Further Reduced Rps - for killing smaller groups (more than just dividing up rps)

Started 15 Jul 2021
by Tulpa
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Thu 15 Jul 2021 10:25 PM by Tulpa
Groups should get 15% less rps for every person in excess of the # in the group they kill...

8 man hits a duo? 1000rps times 2 people is 2000rps less 90% is 200/8 people is 25rps each... was that worth the time?

Kill a solo with 8 man? BIG FAT ZERO......

Infact negative RPS (ok Zero cause i know they won't take rps away)....

7 man will get 14rps for a solo, 6 man gets 56rps, 5 man is 80rps, 4 man is 137.5rps each, 3 man gets 233rps each, duo on solo 425 each.

6 man hits a 4 man that is 30% off 4000rps is 2800/6 people is still 466rps each (still worth it)

All this assumes 1000rps for a kill which seems like average solo kill rps no bonuses?
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Thu 15 Jul 2021 10:32 PM by Beeblebrox
You know many players like to kill grays group or solo. So I suspect you could reduce the rps to 0 and most would still kill. Perhaps if you removed rps?
Thu 15 Jul 2021 11:08 PM by ExcretusMaximus
They give out RP like candy and people still don't think it's worth playing anything under rr5 outside the Level Playing field event, there's no way the population would accept this.
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Fri 16 Jul 2021 1:18 AM by easytoremember
Beeblebrox wrote:
Thu 15 Jul 2021 10:32 PM
You know many players like to kill grays group or solo. So I suspect you could reduce the rps to 0 and most would still kill.
Fri 16 Jul 2021 12:34 PM by Irkeno
Far too logical. Inspire competition, reward the uphill battle

Instead the value of a soloer to a full group is worth almost double the value of a 1v1 kill due to the group bonus

Insanity 😂

Inb4 gm’s say ‘we’ll never do this’
Fri 16 Jul 2021 5:27 PM by Nephamael
The right approach for server health is imo more QOL for the smaller numbers, not punishment for killing people.

-no teleport timer for solos

-no combined forces timer for solos

-charge timer set to 0 after /rel

-RPs for dieing
-with a timer to prevent abuse
-the more dmg you do the more of those dieing-RPs you cash in
= especially aiming at lost 1v1s for lower RRs or weaker solo classes
so example: you get rolled over by an 8man and can't even do dmg = you get 125 RPs for your death and you can get those again after 3 minutes.
example: you fight a 1v1 and die with the other guy at 25% health = you get 125 RPs + 75% of the enemies RP worth/2 = round about 375 RPs = 125+375 =500 RPs .

-Teleporters from DC, Nged, Beno, Bold, Bledmer and Glen, from the docks there or up to 3k units away from the docks to the outer zones in the 2 enemy realms = Bledmer, DC, Beno at the teleporters there.

(= TP from nged docks to beno = yes
= TP from nged docks to bold = no)
The option of teleporters from the 2nd keeps is for when the RvR zerg situation destroys outer ports.

(this one would aim at generating more action by faster PvP access)

All smallmen and 8men would profit from more solo spawn, i am 100% sure.
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