Skald Guide - Work in Progress

Started 14 Aug 2020
by Catkain
in Midgard
Mon 22 Mar 2021 5:17 PM by Tomthabom10
Hi there! New (wannabe) skald here. I made one in the event and really like the play style... but I am broke. I have a shaman for farming if need be, but about how much does a standard average temp go for a Norse skald? Not looking for top tier temp (yet), just something that I can get by with while I RR up and save up money.

I tend to lean more towards solo/small man play as well if that makes a difference!

Also, I know TG vest, SI neck, and D/Q debuffing 1H hammer are musts, anything else that’s reasonable?

Thu 27 May 2021 7:27 PM by sh0ck
Thanks for the guide!

It there a more offensive RA selection recommendable?

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