friar spec after styles change

Started 29 Jun 2021
by pepan
in Albion

i'd like to respec my friar, due to styles change.
i've looked into the forum and identified a few different viable specs that interest me, and i'd like your opinion about them plz ..
it's for a 8v8 /smallman friar.

A/ Strongest healer :
43 rejuv
46 enh
18 staff
7 parry
+ -> 3 secs cure NS, 43 heal that is strong and costs no mana, back snare !! and side stun 5 secs
- -> no red cold resist, low staff dmg.

B/ Strong healer :
41 rejuv
48 enh
18 staff
5 parry
-> same as before, but looses the op 43 heal for red cold resist. remains the 41 heal, high mana cost.

C/ Hybrid :
34 rejuv
48 enh
29 staff
6 parry
+ -> gains the 29 dd side style, which is a chain (can't spam it after 5 secs stun, but still good dmg), all useful red resists
- -> much lower healing power, looses the 3 secs cure NS

D/ Staff Hybrid :
34 rejuv
45 enh
34 staff
1 parry
-> same as before, but looses red resists for the 34 anytime style

So plz, express your opinions ! But plz, give pro/against points : we all know that there is no such thing as THE ONLY template, and that daoc offers different possibilities for different game styles !
Tue 29 Jun 2021 5:20 PM by pepan
or even

E/ healing- staff :

43 rejuv
35 enh
34 staff
10 parry ..
+ -> op heal, dmg on staff ..
- -> loss of red resists , last af spec, last endo reduction & minus 5% armor absorb ..

this could be the one, but still .. big trouble here, help would be welcome plz !
Tue 29 Jun 2021 7:35 PM by Magesty
What is your goal with the character? Do you have an 8v8 group that will invite you regardless of spec? What do the people you are planning to small man with play?

When you’re looking at playing a hybrid DPS/healer like they’ve made the Friar into these type of questions are pretty important to ask before considering spec.

If you’re unwilling to solo and don’t have a set group of people you are planning to play with then you want to pick the spec that will maximize your acceptance in PUGs. I can’t personally speak to what that is specifically, but I suspect it doesn’t involve much more than 18 staff.
Wed 30 Jun 2021 5:18 PM by averok83
Solo staff specs :
No heals : 7 rej ,45 ench, 39 staff 27 parry
With better little healing utility : 16 rej 45 ench 39 staff 23 parry

39 staff for 8 sec stun is enough
45 ench is enough , no need red celerity i tested it , no worh the point spent.
7 rej for dise and dot healing
27 parry yes take more parry you can , parry is life for a solo friar , work fine with evade as defence , and work with reflex attack.

Remember to buff str because Banish proc scale with strength , yes , more str more dmg.. thanks DEVS... if wanna put your comment about this , there's a open issue in here:

Wed 30 Jun 2021 6:14 PM by labra
Would go 39 staff, 45 enh, 23 parry and 16 rej as solo. A small heal proc can help a bit
Tue 20 Jul 2021 7:21 AM by Magantus
I respecd my friar to the followed:


Ok what is good so far:
for PVE you can quite heal with the back anytimer and the side style is a decent dmg maker.

rvr: almost useless heal abilities. you need to go melee and the dmg is not as good to make the loss of the heal abitlies comparable but it depends on group.
its more to be a buffbot with some healing abilties.
Overall I would say the style changes are nice but the heal procs before were better. It is more useful in friars general setup with whirling staff, reflex attack etc.
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