The Sky Is Really Falling This Time

Started 24 Jul 2021
by gruenesschaf
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Sat 7 Aug 2021 2:26 PM by boridi
Faltain1 wrote:
Fri 6 Aug 2021 3:04 AM
I won't get started on the changes to the loot system, nor will I prattle on about the Kill Task system or the XP item turn ins (both of which have positives and negatives attached to them). I at least sort of understood those features.
You even started seeing people using their XP bonuses from PVE dungeon clears to screw over casuals further, (something I could've called a mile away happening). If you have systems in place that discourage casuals from sticking around, and encouraging the people who treat this as a second job, you only have yourself to blame when the casuals stop logging in.

The kill tasks and xp items helped casual players. How does instance bonus screw over casual players? They can group with someone and get the bonus. Either way, leveling and farming were fast.
Sat 7 Aug 2021 8:17 PM by Fram
Hey guys,
I loved playing on this server and want to thank the devs and the community.
This was really fun, hope to see you again sometime soon.
Mon 9 Aug 2021 8:57 AM by SlowMo
Well, had some really nice evenings on your server.
I Really appreciate the efforts and work you guys and players put together.

Would love if you guys send some emails out to your community, if you are going to set up a new server. since you got all our mails anyway :-)
Maybe just rethink some changes you did :-)

Cheers Mo
Mon 9 Aug 2021 12:34 PM by Greenangel
Was really great fun thanks for helping me recover a bit after looseing my dad to cancer and now i have a 2 year old boy as well.
Got admit since lockdown ended and with a baby boy i been playing less and less and stoped for a summer brake.
Very sad hear about server . But i got plenty keep me busy in real world and got work lots and lots like everyone these days in this modern world to stop socity totaly collapsing .

Thanks to everyone on the server and all there free time they put in to make it possible..
Life is short have fun.

see you all in the dark ages of the future
Mon 9 Aug 2021 8:01 PM by Delgado82
where do i start man i know that phoenix wasnt perfect but honestly what game is and ever will be. I didnt like some thing but i really really really enjoyed playing with every single person on phoenix and that means even the people who who destroyed me some days lol. I havent played any other game since phoenix announced its closing an hell i havent even sat at my computer since now. Honestly at the end of the day i have so many great memories with daoc/phoenix. i always looked forward to loggin in to get destroyed by a stealther or even gang banged by a small man/8man lol. I'm really sad that phoenix died and i cant play with any of you anymore. Im bummed just writing this and wish it wasnt true really but i'm going to miss everyone of you guys and i am in limbo right now video wise but guess eventually a game will come into my life. Nothing will never replace Daoc for me.

Thanks everyone for the memories and fun

Michie signing out
Mon 9 Aug 2021 9:06 PM by s3b
Just logged in to pay my rent and found the server almost empty. Wondering what happened I saw the news. I'm sad to see this server go. Thank you for everything! Take care.
Wed 11 Aug 2021 4:20 AM by Adelchi
I haven't logged in Months and I read the news.
I just wanted to say thanks to the devs and community, this has been the best free shard I have ever played in (and I played all of them I guess).
The attention to the player experience was incredible!

A few things I never saw anywhere and I think could be food for though in the future:
- rvr/pvp events of 8+ players per group (extend group limit to 12-16 and if it goes well more)
- pve 8vs8 instances (or even roaming in the map) with very high xp bonus. Mob "group" roam around and have cc, heal, tank, caster and such
- longer term rvr/relic/invasion to avoid boring grinding of the same keeps
- drastic change of setup/playstyle following seasons (like conqueror's blade ones)
Wed 11 Aug 2021 9:11 PM by florin
Thank you to all the team and players. Hope you see you all again.
Mon 16 Aug 2021 8:40 AM by whitewolf253
I'm heartbroken to see it all go. I hadn't gamed in years, when I found out about Pheonix I went out and bought myself a really nice gaming laptop just to play and never have the "lag" I always had back in day on 56k when I first leveled someone up (2001). The memories here were great, the experience was exceptionally positive for me. I genuinely hope we get a 2.0, if so I'll be there.

Cheers to good times. Cheers to all that made the experience truly great, I salut you all.
Tue 17 Aug 2021 5:30 PM by Der_Eisbaer
Dear Devs,

thank you so, so much for creating and maintaining Phoenix!

For me, this was peak DAoC, hands down!

Would love to see you creating perhaps an even more perfect version of Phoenix 1-2 years in the future... who knows!

Until then, wishing you all the best, and God bless!

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