Welcome to Phoenix - a Classic inspired DAoC Freeshard

Started 17 Mar 2018
by Vivien
in Tavern
On March 1st, 2018, all developers and all but one WorldBuilders of the Origins team, who have created the actual server since November 2017, have decided to start their own project due to internal differences.

During this process, we were able to recruit even more Devs and WorldBuilders, resulting in a big and highly motivated team.

Using Patch 1.65 as a basis for our development, we have already implemented some changes and a big chunk of QoL’s and we are discussing many more internally. To keep you constantly updated.

We want you to be involved! Please let us know about your ideas and suggestions.
Please note that ALL changes will be tested thoroughly and are not set in stone. Depending on feedback and tests, they might be changed, adjusted, added or thrown into the bin 😊

We want to emphasize, that you are the most important part of this project and we promise to keep the information coming, to answer all questions to the best of our knowledge and work with you as close as possible.

We will start with the 1st closed Alpha on March 23rd.

Depending on the progress of the 1st alpha phase, we will announce further dates for open Alpha/Beta after completion.

We are looking forward to providing you with a hopefully enjoyable game experience. New information will be released regularly via Discord, Facebook, Twitter, and our Forum.

Your Phoenix Team
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