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Started 10 Feb 2020
by gruenesschaf
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Mon 10 Feb 2020 4:55 PM by Runental
Sepplord wrote:
Mon 10 Feb 2020 2:09 PM
Runental wrote:
Mon 10 Feb 2020 1:40 PM
The CTF thing was awesome when we had OF..
Never understood why it was gone.

are you referring to the domination style "flags that could be captured"???
Or the ball-thing that had actual CTF-mechanics?

I believe the first was kind of awesome, while the latter really sucked hard and had loads of problems. (i am assuming you mean the first, as the ball-CTF thing wouldn't promote anything besides the mainzerg).

I am not trying to nitpick terminology to be a smartass...but i have seen a lot of people referencing CTF of the old system, and imo that will lead to misunderstandings in the feedback we give. CTF usually has an item that has to be transported to some area where it is captured.
Capturing a POI is usually referred to as domination (one realm dominates the area) regardless if the object being "captured" is a flag or a hill or a whatever

I am clearly voting yes, as imo there is really something missing for solos/smallmen to do, besides coastguarding which just results in zerging or suiciding anyways. I know some people have heavy feelings against giving out RPs for losing. But imo, that really is the best incentive for people to actually start looking for fair fights. 8vs8 got it, when two groups have a fight both have to enter the command an both will get a few Rps.
That means going against a stronger group all night, doesn't mean you got nothing (besides the lessons you might have learned from fighting them). It means you still are progressing while going against settled groups.
Something similar for smallmen would be awesome. (not sure how it could work for solos, without being abused too easily)

But still i believe the "problem" with the vote is that we have no idea what "else" the staff-time would go towards...considering there might be something new, just in addition to the keeptask...why would anyone be against even looking into the issue? The "cost" of looking into it is unknown though

Yes, i mean the Domination ofc The Ball implementation was really bonkers.. The only game i liked this ball ctf is TESO,- but here it was just bad^^
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Mon 10 Feb 2020 5:08 PM by Onesock
One of my fondest memories of DAoC was fighting over artifacts on Mordred. Someone coming into TNN , broadcasting that Danos just popped, and 6 or 7 groups just dropping everything to get out there. Killing multiple groups, trying to pull Danos, getting hit by another group, rinse and repeat until you were the last group standing.

Granted this experience would be somewhat different because we have realms, but any shadow of how it played out on Mordred would be a ton of fun.
Mon 10 Feb 2020 5:20 PM by Svekt
amazingly good timing here, I was truly ready to just log last night from this.

The issue needs addressing but I can't even begin to think about how to rectify the situation.

My group could not touch down anywhere last night without be bombarded by coast guards, and they just piled on. After last night I see why 8v8s complain about zergs and I wasn't even doing 8v8.

We could not get anywhere near a task keep or any point of action without being hit by 20-30 people just floating up and down a coast or around a keep.

The only thing I can be sure to suggest is that you have more than 1 thing happening at a time:


Task Objective: Defend Bolg, or capture the flag in jamtland, or find the pot o gold in hadrians.

Make it so that participation in any of the three will give you credit for that task.

The problem is reminiscent of OF gates etc where all the action is directly funneled to one and only one area (old emain like). When the task is just defend bolt everything on the bloody server shows up from high rr 8man groups divebombing the keep to 12 man stealther wrecking crews.

Def needs to be a multiple option task type deal, just get creative from there.
Mon 10 Feb 2020 8:19 PM by Aminita
Can we vote on the useless Gambling games?
Would rather have LOS on CK and tower doors fixed !!!
A major PITA >
Mon 10 Feb 2020 8:31 PM by Ashenspire
Idea for event:

A flag pops up in each realm.

A platoon of level 55 guards and a level 65 captain from your realm and one opposing realm are dropped into place in Odin's, Emain or Hadrian's, and start fighting. If you successfully defend your flag by defeating all enemies you earn an RP bounty.

If you are the aggressor and score a victory, you earn that that bounty plus a 15% bonus.

If you are the realm not represented by the guards and manage to clear out the 2 enemy realms, you get a 30% bonus.

This is balanced by the defending realm has the easiest time getting to the defense point but receives the fewest RPs for a win, the aggessing realm is assisted by the guards, and the non represented realm gets no help at all.

The bonus % could be moved around.
Mon 10 Feb 2020 8:59 PM by Meatslabs
Could we not solve the stale feeling of zerging and coast guarding by having a more regular event scheduled?

3v3 one night two days off 5v5 two days off #v# 2 days off repeat. Can even throw in speed 6 for everyone day and all sorts of other possibilities keeping them seperate and not interfering with regular game play.

Move them around put some days in-between. Possibly have a bonus for defending during the events so not everything is taken from the real realm war.
Mon 10 Feb 2020 9:33 PM by leb
you are all asking for change but you are all only good for killing grey green blue people
who are levelling; and it is for solo, small a 8 man. And seriously, make a vote for something
which does not yet exist, let them offer us something concrete before.
Mon 10 Feb 2020 9:44 PM by Idra
Let like this, keep same RP reward after 4L, give 1 RP per soil/branch/ snow given at Participate RvR task, put a defense and an attack task at the same time to avoid to get a camping realm. That way, casuals will have an opportunity to reach 10L+ one day, at least on one char.
Tue 11 Feb 2020 12:44 AM by FiltyTrator
If you just made the area that counts for tasks larger then the current keep tasks would serve their intended purpose. Solos and smalls aren't going to fight in places where they are pulling guards, which is what you have to do currently.

Make the valid zone stretch from the keep to each tower and cover all the ground in between. Groups of all sizes would flock there for fat task bonus and the area is big enough to hold a lot of action.

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