or 2 hours to the vote. Or better yet, why not just change it to 1 or 2 hrs w/o a vote and see what happens and what the feedback is over the next month ?

I think there have been a lot of good comments in this thread and many arguments for a 1-2 hr timer, and I salute my fellow players for holding this discussion w/o trolling or other nastiness.

Looking forward to a reasonable timer (1-2 hours) in the near future !!!
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Wed 2 Oct 2019 6:53 PM by beatrix
Cerealz1 wrote:
Wed 2 Oct 2019 4:32 PM
4hr or 6hr it seems reasonable, and a good option to play different realm .
Don't need to have less than 3hr on server like this

Uhhhh wut? Do you not see how the population has dramatically declined? Do you not see how certain realms every day are more populated than others? Do you not see how NA time is horrible? Of course there should be a timer less than 4 hours...

And what is with people talking about realm loyalty? That is soooo 2003. People are here for RvR. Many people play all 3 realms so talking about realm loyalty is so dumb to even mention.

I agree with most, please just make it a 1 hour timer. It's enough time to prevent cross-realm shit (even though it's still going to happen no matter what the timer is) and enough time to prevent people from switching to another realm right away to talk shit to people.
Wed 2 Oct 2019 7:07 PM by Buv
4 hours is too long. Being handicapped to sitting on the same realm as every other 8man on certain nights with nothing to fight is horrible. Remove the timer and allow the 8mans to switch realms as needed to fight other groups that are out. Removing the timer will balance the groups that are out to fight.
Wed 2 Oct 2019 7:20 PM by Prometheus
I don't personally play any other realms but my thought is if one realm is dominating, other players may try to balance things out by playing a different realm if the realm timer is short enough.
Wed 2 Oct 2019 7:32 PM by Forlornhope
Prometheus wrote:
Wed 2 Oct 2019 7:20 PM
I don't personally play any other realms but my thought is if one realm is dominating, other players may try to balance things out by playing a different realm if the realm timer is short enough.

Or they'll hop to the dominating realm to reap the rewards of free rps, which I think is probably more likely.
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Wed 2 Oct 2019 8:12 PM by Pigleto
I think it should be a variable realm timer. If there are 50 albs 50 mids and 50 hibs, then timer stays at 4 hours. If there are 100 mids, 50 hibs, and 25 albs, it should be 4 hours to change to mid but 2 hours to change to hib and 1 hour to change to alb. This would be a better solution. What about a realm respec stone? Buy a stone for plat or feathers which would allow you to switch instantly. You guys always talk about how the economy is over inflated and how there is too much money. Make it cost 3 to 5p to change realms and you will take some of the money out and keep the realm hoppers from going over to the other side.
Wed 2 Oct 2019 8:15 PM by Killaloth
I would also have voted for a 1hr option if it was there. Or we coild give it a try for a while since it's quick to change things.

From the replies so far it seems that a shorter timer would make ppl happy and still address the issues raised in the 1st post of this thread.

If anyone can point out what is not ok with 1hr VS 4hrs plz do so in a civilized way, I would have expected something shorter to address the 8man balancing issues but perhaps I'm missing something?
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