Midgard's swords specialists need love

Started 5 May 2021
by thomyg
in Midgard
Wed 5 May 2021 3:02 PM by thomyg
Midgard's swords specialists need love

Hello fellows,

i play since my begin on this server with sword specialisation for some of my char, not because that's OP or broken, but because, i like the skins and tools bringed by this specialisaiton.

But, after 1 years of PvP, i see two things who disapoint me in this spec in PvP :
- the skill effect order in the side chain (haste debuff -> slow). (when others realm are inverted)
- and the skill effect on Ragnarok. (haste debuff, when you hit an opponent in the back, it's not really logical)

In this spec, comparatively to the others, no control skills effect are in opening. (slow, stun) And all know that to pass more than one skill in chain in real PvP situation (like one guy who are straffing, circling, running in many direction, ...etc) isn't easy, or impossible in some ways.

That's why i would try to suggest to change some little things to bring this spec more efficient in PvP, and perhaps give him back popularity.

Controls are needed when you are on contact to your opponent, and actually :

Situation One :
When you try to "stun" someone ,
- fisrt your must have a shield spec. (not possible on all mid light tank class, comparatively to the other realm, exemple battlemaster, mercenary,... etc)
- if you aren't shield spec, you need to bock and pass the second skill in the chain... but why i should wear a shield if im not shield spec? That's make any sense here. (Exemple : Hunter can spec in sword instead of Spear, but can't spec in shield like the scout.)
- You can also stun in the Left Axe evade chain if you are Zerk or Shadowblade.
But, that's not the point here because your opponent aren't hitting you.
Conclusion One, stun isn't possible on demand for "none shield"'s spec char.

Situation Two :
When you try to "slow" your target,
- first you can use the "any time" chain, Assault->Baldur's Fury (so 1 time on two you break your slow to keep him again close to your)
- second you can use the side chain, Northern Lights->Aurora (but if you are not shield spec, to slam him before, many time you will see your oponnent moving/flee, so you hit the wind with Aurora or if you are lucky, you miss the hit, block, parad...etc)

Conclusion Two, "The slow" is very dificult to pass in sword spec cause of the skill effect is in the second skills in the chain comparatively to the others.

Here, I suggest 3 improvements to give a little balance in this Sword spec,

- to invert the skill effect in the side chain, slow before haste debuff Northern Lights->Aurora. (to stick with the others realms logic) and give the higher haste debuff on the second skill of the chain.
- to exchange the anytimer (Assault->Baldur's Fury) for a front side chain, with 1 skill with haste debuff, and second one with short stun 2sec. (let discuss the duration, probably to stick with the 4 sec stun in opening, with others realms?)
- to give the slow effect on Ragnarok back side skill (50 in spec is high skill lvl who need a good pvp effect, haste debuff is already present in the others chains)

What do you think about it folks?
Wed 5 May 2021 3:12 PM by Blitze
Sword n Axe need help.

I admire people who use sword and axe over hammer in RvR, in the same way that I admire people who play sport in flip-flops.
Wed 5 May 2021 3:30 PM by whitewolf253
Axe and sword definitely need some love, sword most of all. Give Ragnarok a nice DD proc like Aurora Borealis in Left Axe and switch the block stun chain to a parry chain for all but Hunter and shadowblade. Switch axe block stun chain to a parry stun chain, and call it a day. That alone would make the specs a lot more viable, especially 1v1.

Keys to hammer preeminence: low endurance cost anytime with a bonus to hit, rear snare, some decent damage parry chains, and a parry stun chain. The parry chain is nice, especially for a zerker so that a stun chain is possible in both evade (LA) and parry (hammer). Also doublefrost uses a ton of endurance so it's nice being able to switch to Provoke hammer style once endurance is low.
Mon 17 May 2021 8:30 AM by thomyg
Thx for you reactions, need more support, i hope Midgard will not be forgotten.
Tue 18 May 2021 7:46 AM by byron
GMs announced styles changes so just a little more patience and let's see what we'll have
Fri 2 Jul 2021 5:41 PM by thomyg
Warriors how do you feel after last change on Sword spec?

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