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Started 22 Apr 2021
by Klasker
in Albion
Thu 22 Apr 2021 9:01 AM by Klasker
Hi all,

So I have been trying to find a good scout spec, at the moment I am playing the classic sniper...

50 bow
45 shield
35 stealth
15 thrust

I am RR 5L8 at the moment, is this just the spec to continue with? or is there any alterations with more into the melee that are worth it as a scout?

Sun 25 Apr 2021 10:51 AM by Dakkhon
Thats pretty much the cookie cut spec and I ran that for a long time on my scout b4 I gave up. Its not bad for sniping and its good if you get a group that understands your class and you know your role within it. I love the scout class and its my fav archer but here on phoenix its pretty much busted. Play it for a while and if you like it roll hard with it imo. Ill just say after making 4 archers here I find the hunter is the best followed by the ranger and its not that far behind. Self buffs and pet are really good here and the melee of the ranger and hunter are far superior to scout.

But to answer your question again yes that spec is fantastic especially for starting out and well into the higher RR. Stealth may be a bit low at first but that is not an issue if you play to your strengths that phoenix gave the scout. Your 5L8 so this is not an issue here. Sniping is your best friend and kill everything that is red. BG or solo anywhere. Pop and shoot all the enemies and the RR will come. Shoot even camp beno are. Its a hot spot for activity and wanna be 1 vs 1 fights. Not sure why they try it there but they do and you can just RF all of them. Disregard the crying from the bridge humpers who want to fight solo...its war. Kill everyone and everything. Dont go melee until at least RR5 imo (which you are)....and even then. Try grouping and learn how to fight by interrupting the enemy from the back to mid ranks. Dont worry about big damage because you will not do any of it. Its about helping the group/BG by shooting every caster you can see starting with all healers and CC classes. That is your gift as a archer and if done right you will earn respect from your group/bg and the hate from the enemy as they will find you and gun for you hard. Stun melee classes off your healers and cc when you can and die if you have to to save the group imo. If you win you will get the RP's and the rez to continue.

Good luck out there and most important have a blast. Again I love all my archers but the hunter is just really good. Hope to see you out there!
Tue 27 Apr 2021 7:02 AM by Klasker
Hi Dakkhon,

Thank you for replying, i am just tagging what ever I can as I move around found out yesterday even as a solo scout on a keep take, it can be quite fun, placed my self in a position to see the casters resting for mana in a tower, and could just sit and peel 1/2 shot the casters down while they were regening. Quite fun and effective.

What is your thoughts on Volley, is it worth getting now after it has been nerfed? I am considering ditching long shot to take volley again.
Fri 4 Jun 2021 4:49 PM by Dakkhon
Volley got nerfed so I dropped it. But if it fits your playstyle then go for it imo. I have to be honest though I stopped playing my scout a long time ago. Hunter with self buffs are the bomb. I am stronger on my hunter at RR6L+ then my scout at 7L4. Even melee hunter I do very well. Keep up the fight though. I will be back if they make changes like give scout self buffs. Good hunting my friend.

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