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Started 21 Jul 2021
by bculpepper
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Wed 21 Jul 2021 10:31 PM by bculpepper
I don't know if this is a bug or normal. I am playing a Skald with 2H Hammer so I have a slow swing speed. I parry a blow. I would expect my next swing to land a parry reactive if I have one queued, but it does not. It seems that it only checks the last time an opponent hit you to do a reactive?

See the screenshot. I would have expected my next swing to be Revenge and not Comminute.

Thu 22 Jul 2021 12:50 AM by boridi
Looks normal to me. Sometimes you can get off the parry style after the second opponent swing (must be some kind of intentional delay coded in), but the opponent got a second and third in...
Thu 22 Jul 2021 5:47 AM by Sepplord
the classic behaviour was that you could do reactives until the enemies next style
this lead to (for example) someone evading -> evadestunning, and then since their target was stunned and didn't attack again, you could do evadestyles over and over again until the target attacked you again

They intentionally changed that behaviour here to make it a more direct 1to1 relation, aka 1parry = 1parrystyle while simultaneously making it easier for slow 2hand attackers to hit a reactive.
I am not 100% to what system they changed it back then, iirr every defensive move opened a timewindow, in which your first attack could be the reactive style. This is probably an edgecase where the defensive action happens directly after an attack, so the fullswing time goes through, coupled with a really slow attackspeed resulting in the timewindow already being over again.

what is your swingtimer bculpepper?
Thu 22 Jul 2021 1:39 PM by bculpepper
My swing is normally 3.2, but with all the 50 pierce NS out there now I was probably 30% ASR debuffed.

I thought the way the reactive system worked was that I would swing - then any reactive that happened until the next swing would be available. Once I swing again the reactive pool is cleared out and we start again. There would be some amount of time that would cause the reactive pool to clear so that you can't parry and then run-off and come back 30 seconds later and hit an off-parry style. If what I am describing is correct, I don't know what the time limit is and with all the ASR running around out there I would request it be increased as its a 'nerf' to 2-H users.

When I see a parry animation on-screen I expect my next swing to the the off-parry style but sometimes its not.
Thu 22 Jul 2021 1:52 PM by Astaa
Not if they have hit you again since. There is a tiny bit of wiggle room (a split second) leeway afaik.
Thu 22 Jul 2021 3:09 PM by Sepplord
Astaa wrote:
Thu 22 Jul 2021 1:52 PM
Not if they have hit you again since. There is a tiny bit of wiggle room (a split second) leeway afaik.

afaik that was changed, but i can't find the corresponding comments/threads anymore
it was pretty early
Thu 22 Jul 2021 4:09 PM by Nephamael
I think it is a fix time window for your reactive.

So you parry: time window starts - i am not sure if it is 3.0 sec or even longer?!

What happened to you is - your swing speed is so slow that you missed the time window.
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Sat 24 Jul 2021 12:13 PM by Tamy
2018-08-14 Tuesday
- added recipes for Hib Metalcrafting strips trinketing - roughhewn hinge
- 3 second reactive style window
- follow up style can be made to another target
- ld run fix
- bg leader selection when leader leaves
- reskin npc (will be placed a bit later today)
- dd snare spells should break other snares
- fatigue consumption debuff (poison)
- fixed missing combat log messages for spells (you cast xy)
- owner rez sickness should not affect pet damage
- portal keep guard range
- houses should remain visible
- some ra error message fixes
- guild leader can promote others to guild leader
- guild command message fixes
- housing garden validation
- refresh garden on item pickup
- some misspellings
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