Hey guys, thank's again for the great time on Phoenix.

Here is a goodbye gift for you, i crafted for Atlas with the help of a few other guys - i hope it will help Phoenix 2, if Atlas should fail

The idea is a Effort-based RP reward system for everyone who goes out in RvR/PvP and loses.

The more you go out, the more you should get rewarded.

Those RPs can only be obtained whenever you /released, so they can only be obtained for losing a fight - and they will always be less RPs than what you would have gotten for winning for obvious reasons

The goal is to soften the hurt for everyone in PvP/RvR, if they lose. This should especially help casual players and those who play at the lowest winrates in DaoC's open world RvR/PvP. They should feel at least a bit of progression for actively playing.

The best way to implement Effort-RPs would be a small flat amount and a large effort amount (% max HP dmg dealt) and a hardcap depending on groupsize.

The hardcap of effort RPs would always be the maximum reward of killing your own groupsize / 2.

Effort RPs would only be given to the loser, never to the winner, the winner gets the kill RPs instead (which is more than enough).


Flat base amount: 25 RPs + 25 RPs per group member the enemy group has more than yours
= 8v8 flat amount 25 RPs
= 8v1 flat amount 25*8 =200 RPs

Flat RPs hardcap = 200 RPs


Effort amount = RPworth if enemy was killed * %maxHP dmg dealt (cap at 100%) /2
RPworth is the worth of the enemy for a clean kill, this value depends only on:
-groupsize of the loser
-RR of loser and winner

The effort part RPs are calculated for every individual damaged player, regardless of their groupsize.
For players you did not damage you can only get the flat amount, if they are in the group of someone your group attacked or who attacked your group and 0 effort amount.


= 1v1 10% dmg dealt = 25 flat RPs + 1000 RPs * 10% / 2 = 50 RPs
25+50 RPs = 75 RPs

= 1v1 50% dmg dealt = 25 flat RPs + 1000 * 50% / 2 = 275 RPs

= 1v1 100% dmg dealt, enemy survives = 25 flat RPs + 1000 * 100% / 2 = 525 RPs

= 1v60 0% dmg dealt = 60*25 RPs reduced to 200 RPs (hardcap)

= 1v60 60 people hit with VP or aoe DD, etc = 200 flat + 500 effort RPs (hardcap) = 700 RPs

[the hardcaps prevent suicide aoedmg abuse]

Let's say killing 8 players in a 8v8 is worth 1600 RPs. = 1 potential kill is in average 200 RPs.
= 8v8 = 25 flat RPs + 10% dmg dealt (to all enemies individually, for the example we did the same 10% dmg to everyone) = (8*200)*10% / 2 = 105 RPs

= 8v8 = 25 flat RPs + 50% dmg dealt = 8*200*50% / 2 = 425 RPs

= 8v8 = 25 flat RPs + 100% dmg dealt = 8*200*100% / 2 = 825 RPs (effort hardcap = 800 RPs)

(this would mean your group did 10%, 50% or 100% damage to 8 individual enemies, in reality you will do 15% to player1, 50% to player2, 80% to player3 and so on, each of them would add a individual different RP amount into your effort pool, calculated with the formula. = 200*15% /2 = 15 RPs for player1; 200*50% / 2 = 50 RPs for player 2; 80 RPs for player3 - if player3 is high RR maybe he is worth 300 RPworth = 300*80% /2 = 120 RPs)

=max 8 vs 16, 8 vs zerg or zerg vs zerg reward = 1000 RPs (800 RPs effort hardcap + 200 RPs flat hardcap)

As you can see, the bigger the group, the easier to reach the hardcap of the Effort-Reward.

All Effort-RPs would be realised only after /release. (at the moment you respawn)

If you get kill RPs for player x, your gathered effort reward for, effort damage vs player x resets to 0. (You already got kill RPs for him, those will be higher than what you could get for effort RPs.)

[no rezz farming and only for a lost fight, no matter the size of engagement]

A much easier way to encourage constantly going out to RvR/PvP would be to simply make the participation /task tick every 10 minutes instead of every 30 minutes.

However i like the effort approach better, as it encourages fighting over suiciding.

GL in the future and i hope if nothing else this is some food for thoughts!