Bugged rams

Started 7 Jun 2021
by Lynee
in Ask the Team
When setting a ram it pops into a random orientation, sometimes sticking with the "drivers side" barely into the wall making it unusable.
Since only 2 rams are allowed per door anymore this can lead to a serious disadvantage, since not everyone being perfect in setting rams and the random element of orientation often renders one of the rams useless and it's impossible to get rid of it as the setting party.

On the live servers there was the /control command which allowed to you to pop up the control window while standing near the driver seat and turning the ram into the correct orientation with the aim command. Is it possible to implement something similar here?
If it's not possible, would it be possible to implement a /salvage command so there's at least a way to get rid of badly set rams?
Mon 7 Jun 2021 12:51 PM by Astaa
While we are at it, can we fix all siege equipment so that it can actually be repaired and make it so various doors are no longer out of view. I'm pretty sure both are new features.
Fri 18 Jun 2021 3:59 AM by Moondragon
Another way to "fix" the problem is to have set hook points near doors for rams. Drop the ram on the hookpoint. This ensures the ram is always able to be controlled and hit the door.
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