Seasons -- realm-point-handling - share RP for account only partially

Started 28 Jul 2022
by chewchew
in Suggestions

Option #2 for the realm-point-handling seems to come second in the Discord vote: 'No carry over whatsoever but RP becomes Account-Realm shared, just like crafting skills.'

I suggest a modification of this option: put only a partial amount (e.g., 30% of non-task RP) of RP earned into the account-realm-wide pool

Motivation for this suggestion: The original option #2 of account-realm shared RP would help with keeping the motivation to keep playing throughout one season. But I also see big downsides to it:

  • It would increase the entry-barrier of starting the server mid season enormously -- You would start at low RR while literally every other character that started earlier is much higher in RR than you.

  • It would only accelerate the gap between more casual players and more sweaty players. With the non-shared RR casual players can decide to focus only on one char to get higher RR while playing new chars is like a natural reset for the non-casual players. And I would guess that the feeling of starting on a level playing field is one appeal of fresh server starts -- this would be gone rather quickly.

  • It would further increase the gap between more experienced+organized players and less experienced/casual players; E.g., experienced and organized players would have it more easy to switch on a better counter-setup while w/o account-realm shared RR they would have the malus of being lowRR on this counter setup. *(WARNING -- highly subjective opinion and wording following!) It would curl my toenails to see random stealth players farm RR on a BG char, then switch to their stealth toon and still make balance-suggestions like 'i invested 5 month of the season to pl my stealth toon RR and still am not able to oneshot every other class in the game, plz fix!!1111'

  • the suggested modification of taking only a partial amount of RP earned into the account-realm wide pool would somehow weaken the downsides I mentioned above

another personal point: -A big positive point for a non-seasonal server for me was the possibility to slowly advance multiple characters in all three realms; DAoC is an old game and for me one selling point of the game is the community -- all the nice people I met over all the years playing the game but who are scattered among the three realms. At the end of phoenix 1.0 I had a few characters at a comfortable RR in all realms and so I was able to join friends in all realms. However, with seasons possibly lasting only 6 months and even with account-shared, but realm locked RP I would not be able to have characters in all realms which would take away a lot of fun and motivation to play the game.

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