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Started 24 Jul 2021
by gruenesschaf
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Sat 24 Jul 2021 11:16 AM by Moahr
Zunächst möchte auch ich mich für die schöne Zeit auf Phoenix und die Arbeit des ganzen Teams bedanken. Es war ein wunderschöner Flashback in alte (Classic-) Zeiten mit dem ich eigentlich nie gerechnet hatte. Fast alle Features und Komfortfunktionen waren sinnvoll und haben das Spielen sehr angenehm gemacht.

Bis auf wirklich sehr wenige Ausnahmen war auch die Community wirklich toll und hilfsbereit. Gemeckert wird immer und überall und die anderen sind sowieso immer bevorteilt - insgesamt war es aber sehr ausgeglichen und gerade die wirklich epischen Zerg- und Keepschlachten waren phänomänal. Auch an den Zergleitern wurde oft herumgemosert - auch hier weiß jeder (hinterher) alles besser - dennoch möchte ich mich auch hier gerade bei jenen bedanken die die Leute Abend für Abend zusammengebracht haben und einen nicht unerheblichen Teil ihrer Zeit darauf verwendet haben das im RvR etwas geht.

Sicher, durch Corona hat der Server vor gut 1,5 Jahren einen kräftigen Schub bekommen, ich bin selbst auch erst dadurch hier gelandet. Es ist die letzten Wochen leerer geworden. Ich denke aktuell ist durch das schöne Wetter und die allgemeine Ferienzeit generell weniger los und die Spielerzahlen würden sich danach wieder etwas steigern. Daher ist es wirklich schade den 31.08. als festes Ende schon vor Augen zu haben.

Die am Ende genannten "Teaser" auf zerstörbare Keeps und Türme klingen interessant - da wären sicherlich viele nochmal dabei. Ich hoffe ihr könnt mit diesen Ideen und der Erfahrung des aktuellen Servers etwas draus machen.

Vielen Dank - schön war's - hoffentlich kein Abschied auf immer.

LG Moahr / Chris

PS: Ich hätte noch knapp 3 Mio Federn rumliegen
Sat 24 Jul 2021 11:21 AM by Zik
Thank you for that amazing freeshard, I've spent thousands of wonderful hours meeting amazing players from all around the world and having lot of fun thanks to all the QoL you implemented. I'll keep excellent memories of this server for long. I wish you all the best.
Zik, from Belgium.
Sat 24 Jul 2021 11:22 AM by sav
Thanks to all involved and all players on the server. For the most part it was a good and fun time and some of the ideas and events were great, even if they probably did more harm to the server than good. E.g. the PVE event, which is really great, but takes away the complete incentive to level normally in PVE if you could just wait a few weeks and become lvl 50 and rr4+ in a fraction of the time. And you also have more fun than camping a mob spot. Same for the 5vs5 and 8vs8 events at Primetime, that dragged a lot of the action away from the main rvr zones.
Maybe you could have waited a bit with the announcement until it was really clear what the new freeshard would be and when it would come, or even until winter to see how the population would develop. Summer months are always rather difficult anyway. But well, now the news is out, let's hope that the server will be halfway populated until the end of August and that Phoenix will do its name justice and rise again from the ashes at some point.
Sat 24 Jul 2021 11:50 AM by exveer
The selfish part of me is really sad to see my toons be wiped away in a cataclysm of recurring deletes, but I get it. Thanks for all your work and generating a universe that allowed for some great memories and allowed for the creation of long lasting friendships.
Sat 24 Jul 2021 11:54 AM by aLittleGamer
Ok, free servers have a short lifetime.
But, you can help the community by making your work on code Open Source like DOL Server,
cause not all changes were that bad to be forgotten.
Sat 24 Jul 2021 12:06 PM by Lerox
Thanks for the good times and your dedication to make the server possible, even if you faced harsh feedback sometimes.
See you all soon somewhere else.
Sat 24 Jul 2021 12:08 PM by mrdaoc
This old man is very grateful for the 100s of hours of good fun I have had since first day Phoenix opened it's doors!

To Uthred and the team - I thank and salute you all.

To my fellow Albions - I thank and salute you all too.

To the enemies on Mid and Hib I very much enjoyed killing you on the rare occasions I was able to!

All good things come to an end eventually.

Best wishes everyone!
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Sat 24 Jul 2021 12:09 PM by Bry
First off, thank you so much for the time spent creating this server. It was great coming back and playing old school daoc with some quality of life improvements (Phoenix eggs, task items, 50% power regen penalty removed, faster regen when sitting, craftqueue, and many more). You all have done a wonderful job of creating and managing a community.

Second, say it ain’t so. Population has dropped off during NA time from 600+ a night to just recently 300+ a night due to other mmos having expansions or being released, summer, and other reasons. While I know the population of any game will dwindle over time, it was stable for an incredibly long time on Phoenix. The style changes seemed to have a large impact on population recently. I know some change needs to happen to keep things interesting. I think the rvr tasks were a great way to keep gameplay fresh without changing the core game. It became the game within the game and the task system hasn’t changed in a very long time. I’ve played here consistently since launch and will be sad to see it go.

Third, if there is someway to leave the server up, that would be awesome. There seems to be a core population that wants to stay. EU time still has a strobe 800+ population.

Thanks again
Sat 24 Jul 2021 12:14 PM by gian
Thanks Uthred and team for the hard work you put in.

I had a blast!

see you all on the next up and coming daoc incarnation guys!

Sat 24 Jul 2021 12:20 PM by Killaloth
Thanks so much for everything you've done for DAoC, you've set up the best shard I've played on by far. It was a pleasure to go back in time and play once again what for so many has been their favourite game ever. Good memories, good buddies and some v. good fights especially during the events.

I'm sure there is no need but feel free to circulate your CVs, requirements like full/part remote and ideal company profile. I'm more than happy to return the favour and hook you up with some headhunters here in the land of Albion

Good luck with your future endeavours guys, chapeau!
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