Armsman fun idea

Started 4 Jun 2021
by Dakkhon
in Albion
Ok I know most will say it wont work blah blah blah. I get it but I am looking to try things out of the box for fun for ME. So for all you armsman out there or any tank players that main them here is my question. What spec would you go for a pure defensive armsman. For solo play and bridge humping and that sort of thing. I have heard it before that it will not work but just humor me if you would do it how and why. Initially I am thinking Crush/Slash and 42 shield and very high parry to max % chance to parry and Lg Shield for defending against multiple attackers.

Again this isnt for group play just solo and just for fun. What are your thoughts folks? Good hunting out there and remember to have fun.
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