Anyone here from the old U.S. Guinevere server?

Started 20 Dec 2018
by Siouxsie
in Tavern
Thu 20 Dec 2018 9:16 AM by Siouxsie
I played Midgard on Guinevere and I was in a guild called 'The 8th Tribe'. Anyone else here used to play on (U.S.) Guinevere?
Thu 20 Dec 2018 12:00 PM by Haelgrim
Yes, there are a few of us Vigilance peeps running around still.
Thu 20 Dec 2018 2:59 PM by Dimir
Guinevere was the first server I played on, pre-SI. I know my first 50 was an Infil and then I realized I wanted to do group stuff and re-rolled to Mid Percival but I probably played some Thidranki toons there as well. I mostly just remember how everyone feared Rel Por.
Thu 20 Dec 2018 8:49 PM by Turtle006
I played Alb Guinevere, guild was Dark Auspices. I was not a big RvR player, but my roommate and wife played a lot.
Mon 24 Dec 2018 8:41 PM by Siouxsie
Wow I remember Rel Por.
The best was fighting in old old Thidranki map (before the map "revamp" and it may have been pre-SI. I played a SB there. Can remember taking the keep and then defending the bridges. Great fun!
Thu 27 Dec 2018 9:26 PM by Dun_Dulind
I was on Guinevere with a Ranger I played with some work mates - nothing big, just some after hours grinding. Didn't do much RvR but looking to change that once Phoenix goes live.

Need to start a thread on US players and what realm most are playing... guild lists... etc.
Fri 28 Dec 2018 2:19 PM by Cir
Cirena the Cleric from Legion of the Lady (2nd owner).
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Sat 29 Dec 2018 4:42 PM by glyph
I played Guin Midgard as well! I was in the guild Karma...I remember the 8th Tribe, good group of folks. And hard to forget Rel Por.. Good times, fun to reminisce!
Mon 7 Jan 2019 12:58 AM by Mike504
I was a runemaster named yoyomai in Heorot when I played mid/guin. I vaguely remember 8th tribe, definitely remember rel por although I was hib guin when they were a guild. Remember karma also. I ran with obliteration a lot back when jeryvn I think was his name was leading a lot of raids and such.
Tue 8 Jan 2019 2:59 AM by glyph
Nice, I definitely ran with Oblit a bunch with Jervyn and then Abbey - we must've crossed paths at some point.

I'll be on Mid with a few buddies for the launch. Will be much more casual than the old days, but if any Guin folks are on we should roll together!

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