Best Practices for Leveling Alts Efficiently

Started 12 days ago
by gregbowers
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I'm starting on a journey to level up some alts in Play Phoenix, and I'm looking for advice on the most efficient methods to expedite the leveling process. As a seasoned player, I understand the basics of questing, grinding, and dungeon runs, but I'm excited to learn any advanced tips that could help me level my alts more quickly .

I'm interested to learn: Classes of Alts: Warrior Current Levels: Level 25

My primary goal is to level up my alts efficiently without sacrificing too much enjoyment or immersion in the game world. I'm aiming to reach endgame content as quickly as possible to participate in group activities and endgame progression.

While I'm open to various leveling methods, I'm particularly interested in learning about power-leveling techniques, efficient questing routes, and any lesser-known strategies that can speed up the leveling process. Any tips that offer exceptional experience gains would be highly appreciated.

I want to level quickly, but I also want to experience the game content and lore. Like many players, I have real-life commitments, so I'm looking for methods that maximize efficiency within a limited playtime.

Any addons or tools that can enhance the leveling experience or streamline questing/grinding processes. Your suggestions would greatly benefit my alt leveling journey.

Thank you in advance for your help !

Thank you gregbowers

11 days ago by Ecclesia

Will start with command: /task realm

Under Long Term PvE section you got specific mob types and their current XP bonus, maximum bonus is 200%, so you can go straight to camp with ones currently listed with 200%. You can even choose to combine this with mobs who can drop XP items and do both.

RP's are shared account-wide so focus on main char and push it a bit, it would definitely help your alts with basic RA's.

7 days ago by gregbowers

Hello Ecclesia,

Thanks for your reply !

7 days ago by Ecclesia


im literally on same boat as ive started fresh on Phx after few years break.

Didnt expended on other tips, two above were ones most impactful for me while starting. You shouldve found answer to more of your questions already just from playing, but you may ask me ingame if you are still missing some infos.

Im playing on midgard and while im online im not hidden, so '/who all' works.


7 days ago by Sarkon

Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this since most of the threads seem old, but considering you have been active in the last week, is the pre Alpha open now? I followed the 'play' instructions and everything worked as expected until the last step when I click the play button the webpage it fires up the launcher and says 'Unknown game client version'.

6 days ago by Ecclesia

Phoenix require file game.dll version 1.127, which you need to copy to your game folder.

Ive used myself file from Open DAoC which i had installed and just copied and pasted to official DAoC install folder and 'Unknown game client version' vanished and been able play on Phoenix.

Forgot to answer that game is currently in Pre-Alpha: Online

Works smooth and without big issues, im not using discord so cant give you recent updates, but im playing and testing right now different classes on Midgard.

6 days ago by Sarkon

Thanks for the quick reply. Following the instructions, the retail version must be on 1.128, so I am not sure how to get 1.127, any suggestions? I found 1.125 in my old phoenix game folder, but that didn't work.

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