End-of-Season reward: easier future templating

Started 26 Jul 2022
by Wareth
in Suggestions
Restarting from scratch is fun.
Doing pve & scraping housing for days to have a chance to find that one rog that fits perfectly, not so much.

To incentive longtime players to play every season without giving them an edge above newbies, an end-of-season reward could be handed out which makes future templating easier. The Mytherian slot could be used, and it would continuously grow in power with every new season.
Here is an example:
After reaching, say, 7L in the first season, the reward would be +5 all stats whilst wearing the Mytherian.
Then, if the player reaches 7L in the second season, the Mytherian would give +5 all stats as well as +2 all resist.

EDIT: by seasons in mean the resets during Phx2
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