keep wall

Started 8 Sep 2023
by Bulwye
in Tavern

i dont get it why devs not remove siege wall players can damg wall no fire come on keep why have this is game when its bug pls remove it again then we dont have this problem. they only way albs take keep is set up cata on inner gate from outer side wall then they make a hole in wall i realy miss they old way where u need to take outer gate down then inner gate. this siege wall was not on this server when it starte up but came in game later on and it was bug from day 1 it came to the server. take a keep should be hard to do but with this wall thing its easy mode to take a keep BG Bulwye

Fri 8 Sep 2023 9:30 PM by svinsk

yeah, it´s seems pretty stupid to implant something that dosen´t work, and yes was not there from start, implant something bugged and not able 2 fix it, just remove it

Sat 9 Sep 2023 5:54 PM by Heimdar

Guys, it's pre alpha for season 2. They probably put it in to get some testing done on how to fix it. Chill.

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