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Started 16 Jul 2021
by mmartin13
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I ask this before but cant remmber what i need to do me and my son just move and now it the time wher he can join me on phoenix and try the game so what do i need to do to make sure noone of us get ban for playing from same ip ?
Fri 16 Jul 2021 6:07 AM by Sepplord
-both of you need their own PC, every account can be used on as many different PCs as you like BUT one PC can only use one account. So your son needs a fresh PC that has not been used for Phoenix-daoc before

-when you are both playing, make sure noone goes AFK for longer than ten minutes
-when one of you is AFK, don't play both characters (aka i just reached over and pressed the heal button and went back to hitting mobs on my account)
-best "to be safe" option is: just log out whenever you need to go AFK for more than grabbing a coffee in the kitchen or going to the bathroom

The specifics are unknown (only people who already were tested could tell you more) but apparently when the staff suspects you of multiaccounting they will port both of you to a seperate location and you will have to follow "easy" task. "easy" for a real person, not easy when you would have to do it on multiple PCs simultaneously

And just my personal advice as bonus, for dealing with staff: When aboves situation happens keep in mind that there are two different POVs. From your POV it is a one time event and you want to invest as much time as needed to make sure to prove your innocence. For the GM it is one of many annoying things they have to deal with, that takes away from their freetime they could be playing or coding or whatever. They want to get over with it. That doesn't mean they don't care about banning someone innocent, but it does mean they might not want to go into endless discussions and/or negotiate some obscure other test idea you just had
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