Question re Necro Facilitate Painworking

Started 2 Jun 2021
by kanshi
in Albion
Wed 2 Jun 2021 5:18 PM by kanshi
The duration of FP is 6 seconds. I recall on live I can, with high cast speed, quickcast 4 spells while FP is active. But no matter how high I make my cast speed here on Phoenix it seems I can only quickcast 3 spells. I timed it with a stopwatch and it takes me about 3-4 seconds to cast 3 spells but I would be interrupted after that despite FP being still active. Is there a hard cap of 3 spell for FP here?
Wed 2 Jun 2021 5:57 PM by ExcretusMaximus
It's hard capped at 3 spells here, but you can cast less than that with poor timing or low dex.
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