Error message when clicking Login: "No proxy found, please try again later"

Started 31 Aug 2021 by
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Tue 31 Aug 2021 10:03 PM by Cohacq
I havent played in a while so I just downloaded the Daoc client. I have downgraded my install with the Phoenixfixer. Anyone got any ideas what it is about?

EDIT: Just found the post about the server shutting down. Meh.
Fri 22 Oct 2021 7:15 PM by Montakill
Hello to all the team,

i'm a former player i'm trying to reconnect, but i have the exact same error message, can you help me please,

thanks in advance.
Sun 24 Oct 2021 9:03 PM by Vladimorte
So there is any other servers that can be played ?
Mon 25 Oct 2021 3:07 PM by Gloti
Not here not yet. You can chose another freeshard like Brotherland2 or Atlas.
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