The Sky Is Really Falling This Time

Started 24 Jul 2021
by gruenesschaf
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Sat 24 Jul 2021 2:51 PM by Kazimir
@staff - für das kostenlose Bereitstellen des Servers und für viele angenehme und positive Features kann man sich nur bedanken

Schade das ihr es versäumt habt ein ausgewogenes Kräfteverhältnis zu schaffen, schade das es diverse Features gibt die möglicherweise viele Spieler vergrault haben ... Realmwechselei, Porten im RvR-Gebiet, ROG System, Style-Changes, was auch immer - viele Leute sind euch von der Stange gegangen. Schade das ihr den Server runterfahren wollt - DAOC ist open End und es ist jammerschade dass Charaktere nebst investierter Zeit im Nirvana verschwinden sollen.

Den Server runterfahren ist echt das Letzte!!
Sat 24 Jul 2021 3:07 PM by spacetoner
Thank you for running this server! I got on a little late in the game (ha)...don't remember how long ago...but had a FANTASTIC time. I always rolled with the changes because hey, FREE FAIRLY OLD SKOOL DAOC! What else could I want? As others have said, best game ever. To be able to come back and enjoy it as much as I have on this server is a gift I will always appreciate.

Much love to the FoA peeps. I joined that guild and have had a lovely time trying to improve my game while learning from crazy great players like Legenderry and others. Super thanks to the Good Fellas I ran into, as they were always exactly that. I ran with one of their groups in RvR one nite recently. I kept getting lost, falling into the water in the center of...sheesh I can't even remember the name of that place. Anyway, they kept coming back to me and helping me out, and never reminded me that I play like an idiot half the time. But for me this game has always been about having fun. Yeah, I wanted RPs and "prestige" (whatever that is worth in what is, ultimately, a video game), but what I always wanted was to enjoy the game I love more than any other I have ever played, and probably ever will play.

So, again, very much.

I do want to know if Phoenix rises again, or if something new comes from you all.

Cheers...Albion forever (tho I have a few Dirty Mids and Stinkin Hibs :-D )!

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Sat 24 Jul 2021 3:11 PM by sh0ck
It was a blast. Thanks for bringing me through the pandemic and giving me the opportunity to refresh my memories and travel back in time.

@devs, you are great talents, hope you enjoy your well deserved free time and I'm looking foward to see you on Phoenix II in a couple of years
Sat 24 Jul 2021 3:18 PM by Romanas
Absolutely heartbreaking... I only just joined this year and spent so much time already T_T
It is what it is though.
The server populations have been dwindling particularly over the past month or two; Probably is best to extinguish a tiny flame rather than let it simmer down to weak dying embers.

I truly hope someday Phoenix rises from the ashes once more.
Sat 24 Jul 2021 3:32 PM by romulus
A Love Letter to Phoenix
Thank you, thank you, thank you devs, world builders, GMs, and players for the absolute pleasure that was Phoenix 1.0 !!! <3
I am thankful for all the hard work that you guys and gals put in to give all of us DAOC grognards a place to call home for the past 3-4 years.
I am also thankful for all the friends and guildies that I've met along the way.
Many of them are no longer with us, having left for one reason or another along the way.
I want to say thanks to all the folks that took the time to join us in Thidranki over the years, and in Molvik when that was a thing.
To my Thidranki family, you guys were the greatest and I loved playing with you all.
To my guildies who found refuge with the Knights of the Hospital at some time during the last 3 years, let me say that you were the greatest, and it was my privilege and honor to have been your guild master for all that time.
The friendships that I've made, or that were discovered again, are what I carry away me.
For some, Phoenix-DAOC is just a game, a past-time, something to do to fill the idle hours between work and sleep.
For me, it was something else.
It was an important part of my life.
I met and lost the love of my life on Phoenix.
While I always tried to be helpful and supportive of the community, I am sorry for any drama that I caused, especially in these waning days of the server.
To anyone that I may have wronged, or slighted, I am truly sorry.
Most of us are joined together in this journey we call life by our shared love of a funny little game called Dark Age of Camelot.
For a time, Phoenix has been home. Replete with family, friends, and good neighbors.
Take care, my friends, my guildies, my realmmates.
I pray that we may all meet again under the furling banners of DAOC someday,
somewhere where we can rejoice in the sight of a familiar face, a loving embrace, and regale each other with tales of past battles, past exploits, and past loves.
Thank you, Phoenix,
for everything.

Tamlan Tenderheart, the Heart of Albion
♥ Tamlan Tenderheart ♥
Sat 24 Jul 2021 3:34 PM by Tharlin
What is that "upcoming freeshard project"?

Did not get any information about anything and could not find any informations so far.
Can anybody help me and tell me where I can find informations about it?
Sat 24 Jul 2021 3:35 PM by Tharlin
Romanas wrote:
Sat 24 Jul 2021 3:18 PM
I truly hope someday Phoenix rises from the ashes once more.

I think that is what a Phoenix usually does!
Sat 24 Jul 2021 3:52 PM by Nephamael
Thanks to the DEVs for bringing the best DaoC i have played yet!

You guys did make a ton of awesome changes to make a game that has many natural flaws last a lot longer than expected.

I am unsure, if a DaoC-server can last forever, without a reset, but you came close.

The only criticism i hope you can accept for a future server would be not doing enough for solo-content as a fundamental content, everyone can fall back to, if they don't have a zerg or group. - I think if you did better here, you could have prolonged Phoenix's lifespan by at least a few more years.

I would have liked to see the final version of balanced style-changes and maybe you can still fix the biggest flaws to inspire the coming freeshards with a few good changes and bring those experiences into your own next project.

Thank you for all your work!
And thanks to all the players for playing this awesome old game - it is you that make it a fun experience to play!
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Sat 24 Jul 2021 4:06 PM by Topenga
I'm going to keep it rather short... thank all of you boys and girls for your time, effort and dedication.
If the need arises and the Phoenix rises again you know how and where to find me
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Sat 24 Jul 2021 4:31 PM by Ugramu
With all the amazing work done on Phoenix it might be wise to maybe RAR/ZIP everything down and share it so others can build upon it as a base for new servers or just playing alone. I presume this server is using DOL Server as a base so technically all that has to be share out is the database (excluding user data) and maybe some client hacks.

Please don't let the ship sink, if possible share out your work and Phoenix will in one form or another live on forever.

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