A game that kills AHK

Started 24 Jul 2022
by Roto23
in Suggestions

It's kinda interesting how people have there little wants and diswants. I'm no exception. So here is my odd ball want. I would love a game that kills AHK. I want the best player to win. Not the best scripter

private void cmdKillAhk()
            var ahkDriverProcesses = Process.GetProcesses().
            Where(pr => pr.ProcessName == "AutoHotkey"); // without '.exe'

            int i = 0;
            foreach (var process in ahkDriverProcesses)
            //MessageBox.Show("i=" + i.ToString());
Sun 24 Jul 2022 4:27 PM by gruenesschaf
What about all the other ones, like autoit. Or the keyboard / mouse software for all the various keyboards / mice that have built in macro support.

This approach is pretty much useless.
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