Increase Shroom range in keep/tower raids to 500 from 300 which severely nerfs the main class aspect.

Started 11 Jul 2019
by Necrotic
in Open Community Votes
Tue 23 Jul 2019 7:24 PM by Isavyr
Druth wrote:
Sun 21 Jul 2019 8:23 AM
Leandrys wrote:
Sun 21 Jul 2019 1:22 AM
Or just do the same thing than live server, 1000 horizontal range but impossible to cast more than 300 units higher in the ascending vertical and no limit in the vertical descending, means attackerq can't cast shroom on walls but defenders can cast normally wtf is that horizontal cast range, custom changes related to whines ?

That would solve shrooms on oil area, and as long as you can't place shrooms inside inner keep, I don't care.

The 300 range was very harsh, even though I hate animists. No one would want such a nerf, even to his worst enemy.
I hope it is an emergency solution, just until they can find a better more permanent solution.

That's not true. Enemies of the animists should appreciate this nerf--it makes animists accountable for playing stupidly. Before, an animist could spam shrooms around the keep, threatening enemies, with total immunity for themselves. Now, you face a risk of being hit by AOE (rupted, and damaged) when you place shrooms--it's still very manageable, and I'm speaking from experience as an Animist.

Making the range 500 would remove the entire reason, I believe, for 300 range, which is that it makes the Animist able to be hit by most AOE (radius 350). Animists should not believe that they have a birthright to spam shrooms everywhere with total immunity. The changes to Animist are really good in keeping the class balanced, and thereby preventing RvR being severely damaged for both Hibernia and its enemies.
Wed 14 Aug 2019 3:08 PM by Luriella
Game Server: Up - Last Update: 1 days 4 hours 49 minutes ago
Albion:276 ]Midgard[/color:263Hibernia: 185

Nerfing Animist is the best way to make Hibernia weak again,
so it was on live so it goes here .....
Wed 14 Aug 2019 3:12 PM by Sepplord
Luriella wrote:
Wed 14 Aug 2019 3:08 PM
Game Server: Up - Last Update: 1 days 4 hours 49 minutes ago
Albion:276 ]Midgard[/color:263Hibernia: 185

Nerfing Animist is the best way to make Hibernia weak again,
so it was on live so it goes here .....


You necro this thread, to make an off topic realmpopulation argument, and all you provide is a snapshot of population?

At least you tried to put in effort and colorcoded it...but you fucked that up too

2/10 comment
Mon 19 Aug 2019 9:26 PM by Leandrys
He doesn't even need to give any numbers or pictures, hibernia is badly underpopulated for good now, doesn't have to be proved anymore. And yep, the shroom nerf did hurt the realm, really hard to tell how much tho, but it didn't help greens in anything, that's for sure. It's was a real bad and lazy nerf anyway, there was going to be consequences.
Sun 10 Nov 2019 5:26 PM by gromet12
They along with necros should’ve been omitted from server

Those two classes have caused nothing but balance issues from the day introduced by Mythic

Easier to balance vamps, and heretics
Mon 11 Nov 2019 2:09 PM by Razur Ur
shrooms nerf with only 300 radius is ok but gtae without los overall is allow. I cannot def vs zerg in a tower because of gtae dmg overall palitone is useless after 2 minutes of tower def versus albs :-(
Fri 31 Jul 2020 12:36 PM by jlxscholar
I think as someone who plays an animist... when you have 8 other animists around, you are already super limited in what you can do as a class. 15 shrooms max. You may only get to put down 2 + main pet.

Now I can't put them strategically on a wall. As if a couple of pets are game-breaking.

IF shrooms aren't meant to be an element of surprise to incoming enemies, or a way to defend an area... what are they for? They might as well be garden utensils.

As far as placing them on walls I don't see the problem. Its a max of 15 ... in a keep fight by a door with an advancing force that really isn't a lot to deal with considering all the advantages defenders have. A huge nerf such as this should really be community decided, maybe it was, but I can't see anyone truly voting for it.
Sat 1 Aug 2020 5:51 AM by ExcretusMaximus
jlxscholar wrote:
Fri 31 Jul 2020 12:36 PM
but I can't see anyone truly voting for it.

Really? Because I can easily see, oh, I don't know ... 66% of players wanting to nerf the other 33%.
7,881,878 | 4,708,489 | 3,049,781
Mon 3 Aug 2020 8:04 PM by Gildar
Animist nerf is a clear mistake.

No words.

Piling mistake on mistake could drive server to death ... ppl invest time and game currency (plats + feathers ... and so more time) to up and tp a toon and after that class was nerfed ... not a good politic

Tue 4 Aug 2020 6:57 AM by Sepplord
so, according to that logic, nerfs should never happen

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