New player on Albion

Started 18 Jun 2023
by stealthmagi
in Tavern

I found my old Prima guide while cleaning and I really missed the game, retail was so bogged and ruined my experience. I found this little gem and I've been having a great time so far be it only level 7, but if any guilds or discords are around Id be down to hang out and make some friends! Always loved the community, lets bring it back.

Tue 4 Jul 2023 2:17 PM by Bri

We've been dabbling in Phoenix on Alb for a bit, here is our discord, we don't have a guild on Phoenix yet, but a few of us play and will be in Discord if we are. Feel free to join in

Oh I probably should tell you the Server name is Random Hypoxia 😛 it didn't say it in the link......

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