Will Phoenix work on M1 MACS?

Started 26 Oct 2022
by Xadoom
in Support Center
first of all thanks to all the Devs for this new adventure, once again you are giving life to our beloved game.
I enjoyed a lot playing on the first Phoenix era, and now would like to join on the new season. That's it, in the meanwhile I had to change my setup and I'm now writing from an M1 Mac.
Has anyone experienced to play on the shard through Crossover, Parallels or anything else?
Or maybe Devs may you answer me directly about it?

Thanks for all!
Fri 28 Oct 2022 1:30 PM by Numatic
According to some it should work on parallels but idk. Could always try the original client on a trial account and see if it works.
Fri 28 Oct 2022 3:52 PM by Beckett
There were definitely players playing Phoenix on Macs but as to who or how many I couldnt say. Most of the time it was just mentioned in passing as an incidental. They never to my recollection came to me for support regarding it. Given that, I would assume it wasnt that difficult to get Daoc/Phoenix running on a Mac and providing Schaf does not make any radical changes to the Phoenix login/client then it should run again in the future.
Sun 6 Nov 2022 1:11 AM by Delegator
I ran Phoenix under Crossover on an intel x86 MacBook Pro and it worked quite well. No idea how well Crossover runs on M1.
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