Siege timers are absolutely broken

Started 29 Aug 2023
by IdiamVonGawaine
in Tavern

Repair is impossible on keeps or towers due to the fact that it only takes ONE player to put the keep / tower in combat by doing something trivial like hitting the outer/inner with a ranged attack once while it's below 90%, or to use a pet to pull and kill guards, which resets the timer.

I have watched a keep and tower remain under combat and impossible to repair for over an hour, despite the fact NO enemy are actually trying to take it. This was NEVER a part of the original game, and eliminates any advantage of owning a keep or tower.

Tue 29 Aug 2023 5:46 PM by Lundarian

Working as intended

Thu 31 Aug 2023 5:45 AM by IdiamVonGawaine

Intended for idiots? Sure.

The game never had siege timers at launch and you could repair at any time, which meant you had to have a force large enough to out dps anybody willing to repair. This created another aspect of team work as people would be willing to sacrifice their gold for wood to repair keeps.

Having a repair timer doesn't make sense. Period. Having a repair timer that can be initiated by some lone archer killing a single guard is just idiotic.

As it stands now, you can take a siege engine, aka catapult, and cat down every siege engine on a keep or tower, and the oil, and you won't trigger a flame. However, if you pull some guards the keep / tower gets flamed and nobody can repair anything. That's just pure stupidity.

It makes no sense at all for a keep to have ALL its guards, NO siege on the doors, NO attackers, and yet it's not possible to repair doors because some lone dork kills a few guards. That's just poor game design, poor gameplay, and never existed in the game at all.

Siege timers should depend on siege engines actually sieging the target, or groups of players sieging the doors or defensive siege engines. The total time should be significantly reduced to say, 3 minutes, as opposed to the current 6 / 7 minutes ridiculousness that exists at present.

As it stands now, the timers just make for terrible game play, and we're all here because we love this 20+ year old game.

Mon 4 Sep 2023 2:19 PM by Lundarian

You do realize without timer that a single person could keep 4fg+ or whatever is necessary, from damaging a door more than 5% in a timespan of 10 seconds as long as they have sufficient wood on them, which btw. weighs nothing on Phx, and can be portably vaulted.

Fri 8 Sep 2023 10:32 PM by IdiamVonGawaine

The assertion that a single player trying to repair a door could out repair the damage from 4fg+ is absurd, especially if those groups are albs with their ridiculous pet zerg to supplement ram damage.

Siege dps always out performed repairs in the game, and it would take multiple players repairing a door at the same time to come close to slowing down, or matching, the damage of a single full ram. And that was before savagery pots.

Regardless, if players can't make repairs during siege as they could in the past, then the repair ability should be made available to keeps and towers as soon as they are no longer under siege.

Fri 8 Sep 2023 9:44 PM by Bulwye

ofc Lundy dont think its broken he run aound with his pet and take treb/pali down in towers and keeps super easy i think alot of thing in rvr are broken. BG Bulwye

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