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Started 3 Jul 2021
by tucker
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Sat 3 Jul 2021 6:11 PM by tucker
Hello. My boot up drive died about a month ago. Luckily DAOC Phoenix was run off my data drive that didn't die. Finally got around to getting into the game today. Found the Phoenix launcher shortcut in the DAOC folder (because the one stickied on my desktop was gone). Launched it, went through the reauthorization process. Loaded up the game and to my surpized the first thing that made me go "Oh no!" wasn't my missing house. It was that all my hotbar icons were gone. all my message and game settings were back to the default. Like i was just logging on for the first time. Everyone knows setting up these settings takes time. But doing it for dozens of charaters is just criminal. But beside that the most important thing is my old hotbar setups. Thats the big one. I know they are still saved on my computer, or at least should be. Why isn't the game running those and is there a way to get them back?

Also. my discord is having similar problems. I DLed discord and it logged me in under my old name but there is no settings i used to have, no servers, no friends. nothing. SO i don;t even know if i am how i am on there right now as my name has a number after it that i don't recall. Anyway point is, if this can be resolved on the forums as opposed to discord that would be great.

Sat 3 Jul 2021 11:02 PM by Kurbsen
it sounds like all your bars are gone since they are saved in your roaming file under your main drive. you can type %appdata% in your search bar in windows to open your roaming file, then find electronic arts and then find all the .ini files that daoc hotbars are saved under. There is a good chance that all these files are gone tho since the default save for them is under your main drive. Is your old drive completely dead? did you reformat it? If you can still access any files from it you may be able to copy/paste all the hotbars still from it. If not, just gotta redo them all.
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