bug abuse

Started 14 Nov 2023
by Bulwye
in Tavern

again Albs take keeps by useing bug abuse and GM dont do anything. i got SS how Albs take inner gate down with out outer gate is down. outer gate is 89%. Alb setup siege tower now where inner gate is down outer gate is 89%. if Mid or Hibs do this we get band for good i think this is 10-12 times now Albs do bug abuse for takeking a Keep. i did make a report on Discord a long time ago and the GM band me from Discord. this is the 14/11 2023 and Albs can can still do this keep take with out the get Band. this is realy A Big Problem for this server GM do Nothing to Albs bug abuse. i got SS of all players and gates and what Players do. i realy hope GM band dose Players this time as its realy Sucks big time if Players can bug abuse. if ppl want to Cheat then go and play CC. Cheat in DAOC is killing the bedst game ever made. i hope the guy there hold/made this server do somthing about this. this is the bedst server sins live server pls stop this bug abuse. BG Bulwye

Tue 14 Nov 2023 4:58 AM by IdiamVonGawaine

Yup. They did that to get Nged the other night when my char logged in there. I guess they did it again to take it a day later, and will probably continue to do that until there are no more hib keeps.

That's fine.

I'm done with the server until / IF it picks up, so they can enjoy playing with themselves. Between class imbalences, exploits, and lack of players, it's just not worth it atm imo.

Tue 14 Nov 2023 5:13 AM by thedozer

Strange the double standard going on. Hibs did it to take the relics and it was fine, but if albs do it to take them back it's an exploit somehow?

Reality check time, this isn't an exploit, it's how the siege has been working in pre-alpha. Towers and keeps go on fire at 89% door health, which is what the outer door at bolg was before sieging the inner with catapults. It remained on fire intermittent while guards were killed.

Also, if it wasn't on fire--how or why did a hib show up to defend it? It was also successfully defended by this hib.

Tue 14 Nov 2023 5:23 AM by Bulwye

u are right about hib it was cheat when they took relic i just want this cheat to stop hibs did it 1 time alb do it all the time. if ppl do it all the time then its a big problem. when i took a gate down there first come fire on at 79% i did see fire at 90% or 89% but i have all ways think that was a bug as 99% of the time i took a gate down fire came at 79%

Tue 14 Nov 2023 6:28 AM by thedozer

Read my post again, you can do it. Specifically the first part of the second paragraph. I believe in you.

Tue 14 Nov 2023 1:44 PM by IdiamVonGawaine

That hib was me, and I parked toons in Nged to farm guards and keep the tower door down that was being held by the mids. When I logged in, you guys had trebbed down the inner door and busted a hole in the wall, which the devs told us was an exploit months ago....which is why we stopped doing it.

Tue 14 Nov 2023 4:49 PM by thedozer

The exploit is attacking the walls without damage to the outer door, which meant there was no flame on the keep.

Thu 16 Nov 2023 4:37 PM by fureusjorj

Whether crying hibs are there to defend our proper keep takes or not, we are having a great time and some newer players are learning alot. Feel free to whine to your hearts content.

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