Enjoying shard and open for playing and testing on Hib

Started 18 days ago
by Ecclesia
in Hibernia

Hej, recently joined and started playing fresh, enjoying the shard for a while now.

As you may have noticed been roaming some time on Mid side, but asked myself recently why not to give a try with hugging trees and touching grass (been doing both irl anyway xD) on Hib side and maybe help bring back some balance to land.

Status Still keep logging

Update on what i can help with to new players testing Phx on Hib:

  • got acc with RR 3L5
  • got lvl49 Animist
  • when im online can participate in various activities, be it PvE or RvR testing
  • opened house at Ayrshire Glen Lot 3808 | Porter | Vaults
  • use command /rearrange Thank me later xD
  • i suck at pvp and still having fun so feel encouraged to try Phx out
  • funds ~ 2plat 972gold left

Characters of mine you can party with:

  • Hugging Trees lvl49 Animist

Update on what kind of help i would be thankful for on Hib:

Current state of realm Hibion


Thanks to team still running Phx shard.

17 days ago by Ecclesia

Hibernia is lovely land.

Never knew that leveling-up on different realms got different sound xD

15 days ago by Ecclesia

Will play some tonight.

13 days ago by Ecclesia

Dinged 35 last night and can finally work on some RP's.

Going to roam some here and there.

12 days ago by Ecclesia

It feels like home, at Domnann. Wish we had tree hacienda available in housing zone.

10 days ago by Ecclesia

Will be online for a few, until faceplanting keyboard xD

7 days ago by Ecclesia

Cant go wrong with breakfast roaming.

7 days ago by Ecclesia

Opened house at Ayrshire Glen with Lot 3808, got Porter and Vaults.

Surrounding is beautiful.

4 days ago by Ecclesia

Hard to tell if its late night or early morning roaming xD

3 days ago by Ecclesia

Finishing some quests but will also roam.

9 hours ago by Ecclesia

This evening will push towards 50, 3L5 and some crafting.

Semi afkish but you can always log, say Hi and deliver some hugs.

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