KM Center keep.

Started 22 Jul 2021
by Shamissa
in Suggestions
just a couple ideas....@Uthred and Schaf , how about add the 2 main lords missing? would be very nice once that realm take the keep would reward with lets say 20k feathers plus items dropped from the king and queen? plus the defense and or taking would be a lot more excited , also since we are in that phase of low pop , players would be excited to see some more rvr bonus if we would have like a quest to take the keeps instead of run in just an empty keeps every day and get huge rps bonus anyways plus feathers if is gonna be that way give us a quest like a lord would be the quest i forgot now what kinda quest would be but i will post as soon i remember.
pictislayer there's a main mob purple pics that drops great weapons and other goodies , we could have that set by the pics camp every realm has one. Anyways i am just looking for some ideas. Since we have KM i think we are missing those 2 lords.

Thank you for reading anyways,
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