Guild auto promote

Started 16 Apr 2023
by bbarnett2504
in Tavern

Will there be an auto promote function for guilds who's gm's have been inactive for a prolonged duration or have left the game without transferring/promoting a replacement?

Wed 30 Aug 2023 3:22 PM by Pustekuchen

refresh, ask again for me ^^

Wed 30 Aug 2023 7:16 PM by Beckett

You will need to contact a GameMaster once the guild, as a whole, if there are several active members, have decided on a new Guild Master. Once the Gamemaster has reviewed the situation they will decide if a promotion to Rank 0 is appropriate or not. If there are recently logged in rank 0 accounts then it is likely to be declined. Note that this can also apply if the rank 0 has been playing on a different realm.

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