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Started 20 Jul 2021
by Wakanidoo
in Ask the Team
I often see players asking how much XP items they need to finish a lvl, or finish the next lvl,
I made a spreasheet with the number of bubbles (experience) gained when turnung 10 items at their lowest lvl.
Example: a stack of 10 Svartalf Poison Recipe (lvl45-49 XP item) gives 2.9 bubbles if turned-in at lvl 45; so, around 3 stack to complete the lvl45;
What I need to know is how many bubbles 1 stack will give at lvl46, then at lvl47, then at lvl 48 and at lvl49 (since this XP item works for all these lvl).
I imagine there is a formula in the game to calculate XP needed at each lvl, its this formula I need !
Thnnak you
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