How can we keep the server alive?

Started 25 Jul 2021
by kaylar
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Mon 30 Aug 2021 3:29 PM by jps
sebbo wrote:
Sun 8 Aug 2021 9:57 PM
Patron wrote:
Sat 31 Jul 2021 5:28 PM
Uthgard population also didn't really plumet because of that: it did erode significantly over time, but nothing particularly unusual with a MMO with no content patches, and the deathblow really was the opening of Phoenix
The deathblow was Blue and Shabydos rly thought their vision of a stoneage daoc would be entertaining after 20 years and not do what playerbase told them to do...

That really makes me laugh! Thank you for that!
Just have to keep in mind that devs here listened to the players. And see what happens xD

Why do you laugh ?

Iam sure he does not meant balancing ... (this will always be difficult because of the different playstyles and also "skill level"

but Uthgard was a mess regarding mechanics that only exist because of: "time sink" (and if you played Uthgard you probably know that my guildmates and me played a lot there).
while on phoenix a lot of good things were implemented - and i dont think the community at a whole complained about something lifke shared craftskills, crafting macros ... just the whole package of quality of life features phoenix had.
We could start with some easy things like teleporters

There is no need to laugh

Thu 2 Sep 2021 4:07 PM by RealIseultPlayer
This really sucks that the server shut down, cos it was a great place to play, meet new people and relive some of the best gaming memories.
Memories like albs always zerging, never knowing how to think for themselves and the devs catering to their every need.
I hope lessons will be learned as to why the server pop completely evaporated, especially as its normally a very loyal playerbase. The mistakes in development and progression of the game. I have read the devs believe this server was nothing short of an enormous successtory but it seems to skip over the parts that didnt work and drove players to quit. There could have been efforts to balance the realms better, to listen more to the people that had been around for years and werent going to quit, instead of the flavor of the month type of players which ultimately drove people to quit.

Who knows, Im not a game developer myself, just a player, and its like an opportunity wasted.
PUBG had big succes early on but that game died almost faster than a minstrel without a purple pet.

enjoy your lives and thank you for the great experiences.

PS to not be totally negative i do have to say it was really great with the fellowship between the true hibs.
PPS should have made realm-hopping have a month long cooldown.
PPPS thanks again. love this game and this server and hope it revives in some form.
Wed 15 Sep 2021 9:37 PM by Jerrian
DarkDavion wrote:
Mon 9 Aug 2021 8:25 AM
That really makes me laugh! Thank you for that!
Just have to keep in mind that devs here listened to the players. And see what happens xD
Sure because the players asked for the style changes

The majority did not apply to this new concept, it was only few people who asked for the stone age vanilla daoc setup. Well, they had been better if they had made this new concept as a second server with pvp setup for casual playing for example and kept Uthgard 1 as the main server but nevermind, some bad choices have been made on the shards and the result is, free shard daoc is dead now. And I doubt that the ATLAS project might lure many players to it, as their setup is similar to the current Uthgard *yawn*. But I hope they have success and wish them good luck.
Thu 16 Sep 2021 3:13 PM by borodino1812
Very much looking forward to Phoenix 2.0. For the most part they got the balance right here for casual gamers.
Tue 4 Jan 2022 1:37 AM by Komaf
Boy are you guys missed. I hope whoever it was that got you guys to force quit are happy with their time on Atlas aka Dark Age of Reboot A Lot.
Just an old DAoC (2001) veteran playing here and there to relive a few old memories.

Vauz - Necro and a ton of others.

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