Zekay wrote:
Fri 6 Aug 2021 12:06 AM
So im not sure I truly understand what the change truly means or is? in daoc a level 50 could always group with a level 1 and they would still get exp as long as the level 50 got exp so whats the difference?
the difference would have been, that lvl 1 player could do dmg to the lvl 55 mob and could stand hits from it because dmg dealt and dmg taken are scaled to character level.
that means 2 active characters instead of 1 active and 1 leecher.
but since phx is already killed it all doesnt matter anymore.

and in my opinion the coffing nail to this server is the rvr speed level event. this way the old school way of leveling died out. i enjoyed playing with low level bomb groups in DF and poc.