Small buffs for solos

Started 23 Jul 2021
by Nephamael
in Suggestions
Fri 23 Jul 2021 7:02 PM by Nephamael
I think some small buffs for solos would help the overall server PvP economy to stay healthy.

1) reset timer on buffs/charges after /release for solos = timer 0s

2) port timer to 0 sec for solos

3) 125 RPs per PvP death, with a cooldown of 3 minutes (must not work vs guards) + bonus RPs per dmg dealt

example1: getting overrun 6v1 without dealing any dmg = 125 RPs

example2: fighting a 1v1, the enemy solo being left with 1% HP = 125 RPs + [99% RPvalue (lets say 1k RPs) /2] = 125+500 = 625 RPs.

-reasons for the RPbonus for lost 1v1s: If weaker classes/lower RR solos get encouraged to keep playing solo, then action will be better.
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Fri 23 Jul 2021 10:41 PM by l00ri
I think up to 625 RP would be a little bit too much, even though 8men get 1k on top of a fight. Two people coordinating via 3rd party tool could abuse this easily. Maybe make it flat 250 RPs if it was a clean fight, regardless of the outcome.

In general I think everything that brings more solos out would be a good idea, creates more action for solos, smallman and the usual coastguard.

The things we have right now (/fairfight, /tag and solozones) are useless.
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Sat 24 Jul 2021 1:03 AM by Rov
First two suggestions are good, the rest naah
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