C'mon folks.....

Started 27 Jul 2021
by Dakkhon
in RvR
We all know its going down but damn you all just bailed immediately lol. We should at least do something before the last day like everyone get on and take a massive photo to remember this great server. Something to say thanks for running a server for us all to play on. I don't know.......anything lol.

Anyways I had a great time here on Phoenix with a few issues but still massive fun. For free no less. I am going to miss it and hope that it returns very soon. Atlas will be a bit getting online so there will be a period for all of us to do something else. Phoenix come back as soon as you can. Best free shard ever imo. Nice playing against all of you and side by side all of you in RVR. I will still log in until the last day even for just a few minutes. Take care all.
Tue 27 Jul 2021 5:12 PM by DJ2000
28. or 29. August (Saturday/Sunday)

Some big roundup event to meet players from every realm in Celestius and fight the Uth, gruenes and co. Sure why not. Would be down for that.
Wed 28 Jul 2021 4:13 PM by Enyore
This has indeed been the best freeshard ever made.

It will be missed.
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