First healer: cleric or friar?

Started 23 May 2021
by dalinvar
in Albion
Sun 23 May 2021 5:40 PM by dalinvar
Wanted to roll my first healer. From friar I like the idea that sometimes I may change playstyle from full-healer to hybrid melee-healer.

Is friar going to have any chance to get invited in 8v8 (as full-healer) or that spot is just for clerics?

If answer is yes i'm going with friar. Otherwise with cleric.

ps. any must-have addon as healer? I'm totally newbie
Sun 23 May 2021 6:13 PM by Kurbsen
most competitive alb grps run 1 cleric 1 friar these days.

As friar you will be the designated cure NS in the group. You have greater heals now, and can help peel. They are a solid pick.
Itachi - Bard
Mon 24 May 2021 8:23 AM by Centenario
Friars are mainly a ranged healer, you will peel, very occasionally.
1% contribute 90%
Sat 3 Jul 2021 7:01 PM by torr071
cleric, the other choice is called 'gimp', they lost the friar title at release.

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