ZoC - Zergs of Camelot - New RvR commands and playstyle

Started 24 Jul 2019
by Strikejk
in Open Community Votes
Wed 21 Aug 2019 6:14 PM by stripperrella
many people over here need to understand first what mmorpg means, perhaps come back than and speak about zerg . seems like there is allways an excuse for a lost fight.
I hope you among others finally start playing this game as it is provided to you, entierly free!

what is so wrong when people do a zerg and 50 of them die to 8 man in one inc ?

... i don't get anyone who is against zerg. it's all about excuses not having to fight, or simply fear. you decide.

i will end my statement disagreeing with the most if not all of you.
what's next ? fg got killed by a solo. solos forbidden to rvr ... you give them more work than actually necessary in my opinion. just play the damn game as long as it's available and you're healthy enough to play it.

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Wed 28 Aug 2019 7:28 PM by Isavyr
I got a good laugh--it's good satire. Unknowingly, a lot of player's suggestions are like this players, just not worded in humor.
Sun 1 Sep 2019 3:24 AM by gschoenhofen
Moid wrote:
Wed 24 Jul 2019 9:13 PM
Sleepwell wrote:
Wed 24 Jul 2019 5:20 PM
+1 if it brings back 3000+ population :-)
Funny, the first few weeks I played Phoenix it reminded me of the original release of DAoC. All the people running around starter towns, the massive spam in /lfg, etc. It was really nice to see and encouraging. I’ve seen too many games destroyed by the leetist, gold farmers, cheaters, etc. Then I was sad as soon as I began to notice the population decline.

WTB a MMORPG that has staying power.

To have "staying power" it needs to have realm point resets or not be so easy to get high RR

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