Most iconic Mid class

Started 9 Jul 2021
by Gadoch
in Midgard
Fri 9 Jul 2021 11:58 PM by Gadoch
Hi Guys,

After playing almost exclusively on Albion since 2001, I wanted to try Mid.
But I'm rather undecided on the class.
While I know I don't want to play a healing class, I also don't want to play something that would be too much of a mirror class.

So, in your opinion, what is the most unique/iconic class to play in Midgard?

Alb 50s:
    Moustick (Infiltrator)
    Ghyna (Minstrel)
    Mouscout (Scout)
    Moustafarm (Cabalist)
    Ghwoni (Wizard)
Sat 10 Jul 2021 11:45 AM by inoeth
ExcretusMaximus wrote:
Sat 10 Jul 2021 2:25 AM

Bonedancer and Thane.

pretty much although i think thane>bd
i mean come on Thor!
Horg solo Hunter Einherjar Lone Enforcer ~42,8% solo kills
Eik solo Shadowblade Flammen Fru ~50% solo kills

newest project: Gael SlaveKnight rr4 Infiltrator (atm 52% solo kills )

Quidquid agis, prudenter agas et respice finem.

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