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Started 10 Feb 2020
by gruenesschaf
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Mon 10 Feb 2020 12:07 PM by gruenesschaf
As response to the recent threads complaining about the coast guarding issues and there being nothing to do for small man and maybe to change things up a bit here is now a vote if it is something we should look into in general.

The purpose of the keep task is to make a certain keep a point of interest, ie somewhere where people flock to and are likely to encounter enemies. We consider such a point of interest valuable and want to keep something like it, however, we don't particularly care about it being a keep. Another examples of how we did a point of interest here was the domination flag task in old emain. A pot of gold somewhere would also be an example.

This vote here is now just for us to see if many people think the current status should be changed and it is therefore worth it for us to look for alternatives / additions to the keep task.
The process to evaluate alternatives would be to replace the keep task with different things for some limited amount of time like 0 - 3 days per experiment depending on ingame feedback and after some time if we think we found a suitable replacement or alternatives there might be another round of randomly rotating the best candidates and later on a vote, it might even end up being literally a rotation of different things.

There is now (after the reboot) an ingame vote with the options: "Keep it as is" and "Look into alternatives".
Mon 10 Feb 2020 12:36 PM by Chaskha
I loved the domination task with the port on the owned flags feature and the fact that there were 5 flags spread the action. Also, it was fast enough so you could do one domination task and then leave for IRL responsibilities ...

A gobelin, strong but always trying to escape, carrying a gold pot or feathers would be fun. Make it solid so it takes 5 good minutes for a group to kill and keep chasing it. Maybe in a zone of its own with no mobs or only yellow ones ?

I mean sure, let's try new stuff, even if in the end, the current keep system proves the most reliable and appreciated. It's a game, let's have fun
Mon 10 Feb 2020 1:00 PM by Tharlin
What about just making it rotating all that ideas?
1 hour keep task, 1 hour flags, 1 hour chasing a Gold pot, then start with keep again.
Mon 10 Feb 2020 1:15 PM by Sepplord
Tharlin wrote:
Mon 10 Feb 2020 1:00 PM
What about just making it rotating all that ideas?
1 hour keep task, 1 hour flags, 1 hour chasing a Gold pot, then start with keep again.

that was literally mentioned in the opening post as possibility...

and the examples were not the actual ideas you are voting on, just examples. We might never see a pot of gold anywhere, even if 100% vote "yes" .
if the vote goes through with a "look into it"-majority, they will start thinking thoroughly about different possibilities.
Mon 10 Feb 2020 1:25 PM by bigne88
Some change it is always welcome, especially cause devs use to propose exellent content.

My only concern it is that the content we have now it is already pretty solid and I'm afraid the main problem is player's mentality / lazyness.
We have a good chunk of population enjoying their time zerging and that's it; we have few zergers that roam to hunt smallmen and 8 men party, we have smallmen and 8men puggers and few strong 8 men that steamroll everything they meet. To finish we have a lot of zergers that would like to join the smallmen / 8 men action but dosent know where to begin with or are to afraid to show their lack of skill.

Thia last days there was A LOT of new small men and 8v8 party and I'm really afraid that they will quit because from one side they are slaughtered by good and veteran 8 men, from the otherside they are not good enough to fight a mediumsize zerg.

We should find a solution to keep this "newbies" interessed in smallmanning and 8v8.
I'd start giving speed to more classes, so small party can have a bit more flexibility...for istance...give enchanter speed to druids and mentalists...to reaver and friar.
Because sonetimes few people are ready to roll but think that if you dont have a bard/skald/mincer you cant leave the spawn point.

Also dock camping is an issue...sometimes you dont even have the time to open the ticket seller menu that soneone comes and zerg you down...maybe a ticket vendor at the spawn might be handy?
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Mon 10 Feb 2020 1:40 PM by Runental
The CTF thing was awesome when we had OF..
Never understood why it was gone.
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Mon 10 Feb 2020 2:09 PM by Sepplord
Runental wrote:
Mon 10 Feb 2020 1:40 PM
The CTF thing was awesome when we had OF..
Never understood why it was gone.

are you referring to the domination style "flags that could be captured"???
Or the ball-thing that had actual CTF-mechanics?

I believe the first was kind of awesome, while the latter really sucked hard and had loads of problems. (i am assuming you mean the first, as the ball-CTF thing wouldn't promote anything besides the mainzerg).

I am not trying to nitpick terminology to be a smartass...but i have seen a lot of people referencing CTF of the old system, and imo that will lead to misunderstandings in the feedback we give. CTF usually has an item that has to be transported to some area where it is captured.
Capturing a POI is usually referred to as domination (one realm dominates the area) regardless if the object being "captured" is a flag or a hill or a whatever

I am clearly voting yes, as imo there is really something missing for solos/smallmen to do, besides coastguarding which just results in zerging or suiciding anyways. I know some people have heavy feelings against giving out RPs for losing. But imo, that really is the best incentive for people to actually start looking for fair fights. 8vs8 got it, when two groups have a fight both have to enter the command an both will get a few Rps.
That means going against a stronger group all night, doesn't mean you got nothing (besides the lessons you might have learned from fighting them). It means you still are progressing while going against settled groups.
Something similar for smallmen would be awesome. (not sure how it could work for solos, without being abused too easily)

But still i believe the "problem" with the vote is that we have no idea what "else" the staff-time would go towards...considering there might be something new, just in addition to the keeptask...why would anyone be against even looking into the issue? The "cost" of looking into it is unknown though
Mon 10 Feb 2020 2:17 PM by Jafeeio
You already made some changes to the keep task rotation which I much appreciate, but the keep tasks as they are right now are way too long (up to an hour), impossible to get to if you're not a speedclass and usually end in me running up to the keep to bloodgate and start the real rvr run, paired with some uncertainty if I even got into the keep zone.

+1 for anything that resembles more of the rotation of objectives we had way in the beginning of this server / OF.

Slightly Off-topic: Am I dreaming or did dock masters have stealth lore (and aggroed?) back in the original NF? It just seems so weird to me that you can basically hang around an opposing realm's dock and don't get penalized at all.
Mon 10 Feb 2020 2:48 PM by wanama
Wanna raise solo/small action?
Maybe u can start increasing the gold reward from such kills

Solo 100g
2 - 4 Group 50g - 25g
FG as it is..

In case of Add out of the group keep the standard reward, I dunno tbh, it’s not that simple as it sounds.

Same line with BPs and feathers reward

Put more tasks at the same time where u can get the reward only for one every timer.

So if u have been active in the keep task (zerg) u will get only that reward
Solo task area - only that reward
Small task area - only that reward

If a group of 8 goes into the solo\small set they RPs to 0.
Put a penalty if u goes there with 4+x, for exemple:

Small (4men) base rp x kill 300 rps
4+1 ( 100 rps less bps less gold)
4+2 (25 rps no bounty no gold)
4+3 and 4+4 (no reward)

Same logic for solo zone

Probably this won’t be possible to be implemented, it’s kinda rewriting the game bases, but if anything useful come from this I’ll be happy

Keep going with the great work u r doing.
Mon 10 Feb 2020 3:16 PM by Darwar
I'm all for changing things up from time to time. Can't really hurt anything. If it sucks then can always go back. No reason not to entertain new ideas.

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